7 Tips to Know Before Vaping for the First Time

March 28, 2019

Vaping has become one of the most popular activities among young adults, yet most people don’t even know why or how they started vaping. Everywhere you go nowadays, the odds are high that you’ll see at least a hand full of people vaping. Before you start vaping, there are some tips that you should know.


  1. It’s Expensive. Vaping is all fun and games until you’ve been doing it for a year and spent more than $500 on pods, devices, juices, etc.
  2. It’s Addicting. Most people already know this, but don’t know how addicting it really is. The Nicotine percentage is different in each juice so you could be getting higher levels or lower levels, both just as equally addicting.
  3. Friends Will Want to ‘Hit’ Your Vape. Before purchasing a vape, make sure you know that your friends will be constantly asking to hit it. This means more money spent on juice and pods. If you’re too nice of a person to say “no,” it’s probably best to keep your vape a secret.
  4. Bathroom Breaks Will Never Be the Same. Bathroom breaks will now be vape breaks too. You and the vape will be attached at the hip and you won’t be able to ever go to the bathroom without it.
  5. When It Dies, You Also May Die Inside (Not Literally). When you go out to a party or event that is when you will feel like you need your vape most. If the vape dies, that may be the only thing you’ll think about for the rest of the night, or how you could possibly find another person who has a source of nicotine.
  6. It May Get in the Way of Tasks/Activities. Nicotine is so addictive that while you’re out with friends or at work, you start thinking when you’ll be able to take a hit next. At times it could be the only thing you think about which could get in the way of friendships and quality of life.
  7. Last, It Can Relieve Stress. Taking a hit of a vape can give you a so called ‘head high’ which people say is a very good feeling. This releases stress and anxiety and can make you feel more relaxed. Many people start vaping for this reason, or if they are trying to quit cigarettes. Even though vaping isn’t the best for your body, there are cases where it can help with anxiety and stress.

Vaping is becoming more and more popular everyday. There are pros and cons, but it is good to know some tips about vaping before you start. Hope this helped!

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