About Us

We are a blog promoting freedom and democracy around the world. With all of the political changes that are currently happening in many major countries, as well as the general instability of many global governments, we think this is more important now than it ever has been before. Although not everyone may be in a position of power, everyone can share their story and influence others around them to make positive changes. We want to provide our readers with a community where they can do that and feel supported and heard.


We began as a group of young students and social justice activists who wanted to develop a platform where we could share our ideas. Over time, we found that we wanted to promote the ideas of others just as much as our own. That’s when we decided to turn the Blogmocracy into a community. Now, we encourage all of our readers to also submit their own stories about their experiences with freedom and democracy. We look for stories from people from all walks of life, who live in many different places around the globe. Head to our ‘Submit Your Story’ page to find out more about how to share yours.


Check back several times per week for new posts from us. We like to share op-ed pieces, news reports, and personal blog posts, both from our regular staffers and our guests. We hope that by discussing democracy here on our blog, we can promote freedom and acceptance for all, as well as peaceful communication throughout the world. We encourage you to also follow us on social media for even more content and information about our activities. We’d appreciate if you liked and shared our posts as well if you find them helpful or inspiring.