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NCAA D1 Football Week 8 2014 OPEN THREAD and OOT

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Good Evening all! Its the D1 NCAA football OPEN THREAD AND OOT.


Lets look at the standings, shall we?

AP Top 25
1 Mississippi State (45) 6-0 1480
2 Florida State (12) 6-0 1415
3 Ole Miss (3) 6-0 1413
4 Baylor 6-0 1317
5 Notre Dame 6-0 1228
6 Auburn 5-1 1144
7 Alabama 5-1 1068
8 Michigan State 5-1 1015
9 Oregon 5-1 1014
10 Georgia 5-1 981
11 Oklahoma 5-1 935
12 TCU 4-1 917
13 Ohio State 4-1 648
14 Kansas State 4-1 626
15 Oklahoma State 5-1 620
16 Arizona 5-1 590
17 Arizona State 4-1 459
18 East Carolina 5-1 449
19 Nebraska 5-1 402
20 Utah 4-1 305
21 Texas A&M 5-2 264
22 USC 4-2 258
23 Stanford 4-2 223
24 Clemson 4-2 188
25 Marshall 6-0 148

Mississippi State AND Ole Miss in the top 5 at the same time??? It is truly the end times as prophesied by Jimmy the Greek! Oh, and Army is at Kent this weekend. The hippies will be out in force.

Tim Tebow has found his thing, he is an analyst for ESPN now.  Had he agreed to move to tight end he’s be playing on Sundays.

The top 4 teams get into the playoffs.

12:00 PMNo. 14 Kansas State at No. 11 Oklahoma. OK is a 6.5 point fave at home against KSU. This is a classic Big12 matchup and a great way to start the day.

3:30 PMNo. 21 Texas A&M at No. 7 Alabama. The Aggies, who let me down YET AGAIN last week are to ‘Bama and they are 13point dogs. ‘Bama needs big wins to get back into the playoff hunt. I can see them trying to beat the spread and hang a big win against the Aggies.

3:30 PM UCLA at California. Carolina Girl’s Berkeley Bears are a touchdown dog at home against the bruins. UCLA beat this spread.

4:00 PMNo. 10 Georgia at Arkansas. Arkansas hasn’t won in the SEC in a coon’s age. They lost by one against ‘Bama last week and they looked really good. The Bulldogs are only 3 point favorites, the Razorbacks have been so close to getting off the Scnied. G loses and Arkansas gets their first SEC win.

4:00 PMNo. 15 Oklahoma State at No. 12 TCU. Cowboys versus Frogs. Evil exploiters and raisers of evil meat versus the dear protected lizards who love mother gaia. TCU are 12 point favorites. If I were to bet I would go against the spread. It seems too large.

7:00 PM Tennessee at No. 3 Ole Miss. Rain of Lead’s Vol’s are due due due for a big big big win. They are also 16 point dogs against the mighty Ole Miss Rebels (mighty ole miss rebels…it felt weird typing that). T was within one against Georgia…Sorry Rain. It aint gonna happen this week. That Ole Miss Defense is too good. But, 16 points…they can cover the spread.

8:00 PMNo. 5 Notre Dame at No. 2 Florida State. Rix’s Good Catholic Boys versus the Criminal Element. The winner of this game is guaranteed a playoff spot if they remain undefeated; this should be fairly easy to do as neither team has a ranked opponent left to play.  This game rests on that stingy ND defense and the Stout O line. ND is a nine point dog. They beat that spread and I hope they win this game.

10:30 PMNo. 23 Stanford at No. 17 Arizona State. Cardinal (You Bet Your Sweet Ass I am!) in the desert versus the Sun Devils. Cardinal are a 3.5 point favorite. You Bet Your Sweet Ass they cover!

We have a full plate of games today. That ND at FSU looks like it could be a great one. I would love to see the Golden Domers beat the criminals.


NCAAA Football 2014 Week 2

by coldwarrior ( 35 Comments › )
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First the bad, awful, miserable news. Michigan and Notre Dame will cease their rivalry after 35 years straight.  M v ND was always a big deal whilst growing up in my Catholic  house where two great Uncles went to Michigan. So it’s #16 ND versus unranked M. ND pulled the plug on the rivalry because they want more ACC games like FSU and Miami…but then again, it was Michigan who blocked ND’s membership to the Big 10…


SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — The greatest challenge for Michigan and No. 16 Notre Dame on Saturday might be finding a fitting finale to an on-again, off-again rivalry that repeatedly has produced some finishes.

There have been three last-minute victories in the past five seasons alone, all won by the Wolverines. Freshman Tate Forcier threw a five-yard touchdown pass with 11 seconds left in a 38-24 victory in 2009. A year later, Denard Robinson scored on a 2-yard run with 27 seconds to go. The teams found a way to top those games in 2011 when they traded leads three times in the final 72 seconds, with the Wolverines winning when on a 16-yard TD pass by Robinson with 2 seconds left,

The Irish have their share of thrilling victories in the series, including linebacker Bob Crable stepping on the back of Michigan center Mike Trgovac and leaping to block a 42-yard field goal with 1 second left to preserve a 12-10 win in 1979.

The game Saturday will mark the 42nd meeting in the series that started in 1887. Michigan leads the series 24-16-1, but holds just a 15-14-1 edge since the series resumed in 1978. Half of the past 24 games have been decided by five points or less.

The schools 150 miles apart rank 1-2 in winning percentage, with Notre Dame holding the lead. But the Wolverines would reclaim the title with a win Saturday. The game features two of the nation’s most recognizable fight songs, but had a new tune added to the rivalry last year when Michigan played the ”Chicken Dance” after a 41-30 victory. That came in the wake of Michigan coach Brady Hoke saying the Irish were ”chickening out” of the series.

Chickening out? No, playing higher caliber teams…yes. Michigan has stunk the joint up recently; they aren’t the Michigan of Olde.


The Ranking after week 1

1 Florida State (46) 1-0 1456
2 Alabama (1) 1-0 1317
3 Oregon (5) 1-0 1314
4 Oklahoma (2) 1-0 1283
5 Auburn 1-0 1186
6 Georgia (2) 1-0 1114
7 Michigan State 1-0 1093
8 Ohio State 1-0 982
9 Texas A&M (2) 1-0 978
10 Baylor 1-0 962
11 UCLA 1-0 944
12 LSU (1) 1-0 926
13 Stanford 1-0 886
14 USC 1-0 729
15 Ole Miss 1-0 525
16 Notre Dame 1-0 519
17 Arizona State 1-0 431
18 Wisconsin 0-1 364
19 Nebraska 1-0 352
20 Kansas State 1-0 325
21 South Carolina 0-1 196
21 North Carolina 1-0 196
23 Clemson 0-1 164
24 Missouri 1-0 147
25 Louisville 1-0 141



And, the interesting games this week:

3:30 PMNo. 14 USC at No. 13 Stanford. USC is getting 3 points at The Cardinal. After Week 1, USC ranks No. 4 in the country in total offense (701 yards) and Stanford ranks No. 5 in total defense (115). This doesn’t mean much, they played cupcakes last week. I’m taking USC to win this, and I think they will cover. Look for another exciting ending.

6:30 PMNo. 7 Michigan State at No. 3 Oregon. MSU is getting 13 on the road at the Ducks. Oregon will fade again at the end of the season, Speed is great, but toughness and smarts win in the long run. In the short run, O blows MSU off the field and covers.

7:30 PM Michigan at No. 16 Notre Dame. Michigan is getting 3.5 on the road.  I’m thinking M wins this…and covers on the road.


NCAA Football 2014 Week 1

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Ahhhh….My favorite time of year!


The first upset of the week was brought to you by the Aggies. No. 21 Texas A&M 52, No. 9 South Carolina 28. Well done TAMU!— “Kenny Hill took charge. He broke Johnny Manziel’s single-game passing record with 511 yards in the Aggies’ rout.”—see yinz in a week, ‘Johhny Football’. Welcome to the bigs! you will soon be forgotten in Aggieland and in Cleveland.

Finally, NCAA will have a playoff. The top 4 teams at the end will be in. I’d prefer the top 8. Big time college ball has separated itself from gymnastics and figure skating now that the best will be able to determine their own fate rather than fate being determined by those who can’t do and never could do. Sports writers do not deserve to determine who is the best.  Leave that to the athletes.

I do believe that Florida State and ‘Bama will be there at the end. Oregon and Oklahoma will not.


So lets take a a look at the pre-season rankings

1 Florida State (57) 0-0 1496
2 Alabama (1) 0-0 1361
3 Oregon (1) 0-0 1334
4 Oklahoma (1) 0-0 1324
5 Ohio State 0-0 1207
6 Auburn 0-0 1198
7 UCLA 0-0 1106
8 Michigan State 0-0 1080
9 South Carolina 0-0 1015
10 Baylor 0-0 966
11 Stanford 0-0 885
12 Georgia 0-0 843
13 LSU 0-0 776
14 Wisconsin 0-0 637
15 USC 0-0 626
16 Clemson 0-0 536
17 Notre Dame 0-0 445
18 Ole Miss 0-0 424
19 Arizona State 0-0 357
20 Kansas State 0-0 242
21 Texas A&M 0-0 238
22 Nebraska 0-0 226
23 North Carolina 0-0 194
24 Missouri 0-0 134
25 Washington 0-0 130

Today’s big games are:

5:30 PMNo. 16 Clemson at No. 12 Georgia. Clemson is getting 7.5 on the road at Athens. Gotta take the ‘dogs to win, maybe not to cover.


No. 14 Wisconsin vs. No. 13 LSU*. Wisconsin is getting 5 at LSU… :lol: I’m taking LSU and the points.



Merry Christmas and, NCAA Football, Championship 2013

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Look at what Дед Мороз brought us!


It’s the Florida State Seminoles versus the Auburn Tigers.

Auburn? Wow! What a season for those guys! 13-1 in the SEC, a miracle against Georgia and then the run back against ‘Bama. I would love to see Auburn win. When I don’t have a real favorite in the game I root for the school where my friends have graduated from. In this case, I have to root for Auburn.

The Tigers (12-1) were the beneficiary of two remarkable plays this season that allowed them to reach this point. The first came Nov. 16 against Georgia when Ricardo Louis scored on a deflected 73-yard pass from Nick Marshall on fourth and 18 with 25 seconds left for a 43-38 victory. The spectacular play, during which the deflected ball sailed over Louis’ shoulder and into his hands in the open field, appeared to be one for the ages.

Instead, it was only the second-best play of the season for Auburn.

In what will go down as one of the greatest moments in college football history, Chris Davis returned a missed field-goal attempt more than 100 yards for a touchdown on the final play to give the Tigers a 34-28 win over then-No. 1 and two-time defending national champion Alabama in the Iron Bowl on Nov. 30.

“We’re a team of destiny,” Davis said then. “We won’t take no for an answer.”

It was difficult to take Davis’ words with a grain of salt when Auburn went on to knock off Missouri 59-42 in the SEC championship game the following weekend. Hours later, unbeaten Ohio State lost to Michigan State in the Big Ten championship, opening the door for Auburn to reach the title game.


However, their defense is suspect and FSU’s offense is a serious machine, #1 in points for, and their defense is just as good at #1 for points against. Granted, the ACC isn’t the SEC, these numbers would be tempered if FSU had to play ‘Bama, Auburn, Mizzou, and Georgia every year. That said, they have won every game by at least 14 points.


Auburn is 107th in passing, and #1 in rushing; surprisingly, they are 9th for points for. I just dont see their defense stopping the FSU offense. The ‘Noles just have better players. FSU is giving 10 points, they beat the spread.


Enjoy the game and Merry Christmas!


Orthodox Christians prepare to celebrate Christmas

For Elaine Rakovan, the true meaning of Christmas begins this evening, when Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Christ.

“It’s a lovely, lovely day,” she said, rich with tradition, where the focus is on the spiritual aspects, rather than the commercial and secular.

Some churches of the Orthodox faith, including Russian, Carpatho-Rusyn, Serbian and Ukrainian, adhere to the Julian calendar, rather than the Gregorian, and observe Christmas 13 days after Dec. 25 — on Jan. 7.

Rakovan, who lives in Economy and is a member of St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ambridge, said she will take off work Tuesday, and her sons will be absent from school as the family keeps alive generations-old traditions.

And tradition is very important, said the Rev. Robert Prepelka, pastor of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Ambridge.

For the truly observant, preparation starts Nov. 28 with a 40-day Nativity fast where no meat or dairy products are to be consumed.

Prepelka understands that some, especially children, elderly and those who are ill, may not be able to commit to it, but religious leaders like the faithful to at least do so on Wednesdays and Fridays during that period.

Fasting, a cleansing of body and soul, he said, prepares one for Christ’s coming, and it’s also a means of reparation of sin.

But especially on Christmas Eve, no meat or dairy are to be eaten, Prepelka said, as the faithful prepare for the Holy Supper, a very special meal that has symbolic meaning.

“Traditionally, 12 different dishes are served in honor of the 12 Apostles,” he said.

“The meal starts when you see the first star in the sky,” that represents the Star of Bethlehem.

The purpose, he said, was to eat early to enable families to get to church services on time.

In many of the agrarian villages, animals would be fed first.

“They were the first eyewitnesses,” Prepelka said, to the birth of Christ.

“When we had cats or dogs, we always made sure they were fed before we sat down to eat,” he recalled, growing up in his parents’ home.

In the home, a plain, white cloth would cover the dinner table. Straw would be strewn beneath and atop, “representative of the humble beginning of our savior in Bethlehem among the animals,” said Prepelka.

The father of the family opens the meal with prayer and a tropar, a religious hymn, usually with a verse that begins: “Thy Nativity, O, Christ our God, has shown forth the light of knowledge to the world.”

A toast is given and then everyone receives a piece of krachun, a simple bread baked with garlic cloves, that would be dipped in honey.

“It represents the sweet and bitter things of life,” Prepelka said.

A fasting soup, likely sauerkraut and mushroom — or lima bean, split pea or lentil — is served.

Pirogi and bobal’ki, a Christmas Eve treat, are included. Bobal’ki, Prepelka explained, are puffy balls of dough that are baked and served with poppy seeds or crushed walnuts and honey or a savory version with sauteed cabbage and onion.

Fish, possibly baked salmon, peas or beans, oven-baked or mashed potatoes with onions, and steamed fruits, such as apricots and prunes, would also comprise the meal.

Families then would attend church, highlighted by the Great Compline with the proclamation from Isaiah, “God is with us,” that is sung many times before and after the service, Prepelka said.

On Christmas Day, Divine Liturgy is celebrated followed by a feast with everything from turkey and ham to roast beef and stuffed cabbage.

Rich customs abound in the Serbian Orthodox faith, too, especially burning a Yule log on Christmas Eve, said the Rev. Milan Krstic, pastor of St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Midland.

An oaken log, chosen for its hardness, represents the strength of faith. The festive ceremony reminds the faithful of the fire shepherds built in a cave to warm themselves and the baby Jesus, Krstic said.

“They took wood to put on the fire and that wood was supposed to be the Yule log,” he said. “We always take the Yule log and burn it in front of the church.”

Afterward, church members can take pieces for their fireplaces to await the polozajnik — the first guest to visit Christmas Day after Divine Liturgy. Usually, it’s a child or goodhearted person, Krstic said, who stokes the fire, offering prayers and blessings for the family.

Following services Christmas Eve, worshipers parade through the streets of Midland wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Krstic estimated as many as 100 cars, accompanied by a police escort, wend their way through town en route to the Serbian Club. Some cars have speakers attached to play carols.

“People of different nationalities and faith all come out from their homes and wave and wish each other Merry Christmas,” he said of the tradition he estimates to be 60 years old. “They expect us to go.”

Christmas Day, Serbians typically dine on roast pig, Krstic said.

“It can’t be Christmas without roast pig,” he said, something everyone looks forward to after the 40-day fast from meat and dairy products.

Abiding the fast is difficult, he said, “but it is the least we can do for our faith and our Christ.”

Cesnica, a flat, round, grain bread, often including pecans, is prepared with a silver coin inside.

The bread is broken and the person who receives a piece with the coin is supposed be blessed with riches in the new year.

Being able to celebrate her faith openly and honor her Ukrainian heritage is especially meaningful to Emilie Klavin, Rakovan’s 82-year-old mother who came to the United States with her parents as a 21-year-old.

Growing up in the Ukraine, then under Russian rule, Christianity wasn’t accepted, Rakovan said, and was practiced in secret.

This holiday, they will set their table with embroidered Ukrainian linens and wheat, symbolizing Christ, the bread of life, and eat the special foods. And there are always place settings for loved ones who have passed, she said.

The adults will proclaim “Christ is Born” and her 20- and 14-year-old sons will respond, “Let us glorify him.”

Everyone attends church on Christmas Day, which Rakovan described as “a wonderful celebration.” The chants, prayers and special hymns that echo through the sanctuary give her tingles, she said.

Rakovan said her goal is for her children to embrace and continue the customs and traditions so important to their Ukrainian heritage and to focus on the true meaning of Christmas — no matter what calendar you follow.

“It’s not about the gifts received,” she said, “but the gifts given.”

NCAA Football, Bama Versus OK, 2013

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Well now, Bama managed to lose to Auburn in one of the best games in the history of college ball. That cost Bama a shot at the National Title game.  So tonight they get Coach Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners. Too bad, OK. Yinz is gonna get smoked.

Ok is a 17 point dog. I think they can cover. But I wouldn’t put any $ on it. Stoops has a real bad record against SEC teams. 17 is a juicy bet tho…

Enjoy this Open thread, see yinz at kick off!








Saturday NCAA D1 Football, Week 15 2013

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It’s Conference Championship Week! (And I have to work till 2000 :(   )


No. 3 Auburn (11-1, 7-1 SEC) earned its trip to Atlanta with one of the most remarkable victories in college football history, returning a missed field goal 109 yards for the winning touchdown on the final play to beat two-time defending national champion Alabama 34-28. (Somehow, these Tigers managed to surpass their previous Miracle on the Plains, the 2-week-old “Immaculate Deflection” victory over Georgia.)

Meanwhile, fifth-ranked Missouri (11-1, 7-1) locked up the SEC East by holding off Texas A&M and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel 28-21 on Saturday, showing off a stout defense that helped push those Tigers to the top of the division in a year when traditional powerhouses Georgia and Florida were plagued by injuries and failed to meet expectations.

What a change from Missouri’s debut season in the SEC, when Pinkel’s team went 5-7 and won just two conference games after moving over from the Big 12….

If the Seminoles defeat surprising Duke in the Atlantic Coast Conference title game, as expected, and Ohio State stays perfect with a victory over Michigan State in the Big Ten championship game, those teams would likely meet for the BCS title.

Auburn isn’t giving up, though, already lobbying for a spot in Pasadena if it knocks off Missouri at the Georgia Dome.

“I feel like we are destined to finish very strong,” safety Jermaine Whitehead said.

Missouri believe it deserves a shot at the national title if it beats Auburn.

“Any one-loss team in the SEC (should be considered) just because of the strength of schedule,” Pinkel said. “Hopefully that will be taken into consideration.”

Neither Ohis State or FSU would be undefeated if they were in the SEC. If they are both in the National Championship game, its further reason for a playoff. Thankfully this mess will be fixed next year with a 4 team playoff.


Stanford is a 3

12:00 PM No. 17 Oklahoma at No. 6 Oklahoma State
12:00 PM No. 16 UCF at Southern Methodist
12:00 PM Marshall at Rice
1:00 PM Memphis at Connecticut
3:30 PM No. 25 Texas at No. 9 Baylor
4:00 PM No. 5 Missouri vs. No. 3 Auburn* Auburn is a 1 point underdog, Nope…they win and cover.
7:30 PM South Florida at Rutgers
7:45 PM No. 7 Stanford at No. 11 Arizona State Stanford is a 3 point dog. Nope, they cover and win.
8:00 PM No. 20 Duke vs. No. 1 Florida State*
8:00 PM Louisiana-Lafayette at South Alabama
8:17 PM No. 2 Ohio State vs. No. 10 Michigan State* Ohis state is a 5.5 point favorite in a weak Big10/11…yeah they win and cover, sadly.
10:00 PM Utah State at No. 23 Fresno State

NCAA D1 Football Week 14 2013, Rivalry Week

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Some Classics coming up today!

1 Alabama 11-0
2 Florida State 11-0
3 Ohio State 11-0
4 Auburn 10-1
5 Missouri 10-1
6 Clemson 10-1
7 Oklahoma State 10-1
8 Stanford 9-2
9 Baylor 9-1
10 South Carolina 9-2
11 Michigan State 10-1
12 Arizona State 9-2
13 Oregon 9-2
14 Northern Illinois 11-0
15 Wisconsin 9-2
16 Fresno State 10-0
17 LSU 8-3
18 Oklahoma 9-2
19 UCF 9-1
20 Louisville 10-1
21 Texas A&M 8-3
22 UCLA 8-3
23 USC 9-3
24 Duke 9-2
25 Notre Dame 8-3

12:00 PM No. 2 Florida State at Florida. The Noles are 28 point favorites. 4 Touchdowns? Yeah, they win but wont cover.

12:00 PMNo. 3 Ohio State at Michigan M is a 16 point dog at OSU. M won’t cover.

12:00 PMNo. 24 Duke at North Carolina. Duke v UNC! It’s the Tobacco Road Rivalry…well in hoops it is. Duke has a decent football squad this year and they are 6 point dogs. I’ll take the Blue Devils and the points Alex!

12:00 PM Kansas State at Kansas Bloody Kansas!

3:30 PMNo. 1 Alabama at No. 4 Auburn Well, who woulda thunk that Auburn would be here? They are #4 and rightfully so. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the War Eagle win this one? They are 11 point dogs at home and Bama is due for a loss. I would love to see Auburn pull this out but I just don’t think that ‘Bama can lose this but ‘Bama covers the spread.

3:30 PMNo. 9 Baylor at TCU. Baylor pissed me off last week.

3:30 PM Georgia at Georgia Tech The dogs are 3 point favorites against the Ramblin Wreck. Take them and the points.

7:00 PMNo. 6 Clemson at No. 10 South Carolina ‘Cocks and Tigers in the battle of South Carolina. The ‘Cocks are big 3 point favorites in this game. But this is AT Clemson. Clemson needs this win at home.

7:00 PMNo. 25 Notre Dame at No. 8 Stanford Stanford are favored by 13 at home. They cover. No respect for ND here this week.

8:00 PMNo. 22 UCLA at No. 23 USC Ah yes, the battle of the perfect cheerleaders. It’s worth it to tune in for that eye candy! I want UCLA to win this, but they wont. USC wins and covers the 3 point spread.


NCAA D1 Football, Week 13, 2013 Open Thread

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Sorry there was thread last week. work got the better of me.


On to week 13!

BCS Standings
1 Alabama 10-0
2 Florida State 10-0
3 Ohio State 10-0
4 Baylor 9-0
5 Oregon 9-1
6 Auburn 10-1
7 Clemson 9-1
8 Missouri 9-1
9 Stanford 8-2
10 Oklahoma State 9-1
11 South Carolina 8-2
12 Texas A&M 8-2
13 Michigan State 9-1
14 UCLA 8-2
15 Fresno State 9-0
16 Northern Illinois 10-0
17 Arizona State 8-2
18 UCF 8-1
19 Wisconsin 8-2
20 Oklahoma 8-2
21 Louisville 9-1
22 LSU 7-3
23 USC 8-3
24 Ole Miss 7-3
25 Minnesota 8-2

NIU gets no respect! :lol:


‘Bama, the Noles, BUCKEYE!, and B…BAYLOR???  Da Bearz! That is who would be in the 4 way playoff right now. And thank you Duke for stomping the Hurricanes last week.

3:30 PM Brigham Young at Notre Dame Its the Mormons versus the Catholics with Rome calling it a pick ‘em and Deseret giving the Mormons 1 point. This is at ND, so I have to pick ND.

3:30 PMNo. 12 Texas A&M at No. 22 LSU LSU lost to ‘Bama, they are 7-3. TAMU and Johnny Football are 5 point dogs at the Tigers. Nope. Take TAMU and the points.

7:00 PM No. 17 Arizona State at No. 14 UCLA. UCLA lost to Stanford and Oregon. That can be forgiven. UCLA is on the rise and is a two point favorite at the Sun Devils. I would take UCLA to beat the spread. This should be a good game.

7:45 PM No. 8 Missouri at No. 24 Ole Miss . MIZZOU is a 2.5 favorite at Oxford. That looks a bit disrespectful form all the way up here. They win and cover.

8:00 PM No. 4 Baylor at No. 10 Oklahoma State. Baylor is a 9 point favorite on the road against the Cowboys. Jeeze, these are two strong teams that match up well. 9 points??? I think the Bears win, but 9 AT??? I can’t plop down on that. They win, but don’t cover. If they do, there is no reason why they cant be playing ‘Bama in January.


NCAA Football, Week 11 2013 Open Thread

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Welcome to week 11! And right on time, the poseurs up in Oregon got knocked off. Yeah, speed kills but power football wins every time. The Cardinal, ( you bet your sweet ass I am! ) went to Oregon and stopped the much overrated Ducks cold. So now, onto some real ball, SEC day today. Alabama and LSU are going to go at it.

And how about those Baylor Bears!!! No. 6 Baylor 41, No. 10 Oklahoma 12 . That, my friends, is an ass-whoopin’ right there.

BCS Standings
1 Alabama 8-0
2 Florida State 8-0
3 Oregon 8-0
4 Ohio State 9-0
5 Stanford 7-1
6 Baylor 7-0
7 Clemson 8-1
8 Missouri 8-1
9 Auburn 8-1
10 Oklahoma 7-1
11 Miami (FL) 7-1
12 South Carolina 7-2
13 LSU 7-2
14 Oklahoma State 7-1
15 Texas A&M 7-2
16 Fresno State 8-0
17 Michigan State 8-1
18 Northern Illinois 9-0
19 UCLA 6-2
20 Louisville 7-1
21 UCF 6-1
22 Arizona State 6-2
23 Notre Dame 7-2
24 Wisconsin 6-2
25 Texas Tech 7-2


12:00 PMNo. 2 Florida State at Wake Forest . . The spread is 35. that’s 5 touchdowns. I would be tempted to go against that spread. FSU can rest its starters and use the second half like a practice game..

12:00 PM Kansas State at No. 25 Texas Tech . K State is getting 3 at Tech. The Red Raiders should cover this at home.

12:00 PMNo. 9 Auburn at Tennessee . The Vols are tough at home this year. Auburn is giving up 8. I see no reason why The Vols can’t beat the spread.

3:30 PM Nebraska at Michigan . N is getting 7 at M. Should be a good game with N beating the spread.

8:00 PMNo. 13 LSU at No. 1 Alabama . LSU is a 12.5 point dog today. This game could very well be closer than that. It’s LSU’s Offense versus ‘Bama’s D…gonna be a great game!

10:00 PM No. 19 UCLA at Arizona. UCLA is getting 2 on the road. This should be a pretty close game, UCLA covers on the road.


And, more from the Juche Cult of Joe Paterno.

NCAA Football 2013, Week 10

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Week 10, its the battle of the sunshine state edition. GO NOLES!!!!

The BCS rankings:

1 Alabama .9937
2 Oregon .9517
3 Florida State .9211
4 Ohio State .8840
5 Stanford .7918
6 Baylor .7645
7 Miami (FL) .7560
8 Clemson .6687
9 Missouri .6096
10 Oklahoma .6064
11 Auburn .6025
12 Texas A&M .4812
13 LSU .4630
14 South Carolina .4486
15 Texas Tech .3749
16 Fresno State .3669
17 Northern Illinois .3335
18 Oklahoma State .3113
19 Louisville .2599
20 UCLA .2338
21 Michigan .1875
22 Michigan State .1811
23 UCF .1789
24 Wisconsin .0993
25 Notre Dame .0928

Bama would Crush Oregon…

So onto week 10:

3:30 PM No. 21 Michigan at No. 22 Michigan State. They don’t get any closer matched than this! M is a 4 point favorite at home against the Spartans. It’s Michigan’s offense versus the Spartan’s D. That one loss at Penn State is a motivator. Michigan wins this and beats the spread.

3:30 PM Georgia vs. Florida* . The Bulldogs are a 3 point dog away which in fact means that these teams are equal. Home team usually gets 3. The Gators have a better defense. In fact, they have a pretty stingy defense. So I think they win this at home and beat that spread.

3:30 PM Navy at No. 25 Notre Dame. Nay always gives the Golden Domers fits. Navy is getting 15 at ND. I think they can cover.

7:00 PM No. 18 Oklahoma State at No. 15 Texas Tech. Interesting game. This is more or less a pick ‘em. Tech is coming off of a tough loss to OK…I think they rebound and win this.

8:00 PM No. 7 Miami (FL) at No. 3 Florida State. Miami is a 21 point dog!!! What???? As much as i don’t like the Hurricanes (despise), there is no way that I would put money down on that line. They beat that spread. Or, if they don’t…I was right that they are ridiculously overrated and the sports writers are doing to them what they do to the Cincinnati Bengals every year…calling them the team of destiny! The best team in the league…I see it every year. Anyway. GO NOLES!!!!! I would love to see the Criminals not beat the spread.