The 8 Best Types of Outdoor Furniture to Own

January 13, 2017

If you want to add outdoor furniture to your lawn, then these are the best types to buy.

1: Chairs

To have places for relatives and friends to sit outside your home, you will need numerous chairs. You can find outdoor chairs that are made of inexpensive plastic resin, durable wood or twisted wicker. You might want to add waterproof cushions to these chairs to provide a comfortable place to sit.

2: End Tables

You will want to have several small outdoor end tables near the chairs so that guests can place beverage glasses on the items. Having end tables near to the chairs will also provide a place to set solar-powered lamps or bug zappers.

3: Sofas

In addition to having chairs for sitting outside your home, make sure to have at least one sofa so that people can sit next to each other. This is a great place for couples to cuddle in front of a warm fire pit. You can also recline on a sofa to have a nap or read a book.

4: Swing

Add a metal or wooden swing to your lawn so that you can relax on the item. You will need to have a supportive frame for the swing chair. Both adults and children enjoy sitting on a swing that is underneath a shady tree.

5: Benches

Benches are another great item to have outside your home, and you can move these lightweight pieces of furniture from one location to another easily. If you want to have a small piece of furniture to place on a front porch, then a bench is perfect.

6: Picnic Tables

If you want to serve a meal outside your home, then have a picnic table. This type of outdoor furniture combines a table and benches to make it easy for everyone to have a place to eat a meal. Picnic tables are inexpensive and easy to assemble.

7: Chaise Lounge Chair

Make sure to buy a chaise lounge chair for your lawn. This type of chair has an extended seating surface for your legs, and it is perfect for reclining for reading a book or for sunbathing. Many chaise lounge chairs are foldable so that you can transport the furniture to different areas of your home’s lawn.

8: Rocking Chairs

A rocking chair is a traditional type of outdoor furniture that you may want to place on a deck, balcony or front porch. It is easy to hold a child on your lap while on a rocking chair to help him sleep.

Find Affordable Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is available at different prices, and you can find items that are made of wood, rattan and metal.

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