The Advantages of Getting Braces at a Younger Age

October 12, 2017

Some people are born with a perfect set of straight pearly whites, but for everyone else, an orthodontist is there to save the day. Braces are a great tool that can fix mouth issues that include awkward teeth spacing, over or underbites, and teeth crowding. You may know that your child is going to need braces, but when is the best time to get them? Each orthodontist will most likely have a slightly different plan for your child, but starting orthodontic treatment earlier in a child’s life can have many advantages.

Get Ahead on Important Issues

If a child is able to see an orthodontist when they are still young, many issues can be controlled and prevented from becoming major issues. Orthodontists can help to expand or alter the jaw to make way for a child’s adult teeth, correcting jaw alignment issues, promoting healthy teeth, and creating a more visually appealing tooth arrangement. Orthodontists can also help prevent certain habits that can be harmful to the teeth, such as thumb sucking and nail biting.

There are certain issues, such as underbites, that become much more difficult to treat as a child gets older. If a child’s jaw alignment must be altered, it is easier to do so while the bones are still pliable and before the growth plates start to settle, which generally occurs around age 10.

Allow For Better Oral Hygiene

If a child has teeth crowding or their teeth are misaligned, it can be difficult to properly clean and take care of them. If a child is not able to practice proper oral hygiene, especially once their adult teeth start to grow in, then they can be more vulnerable to many dental issues in the future, including periodontal disease, tooth decay, and cavities.

Reduce Self-Consciousness

Braces consistently get a bad reputation for being unflattering, placing a child at risk for teasing. However, at a young age, braces are much more accepted and can even be considered cool. Children are generally much less self-conscious at younger ages as well. By completing orthodontic treatments early on, children will not have to worry about orthodontic work in their teenage years and will have a perfect smile to showoff instead.

A good-looking smile can go a long way, and getting braces is a reality for many people, both children and adults alike. Treating mouth and jaw alignment issues at a young age, especially those that can worsen if left untreated, is important to promote lifelong oral hygiene and aesthetics for your child. Braces are a great treatment option to address major orthodontic needs, and starting this process early can maximize their benefits.

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