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Public disapproves of Karl Rove’s questioning of Hillary’s health

by Phantom Ace ( 2 Comments › )
Filed under Democratic Party, Headlines, Hillary Clinton, Polls, Republican Party at May 28th, 2014 - 8:28 pm

When Karl Rove questioned Hillary’s health, the media and the popular culture went after pig vomit brutally. In one of the most vicious campaigns, Rove was destroyed for raising questions about Hillary. The result is the public supports Hillary against Rove’s accusations.

Two-thirds of Americans in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll disapprove of the Republican strategist raising questions about Clinton’s age and health in advance of her potential presidential run. The lopsided negative reaction to Rove’s commentary — just 26 percent approve of his topic of criticism — includes majorities of every age group as well as Democrats and independents. Republicans split evenly on the issue, with 45 percent approving and 46 percent disapproving of Rove broaching the issue.

This coordinated attack on Rove and the subsequent damage should send a shiver down the spine of anyone who opposes Hillary. This was a taste of what is to come against anyone opposing Hillary. The Media and the Popular Culture are powerful weapons for the Left.

58% of Americans support Marijuana Legalization

by Phantom Ace ( 1 Comment › )
Filed under Democratic Party, Headlines, Libertarianism, Polls, Republican Party at October 22nd, 2013 - 11:41 pm

A new survey by Gallup shows that 58% of Americans support legalizing Marijuana.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — For marijuana advocates, the last 12 months have been a period of unprecedented success as Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational use of marijuana. And now for the first time, a clear majority of Americans (58%) say the drug should be legalized. This is in sharp contrast to the time Gallup first asked the question in 1969, when only 12% favored legalization

The ban on Marijuana is a relic of segregation. The Democrats banned it in the 1930’s because of the racial mixing that was going on in the Jazz scene, where weed smoking was a big element.

The Republican Party should be in the forefront of marijuana legalization. Sadly, the Utopian Nanny State wing will silence any Republican who supports Marijuana legalization with cries of RINO! This will intimidate many Republican politicians who normally would support legalization.

The Democrats being politically more astute, will support legalization of weed. The real reason they will get behind this is for another revenue stream into the government. But with help of the media, they will be portray as fighting for individual liberty. They will use this issue to beat Republicans over the head as scolds.

Republicans have a golden opportunity to be on the popular side on an issue for once.

(Hat Tip :Coldwarrior)

A Respectful Rebuttal

by Mars ( 125 Comments › )
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Friday we were presented with this article.  I had already been involved with some research related to this so I decided it was necessary to point out the areas that this belief is wrong and that we are actually involved in the battle we should be.


Goldwaterite is a good friend and I have nothing but respect for him.  However, in this case he is severely wrong.  The evidence out there does not back up his claims.  The idea that we should have fought the debt ceiling and allowed Obamacare to go on unfought is not only wrong but dangerously so.  It also highly overestimates the interest the public has in the debt ceiling.   He put out numbers that 60 – 80 some percent of the public opposed the debt ceiling hike.  Well, in order to make the article fair I searched for these numbers in order to put them here and compare to the other information I have found.  I was not able to find that information.  Here are the numbers I was able to find on the debt ceiling.  These numbers are recent and represent the true level of apathy the American public has toward this issue.  In fact in past debt ceiling arguments the Republicans have been viewed as the bad guys and have failed to let the public know what the entire argument is about.

Another Terrifying Debt Ceiling Poll Shows How Republicans Are Willing To Go Nuclear
Brett LoGiurato Oct. 2, 2013, 9:42 AM 2,982 29

Another poll — this time from CNN/ORC — shows that Republicans are pretty OK with the possibility of breaching the debt ceiling.

According to the poll, 52% of Republicans would consider it a “good thing” if the debt ceiling is not raised, compared with 40% who said it would be a “bad thing.”

Overall, 56% of Americans said this would be a bad thing, and 38% said it would be a good thing. On Tuesday night, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew sent a letter to Congressional leaders notifying them that the Treasury was using its “final extraordinary measures” before an Oct. 17 deadline.

In the CNN/ORC poll, the possibility of breaching the debt ceiling is described as one in which the “government will not have enough money to pay all of its debts and keep all existing government programs running.”

This aligns with a recent Washington Post/ABC poll, which found that Republicans split 25-61 against raising the debt ceiling.

The poll showed that overall, voters believe that by a 46-43 margin, Congress should raise the nation’s debt limit before a mid-October deadline — perhaps underestimating the consequences of the last near-crisis.

In that poll, however, a vast majority of Republicans — and the vast majority of Americans overall — said that not raising the debt ceiling would “cause serious harm” to the U.S. economy. By a 66-27 split, Republicans are aware that failure to lift the nation’s borrowing limit could inflict serious consequences. Overall, 73% of Americans believe it will cause serious harm.

According to the CNN/ORC poll, Republicans would take the brunt of the blame from a public that, overall, thinks it would be a bad thing if the debt limit is not raised. 53% of respondents said they would blame Congressional Republicans, while 31% would blame President Barack Obama.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/debt-ceiling-poll-republicans-gop-government-shutdown-2013-10#ixzz2gnQycpHO

This was two days ago. The closest I could find to support Goldwaterites argument is this article from September 13th.

NBC/WSJ poll shows 2:1 opposition to raising the debt ceiling
posted at 8:41 am on September 13, 2013 by Ed Morrissey

The polling news hasn’t improved much for Barack Obama, even without a military attack on Syria in the offing. A new poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal shows Americans lining up 2:1 against the debt-ceiling increase Obama needs, and his credibility dropping on a wide range of issues:

Americans overwhelmingly do not think Congress should raise the nation’s debt limit as President Barack Obama and Congress prepare once again to wage battle over the issue, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

By a 44-22 percent margin, Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling, which again puts the president in the difficult position of needing to make the case for an unpopular policy with a deadline quickly approaching.

The poll results come as the U.S. Treasury Department says the country will reach its debt limit by mid-October. The Bipartisan Policy Center estimates the limit will be reached by Oct. 18, and the U.S. could default by Nov. 5.

“People’s first instinct is how fed up they are with Washington and spending,” said Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted the poll with Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart. “This is a very difficult issue in terms of public opinion.”

The NBC report also notes that the last time we had a showdown over the debt ceiling, the debate started with similar numbers — 39/28 against raising the debt limit. After a month had passed, that flipped to 31/38, after a few weeks of being a front-burner issue. This still leaves Democrats with a big problem, though, because they planned to use Republican opposition to a debt-ceiling increase as an argument for GOP irresponsibility. Harry Reid has already taken a break from his “OMG Assad is HITLER!” screechifying to call Republicans “anarchists” for that opposition, but that’s a big word to toss around when only 22% of the voters are in your corner. Republicans won’t refuse to raise the debt ceiling — they’d need a balanced budget for that, and we’re years away from one in anyone’s best plan — but the public sentiment gives them a lot more leverage to gain painful concessions from Obama before approving it.

Now keep in mind that the best they could state was a 2:1 belief. Now here is the numbers of people opposing Obamacare.

Why America still hates Obamacare

Three years after becoming law, Obamacare remains unpopular by a majority of voters. Theories abound as to why. The answer is simple. Photo: The People’s Cube
Friday, October 4, 2013 – The Tygrrrr Express by Eric Golub
Eric Golub

LOS ANGELES, October 4, 2013—The government shutdown is a direct conflict over the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. Republicans want to fund the entire government except for this program. Democrats are willing to keep the entire government shut down rather than see Obamacare defunded.

Three years after passage, Obamacare remains a program reviled on the right.

Why? Why does this particular program enrage conservatives?

Some have advanced the racial motive. This theory is poisonous, and nobody advancing it deserves to have their views heard in any serious forum. Obamacare objections are policy based. President Obama is being treated exactly as John Kerry, Al Gore or Hillary Clinton would be advancing the same policy.

Others insist the breadth of hatred is overstated. Polls consistently show a majority of Americans against Obamacare. Not one poll ever gave Obamacare majority support. Yet many liberals insist the polls are misleading. Liberals claim that many people oppose Obamacare for not going far enough to a direct Canadian-style single-payer system. No evidence corroborates this assertion. Hardened opposition remains on the right.

Some claim the problem is one of marketing. Powerful right-wing forces funded by subversives from the Koch Brothers to Ronald Reagan’s ghost are spending money to defeat Obamacare.

Participation in the political process remains legal, and Obama has the world’s most powerful advertising agency. The White House bully pulpit is unmatched in its powerful ability to sell, market and advertise programs. Obama spent months speaking about his program before it was enacted. To this day he touts it as successful. The left claims (incorrectly) that Obama won reelection because of this program. It would be contradictory to say he successfully sold himself to voters based on this program and then turn around and criticize his salesmanship of Obamacare as insufficient.

Obama won reelection in spite of Obamacare. He ran from it, not on it. Trailing by four points after a disastrous first debate, he rebounded through a combination of hardball politics (demonizing Mitt Romney as a felon and murderer), a lapdog media (Candy Crowley rescuing him in the second debate) and incredibly good luck (a hurricane the week before the election). Obamacare was an albatross that cost him plenty of votes, just not enough to lose.

Obamacare is hated not because of racism, bad marketing, or poor salesmanship. It is hated because the product is defective. Critics hated it because of what they thought it would be. They still hate it because they are convinced their concerns have been proven right.

The Tea Party formed specifically to oppose Obamacare. Republican Scott Brown was elected in ultra-liberal Massachusetts specifically due to his opposing Obamacare. The Republicans now had 41 votes to filibuster and block the bill from becoming law. Rather than accept defeat, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi resorted to barely legal and ethically questionable parliamentary maneuvers to pass it under “reconciliation,” which required only 51 Senate votes instead of 60. The House then “deemed” the Senate bill passed without having to go to a conference committee. If President George W. Bush had tried this with a Republican Congress, liberals would have gone ballistic. A liberal Congress did, and the right went ballistic. It was dirty pool, an ends justify the means approach.

The 2010 elections were a referendum on Obamacare, and Obama took a “shellacking.” Yet he persisted. Democrats could have passed popular piecemeal programs such as portability and preexisting conditions legislation. They could have done a truly bipartisan bill with Republican ideas such as legal reform and selling across state lines. Obama’s hyper-partisan approach was to say “I won.”

Once the bill became law, promises Obama made were proven false. “If you like your doctor or your plan, you can keep it.” This is not true. People are currently receiving cancellation letters. Obama promised reduced costs, but it is impossible to give more of something to more people and have it cost less.

The individual mandate has the right in a frenzy. If the government can make people buy a product, where does the line stop?

Then there is the alleged corruption from inception to completion. Passing it required the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback. Now there are the waivers for Obama’s union allies. Members of Congress and their staff have waivers. Business was given a one year delay. This violates the basic notion of fairness Obama keeps talking about.

The idea of the IRS administering the law scares the daylights out of conservatives, especially in light of IRS abuses targeting conservatives for working within the political process to oppose it. Obama’s use of the full weight of his government to attack large swaths of citizens only deepened their mistrust and hardened their opposition. His attacking these people personally made it impossible for him to gain support when he needed it.

The program has been besieged by what the administration called “glitches.” Yet the administration had three years to prepare for implementation. This only validates those who believe government is a lumbering bureaucracy incapable of doing critical functions properly.

Obama promised to reduce costs, cover more people, and provide better care to a country where 85% of people had healthcare and were satisfied with it. He still does not cover the remaining 15%. Costs are rising for more people than are seeing reductions. Many businesses are reducing employees from 40 hours per week to 28 to avoid the mandate of covering any employee working 30 hours weekly. Other companies are just canceling insurance for all of their employees. Obamacare supporters have no answer to this problem.

Obamacare is a bad law. It was described deceitfully, enacted into law dishonestly, implemented inefficiently, and affecting far too many people adversely.

The bad outweighs the good, which is why a majority of people detest it.

Obamacare’s problem is Obamacare.

Poll: Obamacare remains highly unpopular as implementation looms
By Mark Murray, Senior Political Editor, NBC News

A large number of Americans continue to adamantly oppose the nation’s new health-care law and believe it will produce damaging results, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Forty-four percent of respondents call the health-care law a bad idea, while 31 percent believe it’s a good idea — virtually unchanged from July’s NBC/WSJ survey.

By a 45 percent to 23 percent margin, Americans say it will have a negative impact on the country’s health-care system rather than a positive one.

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Attendees cheer at the Tea Party Patriots ‘Exempt America from Obamacare’ rally on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, September 10, 2013.

And 30 percent of respondents think it will have a negative impact on their families. Just 12 percent think it will be positive and a majority — 53 percent — don’t believe it will have an impact one way or another.

Responses to an open-ended question in the poll about the law are especially revealing, showing little has changed in the public’s perception as the Obama administration races to meet implementation deadlines next month.

“We’re going to get worse health care, and it’s going to increase the debt,” said one Republican-leaning female from North Carolina. “There are death panels in there, and they’re going to decide whether people get treatment or not.”

Others remain confused about what’s in it. “I don’t know personally how it’s going to affect me,” said another GOP-leaning opponent of the law from Ohio.


Keep in mind this article is from the same period as the debt ceiling numbers that Goldwaterite promotes. The numbers on Obamacare are far more devastating than those on the debt ceiling.

Other reasons that this is the battle that needed to be fought right now are because the battle started just before Obamacare went into full implementation on October 1st this put it fresh in the minds of the public and kept their attention. Next, people were already beginning to feel the pain from Obamacare and its mandates. Next, while the government has been “shutdown” it has little to no effect on peoples everyday lives and most people are beginning to see that. The same can be said for the debt ceiling but that is in a more negative way, people see that whether the debt ceiling is increased or not has not effect, so it doesn’t make any sense to them on why it matters. Also, the longer this is going on the more obstructionist Obama and the Dems look. It’s getting harder for the media to run interference for them when there is more and more video of them stating that they won’t work with the Republicans on even simple common sense partial funding bills. Harry Reid saying that kids with cancer don’t really matter to him is a killer. The longer this goes on the worse they are going to look. People are getting tired of hearing the Republicans called “terrorists”, “arsonists”, and “anarchists”. As long as the Republicans continue to act with civility and appear to be the party offering options they can win this in the long run. Holding back the fight until after the October 1st implementation would have insured the fight would never be fought. Just like Obama demanding a clean bill be put forward, when, exactly, would the battle be taken back up if that was done? The answer is never as long as Obama is President.

And for any people still doubting that this is having an effect in the PR war I have an interesting little local news article that won’t be carried on any national media outlets. The Park Service just informed the MT Honor Flight vets that contrary to what they said on the 1st, the vets will be allowed access to the WW2 Memorial. This just came over my local radio an hour ago.

Oh and things like this don’t look good for Reid and cronies.

The Park Service appears to be closing streets on mere whim and caprice. The rangers even closed the parking lot at Mount Vernon, where the plantation home of George Washington is a favorite tourist destination. That was after they barred the new World War II Memorial on the Mall to veterans of World War II. But the government does not own Mount Vernon; it is privately owned by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. The ladies bought it years ago to preserve it as a national memorial. The feds closed access to the parking lots this week, even though the lots are jointly owned with the Mount Vernon ladies. The rangers are from the government, and they’re only here to help.

“It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/oct/3/pruden-the-cheap-tricks-of-the-game/#ixzz2gnWys0Xc
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The public is beginning to understand the games the dems play. Now if the Republicans can get out there and get the message to the LIV, this game is over. The public has a short memory but most are realizing that the sequester, that Obama wanted but claimed was the end of the world, has had no effect on their lives, the same thing is coming out over the shutdown. The rhetoric from the left is getting harsher and more difficult for people to believe. I even had a democrat tell me yesterday that the meeting Obama wanted with the leaders of both parties would never be a negotiation, just a lecture. And she was angry about it. Even a democrat wanted Obama to negotiate so they could “get those poor federal workers back on the job.”

If this isn’t the right battle at the right time, then nothing is. The only question is do the Republicans have the spine to keep it going or are they going to grab at a desperate way out?

Interesting Reuters Poll on race relations

by Phantom Ace Comments Off on Interesting Reuters Poll on race relations
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This poll by Reuters has a very interesting results on race relations in this country.

(Reuters) – About 40 percent of white Americans and about 25 percent of non-white Americans are surrounded exclusively by friends of their own race, according to an ongoing Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The figures highlight how segregated the United States remains in the wake of a debate on race sparked by last month’s acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting of unarmed black Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. President Barack Obama weighed in after the verdict, calling for Americans to do some “soul searching” on whether they harbor racial prejudice.

There are regions and groups where mixing with people of other races is more common, especially in the Hispanic community where only a tenth do not have friends of a different race. About half of Hispanics who have a spouse or partner are in a relationship with non-Hispanics, compared to one tenth of whites and blacks in relationships.

Looking at a broader circle of acquaintances to include coworkers as well as friends and relatives, 30 percent of Americans are not mixing with others of a different race, the poll showed.

The finding that 1/2 of Hispanics are married or in relationships with with non Hispanics does not shock me at all. All of my Hispanic freinds (male and female) are married to or dating Non Hispanics. Italians (cultural/ethnic cousins), Greeks, East Europeans, Irish, Jews and Arab Christians tend to be the groups Hispanics intermarry with the most. Contrary to what Progressives, La Raza and some Conservatives claim, Hispanic is NOT a race, so there is not stigma to marrying non Hispanics.

As to the other findings about many Americans not having friends of other races, I believe that is due to where you live and not racism. Sadly the spin on this poll will be that a huge amount of Americans are racists. That is not what this poll’s results are showing.

There will always be racism and bigoty becasue that is human nature. What is important is that there are no laws discriminating due to a persons race.