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Superbowl XLVIII: The end of an era

by Rodan ( 149 Comments › )
Filed under NFL, Sports at February 3rd, 2014 - 5:00 pm

Yesterday’s Superbowl was a historic win for the Seattle Seahawks in more ways than one. Their total dominance of the game over the Denver Broncos enters their name as one of the strongest teams to even win it. But in many ways, it also turns a new page in the history of the NFL. Since the early 2000′s the main rivalry in Football was Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Both were the face for the quarterbacks of the NFL. Like the greats before them, time is moving away from the Manning-Brady era.

The new rivalry in the NFL and one that will determine the rest of the decade will be the rivalry between San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks. Russel Wilson and Colin Kapernick along with Andrew Luck and Cam Newton will be the faces of the NFL quarterbacks. The newer breed of quarterbacks are more than pocket passers, they also run when there is an opening.

The big question is how yesterday’s loss will effect the legacy of Payton Manning who has only won 1 Superbowl.

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — There was no time to sulk. That’s not how Peyton Manning would handle one of the worst defeats a quarterback has ever absorbed in the Super Bowl.

This hurt, mind you. This stung. But it is not in Manning’s makeup to wallow in disappointment or pity, even though he and his Denver Broncos teammates squandered an opportunity to put Manning in untouchable company.

Had Manning led the Broncos to victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, had he added a second Super Bowl and another Super Bowl Most Valuable Player trophy to the record five league MVP titles he has won, the conversation would have been over. Manning would have been the GOAT. He would have achieved enough, in the regular season and, when it matters most, in the postseason.

But that didn’t happen. Seattle made sure of that, dominating the Broncos from the jump and delivering a lopsided beatdown. The Broncos already had a 55-10 loss in their Super Bowl history. Now they have 43-8. One belongs to John Elway, the other to Manning.


Next year. It is always next year. Manning could have made next year into the easiest season of his life. It could have simply been gravy on a stellar career.

Now, it means more than ever. He probably won’t, but if Manning needed a little time to wallow in the loss, no one would blame him. He lost more than a football game. Manning lost a huge opportunity to end a conversation that has hounded him for much of his career.

Superbowl 48 was truly the end of an era and the passing of the torch in the NFL.

Super Bowl XLVIII

by coldwarrior ( 293 Comments › )
Filed under NFL, Open thread, Sports at February 2nd, 2014 - 3:00 pm

The Broncos are 2 point favorites, I think they cover this spread.


XLVIII could be the greatest one of all

Super Bowl storylines, Manhattan skyline make Denver-Seattle a potential classic

People kept asking you to measure the failures and successes of Super Bowl week, of the gamble on a market split by tunnels and bridges that don’t need a bogus traffic study to create an apocalyptic jam.

Did it make sense to go this way in a cold-weather region? Did your average New Yorker really want this? Will the NFL come back? Will the league ever put this wintertime event in harm’s way again?

[+] EnlargeRichard Sherman and Peyton Manning

John Leyba/The Denver Post/Getty ImagesRichard Sherman and the Seattle D. Peyton Manning and the Denver O. With NYC as the backdrop, Super Bowl XLVIII could be one for the ages.

Only here are two truths often lost in the conversation: (1) The game itself will answer a lot of questions, (2) the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks have a chance here to deliver the greatest Super Bowl of them all.

Yes, I suppose you can say that about any matchup in the days and hours leading up to it, but how often does the Super Bowl pit the most prolific offense in NFL history against the league’s No. 1 defense?

How often is the central figure in the drama — in this case Peyton Manning — in position to claim the unofficial title of all-time best quarterback? And how often does that central figure play in the building owned by his kid brother, himself a two-time Super Bowl MVP and a one-time champ in his older brother’s building?

Of course, the setting doesn’t hurt. To paraphrase one of the Hoboken-born locals: If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

It’s easier to be the greatest this or that in New York, even when New York becomes East Rutherford, N.J. Manning is smart enough to know this, too. Even though he wanted to talk about his legacy this week as much as Marshawn Lynch wanted to talk, period, Peyton understands the magnitude of this opportunity.

If he beats that defensive backfield at his age (37), after four neck surgeries, to become the first quarterback to win Super Bowl rings with different franchises, wow, what a defining statement that would be.

This is a different Peyton Manning, too. He’s not the player he was last season, the Denver recruit who was “still in shock” — John Elway’s words — over being fired by the franchise he put on the map, the Indianapolis Colts. Manning is no longer the quarterback who threw that killer interception against the soon-to-be world champion Baltimore Ravens, no longer the quarterback who felt like a tourist lost somewhere in the Rockies.

“Last year, I felt like a visitor the entire time,” Manning said. “The locker was just kind of mine for these couple of months. It wasn’t the Broncos. The Broncos made me feel as welcome as they could.

Top 48 Super Bowl Superstars

They may be watching this year, but Brady and Eli made our all-time list.
Photo Gallery Photo Gallery  SBNY Blog Live

“You [still] feel like an outsider. It’s probably because I was entrenched in one organization for so long. You can’t just transition right away. This year, I can’t tell you how much more comfortable I feel.”

Manning has told us with his right arm. He threw for a record 55 touchdown passes and a record 5,477 yards while his Broncos became the first team to score 600 or more points, numbers that won him his fifth league MVP award.

Meanwhile, he knows he’s never faced a secondary as talented and opportunistic as this one, a secondary featuring a cover man (Richard Sherman), a hitter (Kam Chancellor) and a ball hawk (Earl Thomas). Sherman was right when he said Manning has a tendency to throw fluttering ducks, and Manning was right to say those fluttering ducks often land in his receivers’ hands in the end zone.

It was good copy that only threw a brighter spotlight on the special offense-versus-special defense reality of Denver-Seattle.

“Their intelligence, their ability to play together and communicate, that shows up just on the game film alone,” Manning said of the Seahawks. “I certainly know that will carry over when you actually get to play against them.”

Let’s all hope so, for the sake of a classic confrontation at MetLife Stadium. And it’s high time to get to the blocking and the tackling, the passing and the receiving, if only because the overriding narrative so far has been about everything but.

The NFL was blitzed from all sides on the decision to go outdoors in the cold, yet it made sense to try this once, and to try it in New York, on Broadway, where outside-the-box thinking is encouraged on a nightly basis.

The hassles were there this week if you confronted the Holland Tunnel traffic, Jersey side, on the way to the Denver and Seattle hotels in Jersey City, and they were there in and around Times Square. But those hassles were manageable, and the ultimate nightmare scenario — confronting a blizzard — is a possibility no more, as the temperature might be a tad warmer than it was for the coldest outdoor Super Bowl in 1972, when Dallas managed the conditions (39 degrees at kickoff) better than Miami did at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

The Big Apple Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVIII is officially upon us. ESPNNewYork.com has all the latest news and views. SBNY Blog Live

Maybe that’s why Don Shula thought the site of Super Bowl XLVIII was a mistake. Other observers had other reasons, including the New Jerseyans who felt big-footed by the big city that claimed all the pregame parties and hype.

For starters, Governor Christie appears to have bigger problems than worrying about the way this event has been packaged and sold to the public. As for the Garden State officials and residents feeling left out, hey, the city had to be the centerpiece of the winning bid. The only reason the game is being played in New Jersey is the stadium’s proximity to New York.

For the Manhattanites put out by all the skyward-gazing out-of-towners bumping into them, here’s the thing: If you want to be considered the greatest city in the world, you do occasionally have to share your city with the world.

It’s pretty much worked out so far, pending the potential for traffic horror stories to come on the road to MetLife. But chances are, this Super Bowl will be remembered for what the Broncos and Seahawks do tonight, and not for what the elected and credentialed critics did and said all week long.

If a contrast in styles indeed makes fights, Denver-Seattle could be Ali-Frazier, precision and finesse against power and tenacity. It could top the Giants over the Patriots in Arizona, the Rams over the Titans in Atlanta, the Giants over the Bills in Tampa, Fla., Joe Montana‘s Niners over the Bengals in Miami and Joe Namath’s Jets over the Colts in the same town.

So enough about the weather and the traffic. Enough about Sherman talking too much and Lynch not talking enough.

A New York/New Jersey Super Bowl was always a good idea. By late tonight, Peyton Manning’s offense and the Seattle Seahawks’ defense could make this one of the best ideas the NFL ever had.



Don’t tell me there isn’t bias against the Steelers:


Bettis denied a Hall pass for fourth time

February, 1, 2014

Feb 1
By Scott Brown | ESPN.com
PITTSBURGH — Dumbfounded and even discouraged are two words that describe how I felt after learning former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jerome Bettis had been denied entrance into the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the fourth consecutive year.What I am missing here?More importantly, what is he missing?

Bettis has the numbers, he has a ring, and he has the strongest of endorsements of those who should matter the most: the coaches and teammates who were around him on a regular basis and know the impact “The Bus” had on the field and in the Steelers’ locker room.

Consider what former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward told Steelers.com earlier this week: “To be that size and have quick feet was just amazing. Sometimes you found yourself as a teammate watching like a fan to see him get through a hole, side step somebody, run over somebody and then get up and do his patent ‘The Bus’ dance. That is what made him such a special running back. You don’t see many guys be able to maneuver the holes and run somebody over.”

Eh, what would Ward know?

Jerome Bettis
Running Back
5-11, 243
Notre Dame
Played 1993-95 Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams, 1996-2005 Pittsburgh Steelers

• 13,662 Rush yards (6th in NFL history)
• Eight seasons with 1,000 Rush yds (T-5th in NFL history)
• First Rams rookie to rush for 1,000 yards since Eric Dickerson, 1983
• Rams leading rusher 1993-95
• Steelers leading rusher 1996-2001, 2003-04
• Steelers leader in total yards from scrimmage, 1996-2001
• Fifty 100-yd games with Steelers (franchise record)
• Six-time Pro Bowler
• Two-time First-Team All-Pro
• Fourteen players in NFL history have rushed for at least 12,000 yards. Of the 12 that are eligible for the Hall of Fame, Bettis is the only one not already enshrined.

He only played, fought and bled with Bettis for eight seasons and actually cried for the man after the Steelers fell short of the Super Bowl in 2004.

Bettis fell short of the Hall of Fame again though he did make the cut of modern-day finalists, along with former Steelers outside linebacker Kevin Greene, from 15 to 10.

That isn’t — and shouldn’t be — any consolation to the player who is sixth on the NFL’s career rushing list (13,662 yards) and is on a very short list of those who can be considered the best big back of all-time.

If Bettis is paying the price for the perception — flawed as it is — that too many Steelers are already in the Hall of Fame, that is hogwash.

It is also a disservice to Bettis as well as the Steelers’ organization.

Want to know why there are so many Steelers in the Hall of Fame? They owned the 1970s and probably didn’t get enough deserving players from the teams that won four Super Bowls from 1974-79 into the Hall of Fame.

Bettis is among the players who laid the foundation for another glorious run that linked the Steelers teams of the 1970s to the ones that won two Super Bowls and played in another from 2005-10.

True, he played on only one of those teams — Bettis famously retired after Pittsburgh won the 2005 Super Bowl in his hometown of Detroit — but his influence on the Steelers lingered long after he had stopping pushing piles and displaying the kind of footwork that belied a man of his size.

“When I first got here it was the time the WWJD bracelets, What Would Jesus Do, came out and I would laugh when I was doing things and think, What Would Jerome Do,” Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger told Steelers.com earlier this week. “He is someone I tried to mold myself after. That is what made him so special, outside of the talent he had on the field.”

Like Bettis, Greene can only wonder what it will take for him to receive the call from the Hall of Fame.

One of the greatest pass-rushers of his generation fell short of Canton, Ohio, for the 1oth year despite leading the NFL in sacks with two different teams, including the Steelers in 1996, and earning a spot on the NFL’s All-Decade team of the 1990s.

Greene ranks third on the NFL’s all-time sacks list (160), and, like Bettis, he put up the kinds of numbers that should one day land him in the Hall of Fame.

The question with both remains when.

Super Bowl commercials go to the dogs in 2014

by 1389AD ( 183 Comments › )
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Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial — “Puppy Love”

Published on Jan 29, 2014 by budweiser

Watch Budweiser’s Super Bowl XLVIII commercial following the special friendship between the Clydesdales and a puppy. #BestBuds budweiser.com

Music: Let Her Go by Passenger © 2012

Audi 2014 Super Bowl Commercial Doberhuahua

Published on Jan 27, 2014 by Super Bowl 2014 Big game Commercials

CarMax Super Bowl Commercial 2014

Published on Jan 27, 2014 by Super Bowl 2014 Big game Commercials

Watch the human version:

Slow Clap CarMax Super Bowl Commercial 2014

Published on Jan 27, 2014 by Super Bowl 2014 Big game Commercials

Doritos Crash The SuperBowl – Cowboy Kid Commercial

Published on Jan 29, 2014 by Doritos Lovers
Doritos Crash The SuperBowl – Cowboy Kid Commercial
Get FREE Doritos: http://goo.gl/ygVa8M

Doritos Crash The SuperBowl – Time Machine Commercial

Published on Jan 29, 2014 by Doritos Lovers
Doritos Crash The SuperBowl – Time Machine Commercial
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Kellen Winslow, Jr. – not master of his domain

by Speranza ( 5 Comments › )
Filed under Headlines, NFL at January 17th, 2014 - 10:41 am
Another reason to hate the Jets. Look for Rex Ryan to make him a team captain next season.
Posted by Darin Gantt on January 17, 2014, 9:50 AM EST

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Getty Images

I guess he was not master of his domain.

Apparently, Kellen Winslow was in the midst of being flagged for illegal use of the hands, or hand, when he was arrested for synthetic marijuana possession last fall.

According to the arrest report obtained by Dom Cosentino of NJ.com, police were called to the scene in a Target parking lot because a witness told them the Jets tight end was engaged in sexual congress with himself in his vehicle.

In other words, allegedly, he took it out.

The incident report from the East Hanover Police Department said that on Nov. 19, at 5:30 p.m., they responded to a call from a woman who parked next to Winslow’s SUV.

The words of the report might tell this one best:

“As she exited her vehicle, she commented to the male regarding how cold it was. As she stood near the open driver side window of the Escalade, she observed the males [sic] erect penis. She stated that she believed he was masturbating. [The woman] provided a written statement regarding her account.”

When the cops showed up, he was wearing black sweatpants, and told them he was just lost and “looking for Boston Market.”

Of course, the synthetic marijuana they found in his car was of more interest to them than two containers of Vaseline.

He wasn’t charged with anything for the incident, though he may never get asked to be a part of the hands team again.

Bob Costas’ ties to anti-Redskins activist

by Rodan ( 60 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, NFL, Progressives, Sports at October 24th, 2013 - 12:00 pm

Bob Costas’ rant against the Redskins name two weeks ago on Sunday Night Football did not come out of the blue. Besides Obama sticking his nose into this, it turns out NBC Sports has  partnership with a Casino Owner who was behind the anti-Redskins name movement. The owner who also happens to be an Obama blunder, Ray Halbritter has a contract with NBC sports to host a Boxing Match. NBC never disclosed this association during Bob Costas’ rant.

The disputed Indian leader pushing to change the Redskins team name had already entered into an undisclosed television agreement with NBC Sports when Bob Costas delivered his on-air editorial condemning the Redskins name.

The Oneida Indian Nation’s Turning Stone Casino in upstate New York, overseen by gaming mogul and disputed Oneida Nation Representative Ray Halbritter, will host its first NBC “Fight Night” production November 16 with the IBF heavyweight title fight between Tomasz Adamek and Vyacheslav Glazkov.

NBC already had the deal in place to broadcast from Turning Stone when Bob Costas delivered a halftime editorial during NBC’s October 13 primetime broadcast of the Cowboys-Redskins game.


NBC Sports did not disclose its ties to the Oneida Indian Nation at the time of Costas’ editorial.

Halbritter, who schmoozed with President Obama at a 2012 fundraiser, employs a crisis communications firm that also represents CashForGold.com and a lawyer who represents IRS scandal figure Lois Lerner as he struggles to protect a casino empire that underpays valid members of the Oneida Nation and has ordered home evictions of Oneida members harboring anti-Halbritter sentiment.

This was a dishonest move by NBC and full disclosure about their ties to Ray Halbritter should have been revealed.


*Coldwarrior update: I heard on Beck yesterday as I was driving to the CC that the Redskins give 99% to the GOP and 1% to Dems…they were reading from an official disclosure website. Didn’t Obama say he was going to punish his enemies and reward his friends? *

Redskins vs. the politically correct anti-culture of Mordor on the Potomac

by 1389AD ( 21 Comments › )
Filed under Liberal Fascism, NFL, Open thread, Political Correctness at October 21st, 2013 - 8:00 pm
Washington Redskins logo

The Washington Redskins are changing their name because of all the negativity, shame, humiliation, dissent, polarity, adversity, defiance, hatred, animosity, contempt, discrimination, division, violence, counter-productivity, ill-spirit, un-Godliness, and hostility associated with their name.

From now on they will be known simply as the Redskins.

New Developments in Fight Over Team Name Washington Redskins – Dana Loesch – Kelly File – 10-18-13

Published on Oct 18, 2013 by RightSightings

The debate continues over the Washington Redskins team name. Talk show host, Dana Loesch joins FNC’s Megyn Kelly to debate Richard Fowler on this politically correct charged issue.

To Bob Costas and Richard Fowler: You don’t have a dog in this fight, so shut up and go away. Dana Loesch does have a dog in the fight, so listen to her.

Bob Costas takes another stand during Cowboys games, says Redskins nickname is ‘insult’ and ‘slur’

by Rodan ( 201 Comments › )
Filed under NFL, Political Correctness at October 14th, 2013 - 1:00 pm

Last night I was enjoying a beer and watching the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys playing on TV. At halftime, Bob Costas weighed in on the Redskins name controversy that was started when Obama said he would change the teams name. As he did earlier in the year on guns, Costas goes on a self righteous rant calling to change the name of the Washington Redskins.

Bob Costas like Mike Lupica and Keith Olbermann is just a  Leftist hack hiding behind being a sports guy. This shows the reach of the Progressive agenda through the popular culture. Even during a sports game, people are propagandized.

NFL Week 5….The Adventure Continues

by Carolina Girl ( 200 Comments › )
Filed under NFL, Sports at October 6th, 2013 - 12:55 pm

Hard to believe we’re past the quarter mark for a season I wait eight months for. No photo this week, alas because I’m putting this together on my iPad and I can’t figure out how to access media. However, if you’re disappointed, Acw always has a cheerleader pic up.

Two night games tonight because apparently the Oakland Raiders, when faced with the choice of moving the game to San Diego or starting in Oakland at 8:30 pm to accommodate the A’s playoff game, chose the latter. Which means it will get no audience on the East Coast and on the West Coast people will set their DVRs and got to bed.

Makes you wonder if Al Davis is still calling the shots

Here are the matchups.

Saints @ Bears
Patriots @ Bengals
Lions @ Packers
Seahawks @ Colts
Ravens @ Dolphins
Eagles @ Giants
Jaguars @ Rams
Chiefs @ Titans
Panthers @ Cardinals
Broncos @ Cowboys
Texans @ 49ers
Chargers @ Raiders

Monday’s Game
Jets @ Falcons

The Giants loss against the Panthers was worse than the score

by Rodan ( 119 Comments › )
Filed under NFL, Sports at September 23rd, 2013 - 12:00 pm

The NY Giants collapsed as a team on Sunday. They gave up 6 sacks in the first half and actually Manning got sack 3 sets in a row. The team’s heart was not in it and the plays were predictable. It was not  a normal loss, but a debacle that puts into question the current state  and debacle of the franchise.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There are losses, and then there are totally embarrassing debacles that require an NFL franchise to rethink every single thing it is doing.

Sunday’s 38-0 thrashing at the hands of the previously winless Panthers has to qualify as the latter for the Giants, who stumbled out of Bank of America Stadium dazed, humiliated and staring at an 0-3 start to a season that already looks lost.

“Something’s definitely going to have to happen, because this is intolerable [in] every sense,” Giants safety Antrel Rolle said. “This is just bad all the way around. I don’t have any answers. We have to find our way.”


“We never gave ourselves competitively a chance to be in the game,” a stunned Coughlin said. “ ‘Disappointing’ is not a strong enough word. I expected more. We built towards more, but it just was not the competitive game I thought it would be.”

Thanks in large part to an inept offensive line that inexplicably allowed seven sacks and at least 20 more hits on Eli Manning, Big Blue had its doors blown off so completely the final 13 games already look like one long evaluation period for the 2014 NFL Draft.

How bad was it? With 13 minutes left in the third quarter, the Panthers had more points (24) than the Giants had total yards (18).

The performance of the NY Giants was so bad, even ESPN had an analysis on it.

Yes, they are 0-3 this year and have been outscored 115-54 (an average of 38.3 to 18 per game). And that’s bad, but this runs deeper. Going back to Halloween of 2012, when the Giants were 6-2 and thinking of themselves as one of the best teams in the league, they have lost eight of their past 11 games.

Sunday’s loss was the third-worst shutout loss in franchise history, but it was only four points worse than the one they took in Atlanta last Dec. 16 when they still had a chance to repeat as NFC East champions. Over their past six games, the Giants are 1-5 and have been outscored by an average of 31.5 to 18.3.

This is worse than a slow start. This is an alarming, systemic trend.

“I thought that we were in a position today that we would be able to put our best foot forward,” a stunned Coughlin said. “But we never gave ourselves a chance, competitively, to be in the game.


No doubt, but the path the 2013 Giants are on leads to an offseason of overhaul. Two-time Super Bowl champions will start to feel as though they’re on a farewell tour. Coughlin himself isn’t going anywhere — he’ll coach the team as long as he wants to coach it. But this is starting to set up as the kind of year that makes you wonder how much longer he’ll want to. These Giants, because of the deterioration they’ve allowed to happen on their offensive line and in their defensive front seven, are on the cusp of a rebuilding project. There’s no other way to view what they’ve put on tape for the past calendar year.

The collapse of the NY Giants sows the unpredictability of the NFL. Good organizations suddenly become garbage though a combination of bad management and low morale. With an 0-3 start, the NY Giants are done and should now be focused on overhauling their team starting with getting rid of some of the coaching staff.

The Steelers are another team who have collapsed and RGIII’s struggles are the reason Washington is 0-3. Other surprises, San Francisco is at 1-2 and the Colts beat them yesterday and improved to 2-1, thus showing Andrew Luck is not a fluke. The Miami Dolphins are now 3-0 and living in South Florida, the people here are acting as if it’s 1972 all over again. Dolphin Fans and Jet fans are the worse!


NFL Week 3, Part Deux.

by Carolina Girl ( 103 Comments › )
Filed under NFL, Sports at September 22nd, 2013 - 12:00 pm

Tyrell Pryor Like “Part Une” was such a hit it required a sequel.
I have to say, seriously good games last Sunday and here’s hoping that this week proves just as exciting. I know the folks in San Francisco are still reeling from the Smackdown in Seattle they got on the national stage last Sunday.

For your non-live game viewing pleasure, f you have Showtime, I recommend “LT: The Life and Times of Lawrence Taylor.” A great expose on the man who is probably the best defense player ever. And who probably would be ejected by the first quarter today in the modern-day Football According to Goodell. Also, Goldwaterite is a big Giants fan, so I think now’s a good time to name drop that my senior class president was George Martin.

This week’s photo is Tyrell Pryor – Oakland’s new starting quarterback. Kid looks like he could be the real deal. Also, Football Savant Offspring said if I put up his picture, he’d clean his room and save me a call to FEMA.

Here are the matchups. IF you don’t feel like making a hot snack, McDonald has “wings” now. I dunnno – they look like the nuggets went through a different meat press to me.

Texans @ Ravens
Giants @ Panthers
Packers @ Bengals
Rams @ Cowboys
Browns @ Vikings
Buccaneers @ Patriots
Cardinals @ Saints
Chargers @ Titans
Falcons @ Dolphins
Bills @ Jets
Jaguars @ Seahawks
Colts @ 49ers
Bears @ Steelers

Monday’s Game
Oakland @ Denver

And since it’s an open thread, I’m sure will have some fun discussion with scoring updates as necessary.