7 Ways To Save On Gas

March 5, 2019

Cars can be expensive enough with monthly payments and the cost to service it. However, if there is one annoying charge that can get many frustrated. Gas prices can vary it can impact your wallet if you are not savvy. However, there are ways available for you to save money. Here are seven methods for you to save money at the gas station.

1. Drive Wisely

There is nothing more frustrating than a traffic jam on the freeway or slow drivers in front of you. However, if you let this frustration translate into rapid acceleration, your fuel consumption canĀ increase greatly. It is easy to get frustrated on the road, but do not let that frustration translate to you wasting more money at the pump.

2. Utilize the Power of Technology

Smartphones are a distraction on the road but can be effective prior to getting behind the wheel. There are apps such as GasBuddy and AAA Triptik which can help you find the cheapest gas in your area. Your smartphone can also be used in a unique way to check your traffic so that you can avoid gas-wasting activity.

3. Do Not Leave The Engine Running

Whether you are warming it up or if you are standing still, do not let your engine run without you using it. Some recommend that if you are stationary for more than a minute, you should consider turning it off and re-starting it. This is because running your engine will waste more gas being stationary.

4. Properly Maintain Your Car

Proper maintenance of your car can also help you save money on your gas. According to theĀ Department of Energy, you could potentially save up to 3.3% on gas mileage by keeping your tires inflated and maintaining the proper pressure.

5. Pay The Correct Way

Gas stations may charge a premium to pay with credit cards to offset fees that credit card companies already charge them. You should look for gas stations where paying cash is the same as using a debit card.

6. Use a Rewards Card

It should make sense for you to want to be rewarded for buying gas, especially if you drive a lot. While some may carry high-interest rates, points can pile up pretty fast if you have a card that can be shared with others.

7. Do Not Carry Excess Items

This may sound like a common sense tip, but there are plenty of people who also fail to consider what is in their car and that every extra 250 lbs of weight can eat up gas. Only carry what you need.

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