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Plagiarist Sen. Walsh drops out Senate race

by Rodan ( 74 Comments › )
Filed under Democratic Party, Election 2014 at August 7th, 2014 - 5:13 pm

Democrats play to win and when in trouble, don’t fall on their swords. Sen. Walsh of Montana who was caught plagiarizing a college paper has dropped out of the Montana Senate race. The Democrats put pressure in him not to run and guarantee a loss that would enable the GOP to pick up the seat.

Montana Democratic Sen. John Walsh is dropping out of his Senate race after being dogged by allegations of plagiarism. 

His campaign made the announcement late Thursday. 

Calls for Walsh to bow out have grown louder following accusations that first surfaced last month that he plagiarized part of a paper he submitted for his master’s degree in 2007.

Walsh’s political team initially said the allegations “will not change Senator Walsh’s commitment to his campaign.” Since that time, the drumbeat for Walsh to pull out has grown in his home state. Three of Montana’s largest newspapers recently called for him to withdraw his candidacy, while others have demanded he apologize or forfeit his master’s degree.

Democrats will dump a toxic candidate that may cost them an election.


The Hipster Jihadi of ISIS

by Rodan ( 327 Comments › )
Filed under Al Qaeda, Egypt, Gaza, Hipsters, Iraq, Islamists, Lebanon, Leftist-Islamic Alliance, Progressives, Syria at August 6th, 2014 - 2:00 pm


Many Hipsters like Russell Brand openly support ISIS. They view the group as a revolutionary force fighting Capitalism and battling oppression. In many Hipster strongholds, ISIS t-shirts are gaining popularity and one of their leaders Abu Waheeb has become the new Che. Taking advantage of this support, ISIS is now promoting one of their fighters who happens to be a Hipster!

Islamic State jihadists ruling over much of Syria and Iraq have a new icon, whose fashionably styled curly hair and black-rimmed glasses contrast strikingly with the pose in which he has been photographed: astride a horse, and waving a shining scimitar above his head.

Identified by friends as a young Egyptian university graduate from a well-off Cairo family, Islam Yaken, he has been both lionised and demonised back home as the “hipster jihadi”.

Although he is said to have once been a supporter of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood former president, Mohammed Morsi, his friends say there was little to suggest his sudden change of life direction a year ago.

His page on the social media site VK suggest a young man apparently obsessed with his body – it is dominated by a series of pictures of him in a gym, showing off his toned physique.

Now he uses Twitter to glorify the “Caliphate” of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, and to post gory pictures including one of two heads in a basket, which he compares to the heads of sheep that can be ordered for the table in specialist Egyptian restaurants.

The ISIS-Hipster connection is one of the most troubling trends. Hipsters are very influential in the popular culture and technology. By promoting a Hipster Jihadi, ISIS seeks to cement the support from this demographic group. This support from Hipsters in turn helps mainstream ISIS in the culture and enable them to get more recruits.

The ISIS-Hipster alliance is a development that needs watching.


Cryptozoologists Cheer As Two More Mythical Beasts Sighted

by Flyovercountry ( 96 Comments › )
Filed under Democratic Party, Progressives at August 6th, 2014 - 8:05 am

It’s most definitely that special time during the biannual cycle where one specific type of mythical creature gets itself sighted with greater frequency than all others combined. The headlines are woefully short of Big feet, Yetis, Loch Ness monsters, Abominable Snow Creatures, and Chupacawbras. Conservative Democrats however, have been sighted so far in Arkansas, Alaska, and now also in Colorado, along with West Virginia. Click here for the reported sighting in Colorado. Here’s Andrew Romanoff’s first television spot:

Lest you believe him to be the only Democrat pretending to be a Republican ahead of an election, there were more sightings from the mile high state as well. From the Hot Air article linked to above, with emphasis being mine:

In other adventures in emergency moderation, Gov. John Hickenlooper, Sen. Mark Udall, and Romanoff, as reported in Politico, have all three come out against environmental activists’ anti-fracking measures, which are supposed to be on the ballot this fall. First, Hickenlooper scrambled to subvert the effort with some kind of compromise legislation but failed. Today, he and the very liberal Rep. Jared Polis, who had formerly backed the measures, got together to decide that Polis would pull his support, allowing his deeply held values take one for the team.

That agreement among Gov. John Hickenlooper, Rep. Jared Polis, environmental groups and the oil and gas industry creates an 18-member task force that will study fracking in Colorado and present recommendations to the state legislature. In exchange, they’ve asked that organizers pull two pro-fracking and two anti-fracking measures and that a lawsuit against the city of Longmont be dismissed.

“We have an obligation to develop (energy) in a way that is safe for our residents, supports jobs and the economy, respects private property rights and protects our health and environment,” Hickenlooper said.

The task force will be charged to find solutions that minimize land-use conflicts near homes, schools, businesses and recreational areas. The state is seeking a balanced approach, he said, one that will represent diverse concerns from oil and gas, agriculture, environmental and health groups and local governments.

In other words, after the election is safely behind those wishing to appear conservative for the purposes of holding power, they’ll immediately reverse course and go on with their liberal agenda, as if nothing had ever happened, no promises were made, and more importantly, they didn’t just win on the premise of running as if they were Republicans.

Now for that West Virginia sighting, here’s an advert for Natalie Tennant:

One day the good people of my home state will wake up and realize that when ever a Democrat claims conservative bona fides, they are lying. I find it hilarious that she actually mentioned Joe Manchin, a fellow who was solidly behind in his Senatorial bid until he ran this ad:

For the record, Joe went O for, in terms of keeping the promises made in that advertisement. He coauthored a gun control bill, voted to keep Obamacare rolling when given that chance, voted in favor of gas and oil restrictions, and voted for mountainous increases in federal spending each and every time such a vote was requested by our President.

I find it rather amusing that there are some in our Fruited Plains who insist that the Republican Brand is dead or dying, and that the era of Conservatism is over. Nancy Pelosi engineered a takeover of the House by exclusively recruiting, “Blue Dogs,” and targeting Congressional districts where such a ruse was possible. Bill Clinton ran as a Conservative Democrat twice. Even the Bamster moderated his true beliefs when in front of cameras, and further, any who noticed that he was in fact a Marxist was immediately labeled a racist and chided for their political insensitivity. Every two years we go through the same game, where many Democrats campaign somewhere to the right of Barry Goldwater, and once elected fall into the Stalinist line.

Ladies and gentlemen of the political right, our electoral problems are political, and not ideological. Our core beliefs and principles are still in the majority, we just suck really bad at stating those beliefs and principles with anything resembling eloquence. Beyond the spin and messaging, there is no part of the Democrat Brand that Americans in general want for themselves. The good news of course is that politics and messaging are things that can be fixed.

Cross Posted from Musings of a Mad Conservative.

Can You Think Of A Better Way To Destroy America?

by Flyovercountry ( 243 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Progressives at August 5th, 2014 - 9:22 am

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

So this morning, while just beginning to plug back into the world, I noticed that the news reports are focusing in on the effects of severe budget cuts to that one piece of our government the political left is more than willing, we’ll call it down right eager, to cut, our military. Defense spending for those of you who have not read the document, is one of two items of expenditure mentioned specifically within our Constitution. The other is a National Postal Service. Active duty personnel are being delivered their pink slips while in the field overseas. Calling this revelation unprecedented is an understatement. Suicidal, stupid, egregiously self destructive, openly rooting for American defeat, fomenting American defeat, or the even more caustic, a course of action so idiotic that it could only have been born by someone with an Ivy League education leap immediately to mind.

Bear in mind that while this silliness is taking place, our military is refitting, at considerable expense I might add, many of our sea traveling vessels designed for purposes of war to operate on biodiesel. This is a fuel source by the way, that even with heavy subsidy from the Department of Energy, carries a price tag that is roughly 600% higher for our Navy to pay. This undoubtedly is another of those politically correct points of stupidity to help our national defense apparatus fight our real enemy, “Global Warming.” So, I guess we can look forward to any actual people left in our armed forces facing a redeployment literally, to tree hugging duties and other such time and money wasting boondoggles, while the enemies of freedom and civilization run rampant and inflict their caliphate upon a world suddenly devoid of the once formidable protection of a strong and committed United States. Isis, Hamas, Hezbollah, a Nuclear capable Iran, a Taliban ruled Pakistan, Al Qaeda ruling in Libya, the actual invasion of our Southern Border by Mexican Drug Cartels armed via gift from Barack Obama and Eric Holder personally, are all small potatoes, when compared to the unproven claims, (and coincidentally, recently the subject of some more scandalous incidents of data manipulation by the NOAA,) inherent in the global warming scam.

Just when you thought this couldn’t get any more surreal, we get a bipartisan approval of the very same all in one air craft that other armed forces the around the globe passed on, mostly because it’s useless, over a decade ago. We’ll allow the guy who designed one of the truly great fighter jets in world history to tell you why the F-35 is a disaster, and why it is folly for our military to spend one thin dime more on this project. (Yes, Democrats and Republicans alike should be taken to task on this one.)

What we have is a military now that is being literally starved of its most valuable asset, troops to do the work necessary. At the same time that we’ve fired the people necessary for any endeavor to succeed, we’ve been busier than hell spending like idiots on gadgetry and new toys, some of them already proven to be worthless. Technology is great, but only when used properly as a tool in the hands of trained professionals. Barack Obama is decimating our military, and changing its mission from one of national defense to one of environmental radicalism. In this game of national self flagellation however, the United States is not the only citizenry to pay the consequences for our country’s insistence upon twice electing the least qualified person in any room he enters to be our chief executive. The world as a whole is less safe. The removal of our missile defense systems from Europe turned out to be the beginning of long line of national defense blunders, entered into purposefully, so that America and her allies would get their comeuppance. Redeploying our military to be nothing more than the political muscle of Green Peace just turns out to be adding insult to injury. Purchasing the F-35, a jet proven to be less capable of performing any individual task which may be asked of it than the aircraft used by the military during 1950′s, that’s just flipping any who hold our Constitution in any regard the proverbial middle finger. That’s modern liberalism folks, recognize it for what it is.


Hipster Russell Brand goes after Sean Hannity

by Rodan ( 189 Comments › )
Filed under Hamas, Hipsters, Islamists, Progressives at August 1st, 2014 - 9:02 am

People who are jerks tend to go after others who are jerks. Hipster comedian Russell Brand targets the human parrot Sean Hannity over the war in Gaza. Brand who is on record supporting ISIS, now supports Hamas in Gaza. Besides going after Hannity, he trashes Israel.

In my opinion Sean Hannity is a stupid propagandist devoid of any original thought. He regurgitates the daily talking points and contributes nothing to the political discourse. Russel Brand is an evil smug Hipster who openly supports Islamic groups like Hamas and ISIS. I don’t like either one, but in this case I support Hannity because although he is a dumb as rock, at least he is not supportive of Islamists.

You best bet, Russel Brand has a T-Shirt or poster of the Abu Waheeb.

Abu Waheeb

The ISIS fighter has become the new Che Guevara for the Hipster set. These are the type of people Hipsters like Russel Brand support. Too many on the Right still underestimate the power and evil nature of the Hipster movement.


Islam has a 27% approval from Americans

by Rodan ( 104 Comments › )
Filed under Islam, Islamists, Leftist-Islamic Alliance, Progressives at July 31st, 2014 - 2:41 pm

Despite the fact both major parties cater to Islamic interests and no one dares criticize the religion of peace, Americnas have a different view. According to new poll by the Arab American Institute, only 27% of Americans have a favorable view of the followers of Islam.

Since we first began our polling on American attitudes toward Arabs and Muslims in 2010, there has been continued erosion in the favorable ratings given to both communities, posing a threat to the rights of Arab Americans and American Muslims. Favorable attitudes have continued to decline – from 43% in 2010 to 32% in 2014 for Arabs; and from 35% in 2010 to 27% in 2014 for Muslims.
A direct consequence of this disturbing trend is that a significant number of Americans (42%) support the use of profiling by law enforcement against Arab Americans and American Muslims and a growing percentage of Americans say that they lack confidence in the ability of individuals from either community
to perform their duties as Americans should they be appointed to an important government position. 36% of respondents felt that Arab Americans would be influenced by their ethnicity and 42% of respondents felt that American Muslims would be influenced by their religion.
While the persistence of negative Arab and Muslim stereotypes is a factor in shaping attitudes toward both groups, our polling establishes that lack of direct exposure to Arab Americans and American Muslims also plays a role in shaping attitudes. What we find is that Americans who say they know either Arabs or Muslims have significantly higher favorable attitudes toward both (33% higher in both cases)
and also have greater confidence in their ability to serve in important government positions. This is especially true among younger and non-white Americans, greater percentages of whom indicate knowing Arabs and Muslims and having more favorable attitudes toward both communities
Islam is not held in high regard by Americans, yet both parties will continue to kiss the Religion of Peace’s ass.

The Guardian demonizes Colombia

by Rodan ( 46 Comments › )
Filed under Columbia, Conservatism, Marxism, Progressives, The Political Right, Tranzis at July 31st, 2014 - 9:25 am

Colombian Female

The nation of Colombia has been a success story the last 20 years. Starting with the rise of the Rightwing paramilitary United Self Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) that began to push back the Marxist guerrillas the FARC and enabling Alvaro Uribe to win the Presidency in 2002, Colombia has changed for the better. No longer the criminal cesspool it once was, it has become one of the safest nation on Earth now, although in all honesty it is a Rightwing crypto-Police State. This is needed as there are trouble makers in Colombian society who want to disrupt the economic and social progress Colombia has made. Colombia has averaged GDP growth of 4-6% annually, its unemployment rate is at historic lows of 8.8%, compared with 22% a decade ago.

The biggest troublemakers in Colombia are NGOs. These groups try to whip up sentiment against major parties in Colombia, most of whom range from center-right to Nationalist right. In the most recent Colombian election in June, the libertarian leaning ruling party Social National Unity Party faced off against the Russian backed Democratic Center Party which is nationalist and envisions Colombia taking back lost provinces that are now the nations of Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia. The politics of that nation skews to the Right, hence the Leftist NGOs want to change that.

The opening shots of the demonization of Colombia has been taken by the Guardian. This rag which is nothing but a mouthpiece for the Transnational Progressive movement, has an article trashing Colombia. It is whining about the Rightwing death squads and the pockets of poverty left in Colombia. The article advocates that US and UK break relations with Colombia. This would be a huge mistake, as Colombia would quickly align with Putin’s Russia, whom they ideologically are close to.

The Colombian port of Buenaventura is a place of misery and fear. Four-fifths of the mainly black population live in dire poverty and paramilitary gangs exercise a reign of terror. Most of Colombia’s imports come through the port, which is being massively expanded to meet the demands of new free trade agreements.

But there’s no sign of any benefit in Buenaventura’s slums, whose deprivation is reminiscent of the worst of Bangladesh. Most of the city’s population have no sewerage and many no power. Tens of thousands have been forced off their land around the city to make way for corporate “megaprojects”.

Most horrifically, paramilitaries have been dismembering those who cross them with chainsaws in shacks known as chophouses. The police admit a dozen have met these grisly deaths in recent months, but Buenaventura’s bishop says the real figure is far higher.

The government insists the rightwing paramilitary groups that have terrorised Colombia’s opposition have been dissolved. But in Buenaventura, they can be seen openly fraternising with soldiers on the streets, and they even publish their own newspaper.


Colombian officials talk peace and human rights with an evangelical zeal and a dizzying array of flipcharts. But, as one independent report after another confirms, there is a chasm between the spin and life on the ground. Laws are not implemented or abusers prosecuted. Thousands of political prisoners languish in Colombia’s jails. Political, trade union and social movement activists are still routinely jailed or assassinated.

A quarter of a million have died in Colombia’s war, the large majority of them at the hands of the army, police and government-linked paramilitaries. Five million have been forced from their homes. Although the violence is down from its peak, the killing of human rights and union activists has actually increased in the past year.

One of those jailed is the trade union and opposition leader Huber Ballesteros, arrested last year as he was about to travel to Britain to address the Trades Union Congress. Speaking in La Picota prison in Bogotá last week, Ballesteros told me: “There is no democracy in Colombia, we are confronting a dictatorship with a democratic face.”

Seumas Milne is just whining the Colombians do not tolerate Leftist trouble makers. They either jail or put bullets in heads of Leftist filth. I have predicted here on this blog, that an anti-Colombia campaign will begin. The NGOs will begin in social media and Lefty blogs to put sob stories about how mean the Colombians are.

The real reason Colombia will be demonized is becasue it is a Latin America success story. What the anti-Colombian critics will soon realize, that Colombians don’t put up with insults and many of the critics will end up dead.

Colombia is proof that free markets combined with rule of law and National Unity leads to success. Funny, that’s how America used to be before our 2 major parties decided to divide Americans for political purposes! I wish the American Right would support their ideological brethren in Colombia, but I will not hold my breath.


A rational Foreign Policy

by Rodan ( 113 Comments › )
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There was a time when this nation had a rational foreign policy. During the Reagan era the Peace through strength doctrinaire kept America out of war, while defending its interest against Soviet aggression. The result was the collapse of the Soviet Union without a major war. Since then our foreign policy has become deranged.

Starting with the Clinton Administration, the US foreign policy became oriented in the service of Islamic interest. The US/NATO bombed Christian Serb forces in Bosnia to prevent the defeat of Bosnian Muslims and their al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps allies. In 1999 the US/NATO bombed the Serbs again to created an Albanian Muslim Narco-terror state of Kossovo. We did nothing about the slaughter of 2 Million Sudanese Christians and forced Israel to give Southern Lebanon over to Hezbollah. All this, while the very same Islamists we supported were attacking us. The culmination of these attacks was 9/11.

When 9/11 happened, instead of identifying Islamists as our enemy, President Bush praised it as a religion of peace and through the diversity visa program, gave Islamic nations immigrant preferences. We overthrow the Taliban, but replaced it with a Narco-Islamic state that is flooding the world with heroin. In Iraq we decided to overthrow Saddam and yes there was justification for that, but we immediately began building schools and roads, while our soldiers were getting shot. Even worse, we installed a Pro-Iranian Shiite Islamic regime which was ethnically cleansing Christians before the rise of ISIS. The obsession with Islamic democracy and nation building was a geostartegic disaster.

Under the Obama Regime, the foreign policy of this nation became even more deranged. The US/NATO attacked Qaddafi, who after giving up his WMD’s was an ally against Islamists. The result is that the ISIS franchise Ansar al-Sharia now controls the Western 1/3 of Libya and other Islamist Militias are causing havoc. Supporting the Pro-Iranian puppet regime of Malaki resulted in a  Sunni backlash to the rise of ISIS. The same insanity applies with the Obama Regime’s support of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. We  now treat one of our closet allies Israel as the unwanted step child to appease Islamists and the International left.

In the Ukraine which has been part of Russia’s sphere since the 1600′s, the Obama Regime with the backing of elements of the Republican Party supported the European Union’s alliance with Ukrainian Neo-Nazis to overthrow the legally elected governmnet to seize that nation’s resources and confiscate people’s wealth under the guise of the IMF. The result is Russia pushing back by taking Crimea and supporting Rightwing wing Russian militias in the Eastern Ukraine.

Meanwhile, we turned our backs on Christian Conservative and Libertarian anti-Regime protests in Venezuela. The very same Republicans who were pounding their chests like baboons over a confrontation with Russia to help out Euro-Socialists and Neo-Nazis, did nothing to assist their ideological brethren in that South American nation. Standing by the Venezuelan people would have been good PR for Republicans and put Obama in a predicament for going on the record in backing a Marxist dictatorship

Our foreign policy has vacillated between appeasement and nation building. We no longer define what our interest are and pick the wrong causes to get involved in,. What is needed is a return to our traditional foreign policy that rejects nation building and appeasement.

Today there is a torrent of redundant evidence for the Macmillan axiom. When British prime minister Harold Macmillan was asked what caused him the most trouble, he supposedly replied, “Events, dear boy, events.” He certainly used the phrase “the opposition of events.” Events, from Ukraine to Syria to Gaza, are forcing something Americans prefer not to think about, foreign policy, into their political calculations.

Having recoiled from the scandal of the Iraq War, which was begun on the basis of bad intelligence and conducted unintelligently, Americans concluded that their nation no longer has much power, defined as the ability to achieve intended effects. The correct conclusion is that America should intend more achievable effects. 

Obama has given Americans a foreign policy congruent with their post-recoil preferences: America as spectator. Now, however, their sense of national diminishment, and of an increasingly ominous world, may be making them receptive to a middle course between a foreign policy of flaccidity (Obama) and grandiosity (his predecessor).

If so, a Republican presidential aspirant should articulate what George Washington University’s Henry R. Nau calls, in a book with this title, “conservative  internationalism.” This would, he says, include:

the liberal internationalist goal of spreading freedom, but doing so “primarily on the borders of existing freedom, not everywhere in the world at once”;

the realists’ use of “armed diplomacy” against adversaries outside of negotiations; and

the “conservative vision of limited global governance, a decentralized world of democratic civil societies” rather than “one of centralized international institutions as Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt advocated.”


In eleven ruinous years, beginning with the invasion of Iraq, Republicans have forfeited their foreign-policy advantage and Obama has revived suspicions that Democrats are uncomfortable with American power. There is running room for a conservative internationalist. 

The appeasement of the Obama Regime has resulted in failure and help create the chaos we see in the world. However, the calls from some in the Republican Party for more nation building and permanent war is not the answer either. The GOP needs to ditch the Jacobin concept of endless wars and realize that America can’t save everybody. We need to define our sphere of influence, make sure the governments in that sphere are friendly and base our interest on economic needs. A combination of realism and humility but based on strength is the foreign policy that the Republican Party should embrace.



Being ‘hip’ is everything to Progressives

by Rodan ( 217 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Entertainment, Hipsters, Progressives at July 28th, 2014 - 11:00 am

Recently on the show True Blood, there was an episode based on fundraiser for Ted Cruz. Republicans were portrayed in bad light and became objects of ridicule. This is one of the Progressive movement’s most potent weapons, the use of the popular culture to deride their political opponents and define what is cool.

If you took great offense of the recent episode of HBO’s True Blood in which two vampires crashed a Ted Cruz fundraiser — at the Bush Library no less — and said some bad words about Republicans, I have some advice: Lighten up.

The other week I wrote about how the standard conservative critique of the popular culture is just a bit too tightly wound. This minor kerfuffle strikes me as a good illustration of my point.


And that I think is the source of the real problem here. By any objective or commonsense measure, the uptight Republicans slaughtered at the Ted Cruz fundraiser are happier and more productive members of society than virtually every other character in the show. From the sympathetic white-trash werewolves to the corrupt human rabble-rousers, from the vampire aristocrats to the endless string of slatternly young women and men who come and go with regularity, the show focuses on creatures who are, variously, decent-but-doomed, evil, stupid, or morally, spiritually, or intellectually lost.

The one thing these people have going for them? They are cool — at least by the glandular, knee-jerk liberal, fashion-forward, standards of the show’s producers and its niche pay-cable audience. In other words, to the extent the show is politically appealing, it is an irrational hot mess (much like the goo vampires turn into when struck with a wooden stake). It’s like it was written for Bill Maher’s studio audience, a group that doesn’t care about real facts or arguments — they just want to hear how they’re awesome and the people they hate aren’t.


Once you start looking for it, it’s amazing how much liberal commentary — particularly about sex and religion — boils down to a kind of sneering self-satisfaction that liberals are hip and conservatives are squares (just think about how much “analysis” of Obama has been rooted in the assumption he’s cool).

Progressives view themselves as cool and hip. This view is perpetuated by their control over the popular culture and mistakes the Right has done in the culture wars. This episode of True Blood is just a microcosm of the advantages the Left has in defining the political narrative.

How, “Never Again,” Is Much Better Than, “#StopFiringRockets,”

by Flyovercountry ( 185 Comments › )
Filed under Gaza, IDF, Israel, Leftist-Islamic Alliance, Palestinians, Progressives at July 25th, 2014 - 11:00 am

This is one of those instances where I’ll hear someone, or a couple of people, state a Universal truth in such a manner that it makes even better sense to me, and helps me to clarify my perspective. I’ve written before about the sheer idiocy of the, “proportional response,” a term invented by our friends who reside on the left side of the political aisle. This is the concept that says, regardless of the fact that side A initiated the hostilities with an unprovoked act of violence, the response to that attack can only be as heavy, as violent, or as destructive as an arbitrarily agreed upon level, determined by completely biased world observers. So, when Hamas fires 8000 rockets into Israeli residential neighborhoods, the UNHRC has determined that they are allowed to arrest somebody, provided that this somebody, is not an Hamas Leader. Never mind that this is a prescription for eventual suicide by the Israelis, a measure guaranteed to foment their demise, them’s the breaks. On to our video.

There seems to be some confusion in the world over the term, “never again.” Even as a child growing up in the 70′s, one of the few people of Jewish faith to live in West Virginia, I can remember that mantra being recited not only by those of us in the Jewish Community, but by almost all of our Christian neighbors as well. The phrase referred to the Holocaust, an event in history in which a maniacal demagogue attempted and came much too close for comfort in actually succeeding, to completely eradicate from the planet every person of Jewish descent, along with all others he deemed undesirable. 6 Million Jews, and 5 Million assorted others were systematically and efficiently killed by a ruling Socialist government, with no more thought than bureaucratic drones blindly following orders. Almost all of the 11 Million people who perished, did so peaceably, doing what the authorities had told them to do, right up until the bitter end. I have no idea what could possibly have been going through their minds as they followed the program laid out for them, but on some level, there must have been a faith that their fellow man would suddenly rediscover their humanity.

My Brother’s Father in Law is a survivor. The last time he saw his mother, she got into the other line, the one headed for the showers. At his mother’s instructions, he had stood on his toes at the age of 12, so that he would appear tall enough to work. He lost siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grand parents, all so that he could listen to a growing population of morons claim that the whole thing never happened. What’s most ironic about the whole, “it never happened,” mantra of course, is that it is mostly being spread by people who are attempting to do the very same thing today. In case you did not know, or in case you didn’t pay attention to the video, Hamas is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the same fine group that includes a still vibrant Al Qaeda. It also counts CAIR, MSA, ISNA, and several dozen other supposedly moderate groups here in America as members. The Muslim Brotherhood was initially funded by Adolph Hitler, and as a group, has endorsed the genocide of all Jews on the planet since their inception. That has not changed.

The term, “never again,” simply means that we Jews will not go peaceably next time. If you want to kill all of the Jews, you’ll need to take us on fighting next time. And by the way, there always seems to be a next time. I realize that many in the world at large are somewhat confused by this concept, that Jews are not simply willing to be killed en toto. There are many in the world who view any act of self defense on the part of Israelis specifically or Jews generally, as an abridgement of the rules of politically correct moral equivalence. That is simply hard cheese that such people will have to swallow. They can not, nor should they be, helped. This belief that any people any where should just sit back and accept any attack leveled upon them, and answer it with restraint is nothing short of a sickness of the soul. This sickness threatens the very humanity that leftists claim unites us all and is the natural scientifically designated end of our evolutionary path. It is the people leveling those initial acts of aggression that deserve disdain, and quite frankly, deserve what ever response happens to be sent their way. I personally would shed zero tears should all who live in Gaza suddenly find themselves referred to in the past tense.

The term, “never again,” does not refer to the world sitting around a drum circle singing kumbayah. It does not mean that people are really nice now, nicer and more evolved than they were in the 1930′s and 40′s. So nice in fact, they’d never dream of doing the exact thing that they are doing in Israel today, which is attempting a genocide.

By the way, Israel left Gaza about a decade ago, so now what happens in Gaza, how its economy performs, how its people are fed, how their health care system works, all of it is Gaza’s and Hamas’ own doing. Yet the only thing Gaza and Hamas seem to feel worthy of their effort and resources is firing attacks against it neighbor, a neighbor by the way that boasts the highest per capita GDP in the region. A per capita GDP that dwarfs its closes competitor, and would love nothing more than a viable economic trading partner who would rather see goods and services crossing the border in place of rockets and troops. Hamas however is not interested in such trite details as the well being of her own people. The Muslim God has a blood lust, and to fully awaken this beast, they must finish the final solution their hero started 80 years ago.

Some of you out there may be saying to yourselves, “whew, I’m not Jewish, so I have nothing to worry about.” Unfortunately for you, we’re just where this blood lust starts, you’re where it all ends. The Caliphate can’t happen, the Twelfth Imam can not appear until all of the world’s Jews are dead. The role of the Twelfth Imam of course will be to rid the world of what ever remains that isn’t Muslim, and that doesn’t sound like much fun either.

Cross Posted from Musings of a Mad Conservative.