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SOTU 2016 Open

by coldwarrior ( 130 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Open thread at January 12th, 2016 - 5:50 pm

The unqualified racial hire who ran the company into the ground speaks to the shareholders tonight, So what is the over/under on the use of I/me/my?


Remember, you are not allowed to disparage or disrespect the racial hire in any way or you WILL be sent to HR for retraining!

Looking back, the numbers aren’t pretty. From 2009 through 2015, Grabien counts 140 promises that remain unfulfilled.

We should note that many of these promises are duplicated from one year to another. For example, almost every year he has pledged to pass comprehensive immigration reform, overhaul corporate taxes, reduce regulations, and close Guantanamo Bay.

Don’t have time to read all 140? Here are some of the most notable:

  • Curing cancer (promised 2009, 2010, 2015)
  • Freezing government spending for three years (2010) and five years (2011)
  • Colonizing outer space (2015)
  • Going “line by line” through the budget, eliminating needless programs (2009, 2010)
  • Inventing “material thinner than paper but stronger than steel” (2014)
  • Passing health reform that will let Americans keep their insurance (2010)
  • Converting sunlight into liquid fuel (2015)
  • Passing comprehensive immigration reform (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Closing Gitmo (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (2014)
  • Passing a law that will prevent mass shootings (2014)
  • Keeping earlier promises he’s already made (2013)

The full list is below (at the above link).



Something a wise man said…And Open Thread

by coldwarrior ( 233 Comments › )
Filed under Elections, Open thread, Politics, Progressives, RINOcracy at January 7th, 2016 - 6:00 am

My Dad is quite the political insight. He called the Obama Presidency in 2004, out loud…’that guy will be the president next time’. This was after seeing 0 make his speechifying at the DNC convention. He also called the Clinton win in 1992, and the self-destruction of Santorum here in PA years before it occurred. His political acumen is quite impressive.

He said something about Trump a few months ago…’My Goodness…they did this same shit to Reagan in 79, Trump must be scaring the hell out of ’em’. He was referring to the Left AND the Right’s attacks on Reagan.

Now comes this article months after the observation, submitted with neutrality and hoping for a civil discussion:

Trump on the Path of Reagan
The former president was considered a joke candidate — until he wasn’t; Trump is following the Gipper stride for stride

by Craig Shirley

The liberal intelligentsia has never understood him.

On the other hand, the liberal intelligentsia has never understood American conservatism, either. Both have been rudely attacked over the years by the Left, unwilling to engage in straightforward debate.

They called him a wild man and irresponsible and a lightweight. They called him a racist. They questioned his understanding of Washington and of domestic policy. They mocked him when he had the courage to call out the enemies of America. Didn’t he know our enemies just wanted jobs and a better environment, and they’d give up their evil ways?

They even mocked his hair. He had a beautiful wife, but the liberal elites loathed her as just some fashion maven, and not a true feminist.

He challenged the status quo, and they hated him for it. He spoke of the future, and they despised him for it. The commentariat must control all things including the bureaucracy and the story line. To take it away is a threat and any threat must be eliminated.

Of the harsh and personal attacks, one could be referring to Donald Trump, but in fact it is former President Ronald Reagan of which I speak (although it hardly matters). Even in death, a neocon with the American Enterprise Institute said harshly that Reagan was “caught in a sort of amber.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

The New York Times wrote in 1980 that the Republican Party’s platform of the era looked as if it has “been written by a Klansman.” This is the way liberals often work. It is right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook. Don’t engage. Instead, attack and mock. Don’t ever grant legitimacy to the opposing viewpoint. The Post’s token Republican, Michael Gerson, who never met a Tea Party member he liked, has written that conservatives should stop being so negative. Huh?

If you constantly point out the need for ever more government to fix the imagined ills of society, then is not the Establishment Chicken Littles’ who are negative? To celebrate freedom and reject collectivism is positive. One might even say “enlightened.”

Reagan, of course, was not alone. Other conservatives were also derided and scorned. During the 1964 campaign, a group of psychiatrists signed full-page newspaper ads claiming Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater was mentally unstable. In the 1950s, liberal writer Lionel Trilling mocked the conservative philosophy as just a “rash of irritable metal gestures.”

Even in death, the Left brutally attacked Reagan. The Washington Post set the tone and others followed. During the week of his funeral, everything from his economic policy, to his college football career to his marriage were questioned and criticized. Even the day he left office in January 1989, the Post editorially admitted they were “emphatically among” his worst critics.

They brutally attacked his movie career, and Post columnist Harold Meyerson said Reagan had “revived” class warfare, but it was Reagan himself who went out of his way to oppose the notion of class or economic warfare. He said, “Since when do we in America accept this alien and discredited theory of social and class warfare. Since when do we in America endorse the politics of envy and division?”

Still, the Post and the Times had to sometimes take a backseat to the three television networks’ ceaseless pounding of Reagan.

“Another favorite NBC theme in reporting on Reagan relies on his actor’s past. Thus Chris Wallace reported of Reagan’s campaigning, ‘It was a day filled with stagecraft,’ as if Reagan were the first candidate to practice that particular art. A month later, Wallace reported that Reagan ‘put on a Hollywood production today,’ and, near the end of his report, took a shot at the candidate’s age by saying he ‘finally got a friendly reception — at a retirement village.’”

This was written by Tom Shales, a columnist for the Washington Post. It was a pretty low bar to be defended by the Post, and attacked by the Post. But Shales was unique among Post writers, never joining the liberal Establishment, a courageous columnist.

More typically, reliable and applauded Post liberal writer E.J. Dionne recently made derisive references to “The Rush Limbaugh-Ted Cruz Permanent Revolution Complex …” as if it was a bad thing. The Post wrote approvingly of how former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in 2008 was pushing the GOP away from Reaganism to, what, Bushism?

On this, both Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz can depend: The liberal elites will always attack, mostly unjustly. The radical chic will always personalize politics — and will always make personal remarks about politics.

A prominent liberal writer recently penned that conservatism was dead, but maybe it is corrupt Republicanism, corrupt liberalism, and corrupt Establishmentarianism that are dead. American conservatism — based on personal freedom, personal ethics — is doing just fine.

Trump is learning conservatism as he goes along. Cruz is marinated in conservatism. As one Reaganite said, “The church ain’t just for the saints; sinners are welcomed, too.”

And so, too, are converts.

Craig Shirley is the author of several Reagan biographies. His latest book is “Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan.”

The Left is, In Fact, A Collective Moron; Update Female shooter pledged to ISIS

by coldwarrior ( 167 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Islam, Leftist-Islamic Alliance, Multiculturalism, Open thread, Terrorism at December 4th, 2015 - 4:29 am

They aren’t Morons, really. They know exactly what they are doing.


Giuliani: Anyone Who Thinks Shooting Wasn’t Terror Is ‘a Moron’


The California massacre at a county complex was unquestionably “an act of terror” – and any law enforcement official who thinks otherwise is a “moron,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says.

In an interview on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Giuliani, who was mayor at the time of the 9/11 attack on New York City, said the only question was the motivation for the Wednesday slaying of 14 people at a health department complex in San Bernardino, Calif.
“The question here is not, is it an act of terror? We’re beyond that,” he said.

“When you’ve got two assault weapons, two handguns, you’re in body armor, you got a home that’s booby-trapped, you’ve been practicing to do this….”

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, presumably his wife, shot up a conference room where Farook’s employer, the county health department, was hosting a holiday party on Wednesday, killing 14 people.

“Sure it may have been motivated by some argument in a party,” Giuliani said, noting officials have said Farook left the party angry before returning on a murderous rampage.

“This is pre-meditated,” Giuliani said. “If you can’t come to a conclusion at this point that this was an act of terror, you should find something else to do for a living than being in law enforcement. I mean, you’re a moron.”

“This is an act of terror without any question.”

Giuliani said the motivation is less clear, whether the slayings were part of an ISIS “plot, some other plot, homegrown jihadism or just insanity.”
But he noted Farook’s behavior, including traveling to Saudi Arabia to bring home a bride, is “encouraged by the Islamic State.”

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/rudy-giuliani-san-bernardino-shooting-california-terrorism/2015/12/03/id/704440/#ixzz3tLH9OTp5

Rudy gives us the definition, the Dems provides the proof:


(CNSNews.com) – In a statement made from the Oval Office this morning, President Barack Obama told the nation that it “is possible” that the mass murder in San Bernardino on Wednesday was “terrorist-related” but that it also could have been “workplace-related.”

Later in his statement, he suggested it might have been a mix of both.

“We don’t know at this point the extent of their plans,” Obama said of the killers. “We do not know their motivations.”

“It is possible that this was terrorist-related, but we don’t know,” Obama said. “It’s also possible that this was workplace-related.”

…My Muslim Faith…he said.

Phantom Ace Update:

The female shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS.

One of the two people accused of killing 14 at a holiday party in California apparently pledged allegiance to a leader of Islamic State militant group, two U.S. government sources said on Friday.

Tashfeen Malik, 27, and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, were killed in a shootout with police hours after the Wednesday massacre at the Inland Regional Center social services agency in San Bernardino, about 60 miles (100 km) east of Los Angeles. The attack was the deadliest mass shooting the United States has experienced in three years.

U.S. investigators are evaluating evidence that Malik, a Pakistani native who had been living in Saudi Arabia when she married Farook, had pledged allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, two U.S. officials told Reuters. They said the finding, if confirmed, could be a “game changer” in the investigation.

Pakistani intelligence officials have contacted Malik’s family in her homeland as part of the investigation, a family member said.


TACO Tuesday – #EffUMizzou

by Carolina Girl ( 201 Comments › )
Filed under Censorship, Democratic Party, Hipsters, History, Marxism, Progressives at November 17th, 2015 - 11:00 am

Angry taco

[I apologize in advance for the use of vulgar, but in this case necessary, language.]

So, the precious kumquats at Mizzou and other campuses are upset that terrorists attacking Paris have taken the “spotlight” off their hurt feelings and need for safe “spaces”. How dare the media turn away from the horror of a poop swastika and instead focus on the blood flowing on the streets of Paris. Someone has been mean to us! Don’t you care? And look at Amherst! Why, those poor little rich kids – why, they have to endure a football mascot dressed as an American Revolutionary War hero! WHY, oh Lord, WHY? Besides, all those people who were murdered in Paris were White! And as we all know, only #BlackLivesMatter.

So these irrelevant little douchebags, not satisfied with making themselves look petty and ridiculous, decided to go for all the gusto and created a NEW hashtag, lest we forget just who the real victims are here: #fuckparis. No, seriously, they actually are using that in their tweets. What’s worse is that when taken to task for this, they double down with the “white privilege” argument.

Oh shut the hell up.

I’m old enough to have watched the Civil Rights movement in the South up close and personal. I was fortunate enough to have a mother – a white, conservative REPUBLICAN woman from New England, who gathered us to listen to the “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King at the foot of the memorial to the President who kept the Union together, at a very high price, paid on both sides of the conflict. I learned that #BlackLivesMatter watching a nasty piece of work turn fire hoses and attack dogs on children and protesters. I don’t need you clowns to tell me how it was. When I walked to school, I didn’t understand why my friend went left and I went right at the intersection. I’ve seen the Gorgon of racism – REAL racism. And you want to tell ME that my “white privilege” doesn’t allow me to understand the significance of your hurt feelings and fear?

Oh shut the hell up.

Fear? Do you want to talk about FEAR? There was a time when Blacks were afraid to even register to vote, were afraid to congregate, were afraid to look at a white person for too long a period of time. Yes, it was ugly and from this ugliness a great man arose. Who took America by the hand, untied the blindfold and said “Do you see? This is still a part of your country. You’re good people. You can’t let this go on.” And he walked, and he defied unjust laws and got arrested. And he did so with dignity. And people from all over the country came to help. White people linked arms with Black people and said “we are with you.” And some of those White people died for it. And it culminated in one of the most moving speeches in history that told us, indeed #AllLivesMatter. I try to think how The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King would have reacted had the media stopped covering his march in Selma to put the spotlight on a tragedy such as Paris. He would not have stomped his feet and acted like a five-year-old denied a cookie. He would have found the nearest house of worship and offered prayers for the victims. If no church was available he would have done it where he stood. You snots took to Twitter and whined because someone turned off the cameras.

Oh shut the hell up.

The civil rights movement I remember had Dr. King, Ralph Abernathy, Cecil Williams, Thurgood Marshall – who eloquently stated the truth of the situation, at great peril to themselves. You have DeRay McKesson, a garden-variety attention whore, who stokes the flames of dissent and runs away to the next location. And frankly, the last hit by Snoop Dog was more articulate than anything this guy has to say.

And all of you combined don’t equal the courage of one Medgar Evers.

And I’m sure this will all be branded as racist, vile, and I’m Bull Connor in a skirt. Say what you want, I know the truth of how I feel and who I am. But frankly, your hashtag and behavior in light of the real deaths of real people in Paris, who were in their “safe spaces” asking nothing, harming no one, really, really, pissed me the hell off.

So I invented a hashtag of my own.