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Bearded Hipsters OOT

by coldwarrior ( 38 Comments › )
Filed under OOT at March 28th, 2015 - 7:00 pm

I thought it was just a local thing, suddenly all the hipsters had beards, beards and checkered shirts and haircuts with the sides real short and the tops flopped back with some brill-cream ™ .

An example:



Fine by me sez I, a bunch of guys running around looking like scrawnier versions of the  lumberjacks from 1950’s Canada is OK by me, the suspenders make the outfit, almost Victorian in origin, quite jaunty! At least they don’t smell bad and are mostly quite good looking with that style.  Frankly, they look better than the hippies or the meatheads, Bro!

Then I got to thinking, I’ve seen this look before…Victorian Era British Soldiers! Why Yes! The Conquerors of India, The Keepers of the Empire! Well, that is quite a high standard of bravery and panache for an urban based Hipster!

The Lumberjack/Empire Soldier look caused me pause tho…why? They will never be as brave, never go on legendary conquests. They are trapped in the gentrified urban jail of their own making. So I filed this back in the brain an left it to simmer a while.


Then comes this article:

Science explains why hipsters grow beards

Men might be growing beards to appear more attractive to women and more dominant to other men, a study on monkeys suggests

Scientists think they may have solved one of the great mysteries of the age. Why are so many of today’s men growing beards?

The answer, according to The University of Western Australia researchers, is because men are feeling under pressure from other men and are attempting to look aggressive by being more flamboyant with their whiskers.

Published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, Dr Cyril Grueter and colleagues were investigating the idea that in big societies, male primates have developed increasingly ostentatious “badges” which may enhance male sexual attractiveness to females and give them the edge over other males.

These include cheek flanges in orang-utans, the elongated noses of proboscis monkeys, upper-lip warts in golden snub-nosed monkeys as well as beards in humans.

The team investigated 154 species of primates, and found more conspicuous badges in males of species where social and physical conflict were common and individual recognition was limited.

i.e. The busier and more crowded with males a society becomes, the more competition there is and the more flamboyant the badges are.

The modern male not only has to vie with hundreds of fellow males in the real world but has to stand out from potentially thousands of rivals online, so clean-shaven men well be turning off women drawn to seemingly powerful men.

“When you live in a small group where everyone knows everyone because of repeated interactions, there is no need to signal quality and competitiveness via ornaments,” he said.

“In large groups where individuals are surrounded by strangers, we need a quick reliable tool to evaluate someone’s strength and quality, and that’s where these elaborate ornaments come in.

“In the case of humans, this may also include phenotypic extensions such as body decoration, jewellery and prestige items…Read the Rest

Now I don’t need to have this roll around in my head, it all makes perfect sense…and it turns out they are now:

The urban hipster has evolved into the “lumbersexual” and the “metrojack” – men who can be found wearing big beards, plaid shirts, workwear and duck boots in the city.

MMMM’kay. I suppose its better than man-purses.


Enjoy the OOT!

TIE Fighter OOT

by Macker ( 166 Comments › )
Filed under Entertainment, OOT at March 27th, 2015 - 9:00 pm

Here’s a Star Wars Anime Fan Film from the Imperial perspective:

TIE Fighter is a short animation by Paul Johnson that shows a bit of Star Wars from the perspective of the Empire. It’s done in the style of anime from the 80’s and shows an aerial fight scene between TIE fighters and X-wings and is pretty much so awesome that Disney should make this an entire movie.

We can always trust Disney to Do The Right Thing. Right? And my name isn’t Grand Admiral Thrawn!
Set Hyperdrive for The Overnight Open Thread!

HAT TIP: Gizmodo

St. Pancake Day & Israel Votes OOT

by Macker ( 107 Comments › )
Filed under Gaza, Hamas, History, IDF, Israel, OOT, Palestinians at March 16th, 2015 - 10:00 pm

This one’s a two-fer. During the time this thread up, Israel will begin to Vote.
But first, did YOU have your Pancakes today to commemorate St. Pancake Day?!

Then, voting for the Israeli Knesset begins at 0700 hours Israel Standard Time, and continues until 2200. Let us hope and pray Israel makes the Right decision.


Maybe Cleveland Will Draft Him? OOT

by coldwarrior ( 42 Comments › )
Filed under NFL, OOT, Open thread, Sports at March 9th, 2015 - 7:00 pm

The Browns need another quarterback, they have had almost 30 starting QB’s since 1999. Johnny Foosball is in rehab and will stink the joint up again next year. So why not Browns!  Tebow is making a comeback! It is a PERFECT FIT for the Browns!

Tim Tebow ‘throwing very accurate,’ could try out at NFL veteran combine

The first NFL veteran combine came and went with no Tim Tebow. But the left-handed college football analyst could show up at the next one after extensive training with Tom Brady‘s quarterback coach.

Per Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Tebow’s been working with Tom House in Los Angeles for the past two years. House told Volin Tebow’s improved greatly.

“He went from being a little inaccurate and didn’t throw a whole lot of spirals, to throwing very accurate and real good at spinning the ball,” House said.

The quarterbacks coach wasn’t sure if Tebow would appear at the next veteran’s combine on March 22 in Phoenix (prior to the NFL owners’ meetings there) but Tebow’s name has been floated multiple times as a possible participant.

Tebow, 27, hasn’t played in the league since 2012 — after being drafted in the first round by the Broncos, he finally played for his new coach John Fox and took Denver to the playoffs despite an 8-8 record.

The Broncos elected to chase Peyton Manning and shipped Tebow to the Jets, where he barely played during 2012. He wasn’t able to land further work in the NFL and eventually landed with ESPN as an announcer with the SEC Network.

Here’s the thing, Timmy My Boy.You are a gifted athlete. You are not an NFL grade quarterback nor will you ever be. You have the brain of a squirrel. Running around and ‘creating plays’ works fine in college. It does not work in the NFL. Defenses eat squirrel-brain quarterbacks for lunch on Sunday. The most successful QB’s are the 3 step, 5 step, 7 step drop-read-pass prototypes. Starr, Staubach, Bradshaw, Marino, Montana, Kelly, The Mannings, Roethlesberger, and Brady. You run as a QB in the bigs, you die.


Now, perhaps if ‘God’ told him to be a tight end…


Enjoy yinz’s evening!

Hitler Finds Out About Brian Williams OOT

by Macker ( 87 Comments › )
Filed under History, Media, OOT, Satire, World War II at February 15th, 2015 - 10:00 pm

HAT TIP: NewsBusters:

It’s Overnight Open Thread time!

Friday Night OOT 01/23/15

by Macker ( 59 Comments › )
Filed under History, Humor, OOT at January 23rd, 2015 - 8:00 pm

Especially Apropos for a Friday Night, wouldn’t you agree!

Overnight Open Thread!

Amazing Car Uses No Fossil Fuels

by Bunk X ( 10 Comments › )
Filed under Humor, OOT, Satire at December 26th, 2014 - 10:05 pm

It’s true. It uses no fossil fuels, has no exhaust, and emits ZERO pollutants. It uses no fuel whatsoever, making it the ideal transportation for eco-tards.
Energy Efficient 1hp car

The vehicle comes with an optional 1hp engine, but you gotta house it, feed it and groom it, or the car doesn’t move. It eats a hella lotta carbon-based fuel and emits methane, but at least you can tool around town at the speed of about 20 miles per bale.

[Image found here.]

Speaking of tooling around town, it’s always time for tools on a low-emissions edition of The Overnight Open Thread.

Schoolhouse Rock OOT

by Macker ( 19 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Entertainment, History, Immigration, OOT, The Constitution at November 23rd, 2014 - 10:00 pm

Who all here remembers Schoolhouse Rock? I’m sure we all do!
Well, the liberal folks over at SNL make a mockery of Обама’s recent act, utilizing one of the classic tunes from that series, “I’m Just A Bill“:

Too bad they didn’t depict Обама’s character in regal garb. But no matter. lobo91 is right: it would indeed be funny if it wasn’t so accurate.
It’s The Overnight Open Thread!

NCAA D1 Football 2014 Week 13 OPEN OOT

by coldwarrior ( 23 Comments › )
Filed under College Football, OOT at November 22nd, 2014 - 7:00 pm

Its an OPEN THREAD AND OOT…Talk about whatever yinz want, the footbal games are going on on the TV’s behind the bar. Who wants a drink?


Ahhh yes…the playoffs draw near and all is just about right in the football universe. Oregon is in the top 4 and will choke in the playoffs against any given SEC team. ‘Bama is back in it.  Let’s get to it shall we?

College Football Playoff Rankings
1 Alabama 9-1
2 Oregon 9-1
3 Florida State 10-0
4 Mississippi State 9-1
5 TCU 9-1
6 Ohio State 9-1
7 Baylor 8-1
8 Ole Miss 8-2
9 UCLA 8-2
10 Georgia 8-2
11 Michigan State 8-2
12 Kansas State 7-2
13 Arizona State 8-2
14 Auburn 7-3
15 Arizona 8-2
16 Wisconsin 8-2
17 Utah 7-3
18 Georgia Tech 9-2
19 USC 7-3
20 Missouri 8-2
21 Oklahoma 7-3
22 Clemson 7-3
23 Nebraska 8-2
24 Louisville 7-3
25 Minnesota 7-3

‘Bama, Ducks, Criminal Element, and Bulldogs round out the top 4. Ducks lose to each and every one of them.

Here’s the games I’ll be looking at whilst rebuilding the stairway on the main floor. We had the Amish guys make us some hemlock steps. They look pretty good so far.

12:00 PMNo. 25 Minnesota at No. 23 Nebraska.  I like this game…battle of the corn fed!

3:30 PMNo. 8 Ole Miss at Arkansas. Arkansas is due…they are due…

3:30 PMNo. 15 Arizona at No. 17 Utah. This should be a pretty good game, I’ll root for Da Utes!

8:00 PMNo. 19 USC at No. 9 UCLA. Always a classic. The fight for LA and hands down, THE prettiest cheerleaders in all of Football.

ERB Season 4 OOT

by Macker ( 13 Comments › )
Filed under Entertainment, History, OOT at November 10th, 2014 - 11:00 pm

Well, Der Führer didn’t show up in the open this season!

After what happened last leason, I’m looking forward to see exactly what happens to him! No matter…it’s The Overnight Open Thread!