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Trump Signs Loyalty Pledge

by coldwarrior ( 135 Comments › )
Filed under Donald Trump, Elections 2016, Open thread, Politics, Republican Party at September 3rd, 2015 - 4:08 pm

The Politburo of the Grand Old Party has received the undying and ever strong loyalty of Donald Trump.


The Glorious Party is surely the keeper and protector of the Motherland! All Hail the Party!


Donald Trump said Thursday that he signed a pledge to not run as an independent candidate if he did not win the Republican Party’s nomination.

“I have signed the pledge,” the leading candidate said at a news conference at Trump Tower in New York City. He had just met with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. “I will be totally pledging allegiance to the Republican Party and the conservative principles for which it stands.

“We will fight hard and we will win,” Trump said.

The billionaire businessman said commended Priebus for treating him fairly since he announced his candidacy in June.

“He’s been extremely fair,” Trump said. “The RNC has been absolutely terrific over the last two-month period, and as you know that’s what I’ve wanted. I have wanted fairness.

“I don’t have to be treated any differently than anybody else,” he added. “I just wanted fairness from the Republican Party.”

Trump said that he got “absolutely nothing” for signing the pledge, “other than the assurance I would be treated fairly and I’ve seen that over the last two months.

“They really have been very fair.”

He said he would honor the pledge. “I have no intention of changing my mind.”

“I see no circumstances under which I would tear up that pledge,” he later added.

Now the apparatchiks and word-stringers will move the goal posts.



I’m Confused.

by coldwarrior ( 183 Comments › )
Filed under Barry Goldwater, Donald Trump, Economy, Elections 2016, government, immigration, Military, Open thread, Patriotism, Politics, The Political Right at August 31st, 2015 - 7:00 am

I actively read all of the negative punditry from the ‘righty’ chattering class and statements made by our ‘righty’ politicians, and I have noticed two negative themes that they use against Trump and his supporters. I find these very sly and interesting, and I find these suppositions to be very incorrect and frankly insulting:

1: Free trade is a pillar of conservatism. Is it? Since when? Since when is it even remotely conservative to willingly look the other way while your trade partners cheat and send good middle class jobs out of the country forever? Since when is it conservative to actively regulate to run billion dollar account deficits? For that matter, since when is it conservative to massively expand government and run up debt that equals 100% of gdp? Since when is it conservative to agree to regulations and policies that keep wages stagnant for almost 30 years?

The GOP needs to jettison the so called Chamber of Commerce, a once truly capitalist group, but now a group that fights for more regulation and immigration / free trade treaty crutches instead of doing the real capitalism of hard work and innovation and productivity. Lowering wages only goes so far, sending jobs overseas only goes so far then the system comes unglued at home becasue short term gain costs in the long run. Their talking points will risk losing the newly won middle class. Free trade is not a pillar of conservatism. Fair trade is. When we compete, we win.

I wonder what would happen if the University of Dehli set up a Law School and H1B’s became available to the new grads? I wonder what would happen if we outsourced the chattering class?

2: Nationalism is a bad thing and never a conservative position. Really? Since when  it it not conservative to put America’s interests first ahead of the other countries and groups in the world? Since when is it conservative to be in never ending wars to ‘spread democracy’ where we send the middle class kids off to die while the political and chattering class kids go to university? Since when is it not conservative to enforce the laws and control the border? Why is it not conservative to be a nationalist?


How the HELL did we get to the point where putting America’s interests first became a bad thing?


Tho GOP and the chattering classes are reaping what they sewed. And it would be very nice to see them ‘unemployed’.


*A word from Dorian on the same subject*

Trump Lives Rent Free in Some Really Big Heads.

by coldwarrior ( 76 Comments › )
Filed under Donald Trump, Elections 2016, Open thread, Politics, Republican Party at August 25th, 2015 - 8:00 am

I had just birdied #1 at my country club. Not bad after a night shift. But I was nagged by something. I walked over to the pro tees  at #2, the hardest hole on the course.

This hole is torture unless you hit a perfect tee shot down the right side over or under  the enormous ancient oak that blocks the right fairway 200 yds from the pro tees because the fairway slopes to the left.. Go left and you are in the old oaks and blocked. After a very rare PERFECT tee shot on #2, and i do mean rare. The nagging morphed into a pondering of why the previously intelligent, level headed, rarely wrong and often brilliant ‘adults in the room’ such as  Will, Krauthammer, and the entire NRO staff have become  the keyboard version of the obnoxious phony-tough kid on the playground who calls everyone names but when confronted runs to teacher. They have evolved into writers unbecoming. I was also pondering a difficult up hill 125 yard wedge shot that would run away from right to left. The greens at this hundred plus year old masterpiece are stupid fast. But I digress.

In short, why is it that Donald Trump lives rent free in their heads? Why is it they have devoted so much print and words to one man and his supporters. I have never seen these guys go after the left or Obama in the way that they have gone after Trump and those who agree with his message. Odd that they would save their poison pen for someone and some people on their own side. Clown, Blowhard, Ego-Maniac, Racist…many adjectives. You get the picture.

They have twisted themselves in intellectual knots to degrade and dismiss Trump and his supporters: He is really a Democrat running in the GOP (or going 3rd party)  at the behest of the Clintons. His supporters are simply angry children who can’t make up their minds like adults. Trump is nothing more than a billionaire version of Putin who wants to own America. The market crash is Trumps fault…Et Cetera.

George Will basically said that it is OK for illegals to break the law and stay here, the real conservative position is to ignore the illegal immigration problem because there are so many.  Since when is obeying and enforcing the law not the conservative position? Krauhammer wondered out loud why we are wasting so much ink on Trump…ummm….well, you are one of the main culprits, doc. Navel-gaze much?

I could go on with more examples of vitriol and temper tantrum from the chattering class on the issue of Trump, but yinz have read it all yinz selves over the past month or two. Which brings me back to the opening question: Why is it that Donald Trump lives rent free in their heads?

Well, on the approach shot to #2 green it hit me. The 48 Vokey is enough if I don’t get it fat. The Titleist V1 will spin in and grip without release so the run away left of the hole is taken out of the equation. Spin much? A Titleist V1 hit well with a Vokey Wedge sure does, so do the chattering classes.  The chattering class hates Trump so much because he is a real threat to their existence. These guys spin words together, that is their only skill and only product. They only write for a small percentage of the public to start with, so their limited skill set and market makes their grasp on money and a comfy lifestyle in the I95 corridor tentative even in good times. So they must protect their turf and sell strings of words to eat. Trump is leading a good percentage of their customers away because for Trump and his supporters, the chattering class are dunsel at the least or part of the problem at the worst.

The thing that drives them nuts about Donald Trump is that he is so wealthy, and such a natural leader,  that he does not need them, or need the ruling elite, or need the lobbyists and this is driving them CRAZY! He does not need the chummy structure in place in DC that runs the GOP or runs the Dems for that matter. If he wins, that entire ball of corruption and power brokering comes unwound because he is completely independent of them and may do whatever a newly elected independent Executive wants to do with this failing company. The ponzi scheme is over.  When you are not needed, you lose power and lose money and lose your job.

The chattering class sees Trump as a terrible threat. If Trump does not need them, and he gains more and more supporters, a good percentage of the customers who buy their word-strings will realize that they don’t need the chattering class face of the ruling elite.  This would cause much consternation and problems to maintain the ‘writer/columnist’ lifestyle.

So, the guys like Will, Krauthammer, and the Ghost of NRO are just protecting their turf on the playground. They are trying to protect their jobs. That is fine by me, sometimes you have to fight for your dinner. It’s a shame they don’t go after the Dems the same way that go after Donald Trump and his supporters. Maybe they don’t see the Dems as a threat? Or Worse, they see Trumps supporters as the real threat. The Vokey was hit almost perfect. The ball ended up less than 3 feet from the hole. I birdied the par 4 #2 for only the second time of my membership, at best calculation: 2/500 rounds.

(Started birdie/birdie/par/….ended up with a real, all strokes counted 82, and this is one of the most difficult courses in the area)

Discuss and be nice. Please.

What Exactly Has Donald Trump Tapped Into?

by Flyovercountry ( 27 Comments › )
Filed under Donald Trump, Special Report at August 8th, 2015 - 5:27 pm

Trump has definitely tapped into something. I personally don’t believe it to be healthy for the GOP, Americans in General, or the World specifically. But then again, I don’t rule the Universe. So for now anyhow, this anger will have to run its course. Here is the best Trump analysis of the several dozen I’ve read so far. I compared him to Obiwan, but maybe Emperor Trumpatine might be a better play on that pop culture reference.

Fiorina smashes Chris Matthews

by Husky Lover ( 6 Comments › )
Filed under Elections 2016, Headlines, Politics, Republican Party at August 7th, 2015 - 1:48 pm

Kudos to Carly Fiorina to putting Chris Matthews in his place.

This is how you handle the media.

GOP 2016 Prez Debate #1

by coldwarrior ( 207 Comments › )
Filed under Donald Trump, Elections 2016, Open thread, Politics, Republican Party at August 6th, 2015 - 8:00 pm

LLLLLLLeeettssssss get ready to rrrrrruuummmmmmble!

In this corner is the current heavyweight champ, Donald ‘The Donald’ Trump. In all the other corners are the mob of challengers, pretenders, wanna-bees, and also rans….


Well, it’s silly season already. Debate #1 in Cleveland is upon us. Trump has a commanding lead early in this race. Like him or not, right now this is his race to lose. The verbal sparing stars at 2100 Eastern.


Early Predictions? anyone….


Grab a glass of wine and maybe some tasty tapas…(See if yinz can guess whats on at Chez de Coldwarrior tonight? 😆 )



Trump-a-palooza In Phoenix!

by The Osprey ( 84 Comments › )
Filed under Business, Elections 2016, Free Speech, immigration, Immigration, Media, Patriotism, Politics, Racism, Republican Party, RINOcracy at July 12th, 2015 - 3:39 pm

In the wake of his controversial, some say “RAAAAACIST™” comments decrying illegal immigration, Donald Trump has become a lightening rod in the Republican Party, who has RINOS everywhere scurrying for cover. Nowhere was that more apparent than here in Arizona, where the staunchly conservative Maricopa County Republican Committee, against the wishes of the RINOfied State GOP leadership, invited Trump to speak. The usual suspect RINOs such as John “My Friends” McCain rushed to disavow any connection with Trump, while the popular and controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio made clear his support for Trump’s opposition to illegal immigration, although he has not endorsed him as a candidate.

I got a text from PHXGirl on Friday that Trump was coming to AZ, and as of noon on Saturday, when he was due to appear in the Phoenix Convention Center at 2:00PM, over 9000 invites had been given out via EventBrite. Due to some personal commitments I got to the convention center late, at around 2:21, but the line of people waiting to get in to hear “The Donald” speak stretched around the south, east and north side of the Phoenix Convention Center North complex.

And of course, the opposition was there as well, on the Southwest corner of the building there was a small knot of Anglo Leftist hipster teenagers and LaRazanistas, including an odd looking hipster chick who was selling “Joe Arpaio Voodoo Dolls”. At that point I was figuring out how to get into the event so I hurriedly transited through the south end of the building to the southeast corner outside patio, and missed the opportunity to snap a pic of hipster chick.

As the line of people moved along the east side of the building, a security guard with a walkie-talkie informed us that the ballroom where Trump was speaking was full, that the fire marshall and decided not to allow any more people in for safety reasons. As we turned the corner to the north side of the building, there were the largest group of the protestors, again a mixed crew of Anglo Leftists and LaRaza types. The protestors were on the North side of Monroe street, making a racket with the typical stale old Lefty “hey hey, ho ho, (fill in the blank here – in this case Trump and Arpaio) has got to go!” chant and blasting noisy freon horns. A police street barricade fence was down the middle on the closed street, and on the south side of Monroe in the shade of the portico of the building were those of us who were still trying to get in to the event and a line of Phoenix PD with riot gear at the ready. The crowd of protestors was small compared to the amount of people wanting to hear Trump, maybe a few hundred at the most but they were noisy and aggressive. Several people from the Trump side tried to engage in polite dialog with them but were shouted down.

The pro-Trump crowd was predominantly White and middle-class looking, but there were at least as many non-Whites mixed in among the pro-Trump crowd as there were protestors, but they were more varied. There were Hispanics, Blacks and Asians among the pro-Trump crowd, while the protestors were exclusively Anglo and Hispanic.

As it became clear to me that I was not going to be able to get into the event, I decided to “Zombie” style, take pics of the “rojos”, as I had not seen this many Leftists out on the streets of Phoenix since the AB1070 protests a few years ago.

This fellow says Trump is a “Tyrannical Racist Unscrupulous Monster Pig!” and a Confederate Flag fan to boot! OMG! And here I thought he was a damnyankee from New York City!

Trump confed

These two vatos locos in the bandanas were screaming obscenities at the pro-Trump crowd…”Trump you can suck my…” well, you get the picture. Curious about the red and blue bandanas…Sureños y Norteños unidad contra “El Donald”?

Vatos 1

Vatos 2

Mexico? It’s about 200 miles south, sweetie.

Mexican flag

Hipsters against Trump!


Phoenix’s finest keep a watchful eye on los rojos.


Trump owns Dell Computers now?


The ginger-haired guy with the glasses in the blue shirt with his back to the camera was trying to dialogue with the protestor blond haired woman in front of him. He was so soft-spoken I could not hear what he was saying, I’m guessing it had something to do with the military since the woman kept shouting that she was Mexican and her son was in the USMC. And your point is? If you are here legally and your son is serving in the Marines, then you are not the problem Trump is talking about!

ginger guy

Trump supporters hoping to get in and Phoenix PD
trump supporters and phx pd

Devo fans for Trump!


Donald Trump: Bringing more cowbell to the GOP!


Rumsfeld: Democracy in Iraq was a mistake

by Husky Lover ( 7 Comments › )
Filed under George W. Bush, Iraq, Progressives, Special Report, Tranzis at June 10th, 2015 - 8:47 am

Although the Iraq War was justified as is any war against any Islamic entity is, the aftermath was just plain stupid. In a bout of Naivete the Bush administration led by Wilsonian Progressives actually believed that Iraqis wanted Democracy. As it turned out, the Shias wanted an Iranian puppet regime and the Sunnis eventually threw in with the Islamic State. Donald Rumsfeld admits trying to install democracy in Iraq was a mistake.

Washington (CNN)Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld insisted in an interview with CNN Tuesday that his recent comments about being skeptical about creating a democracy in Iraq did not contradict his previous positions about the Iraq War.

Rumsfeld also called the Times of London’s report over the weekend — which suggested his views were critical of his old boss, President George W. Bush — “ridiculous.”

“When we went in (to Iraq), my view — and I thought it was a broadly held view — was that the goal was to have Saddam Hussein not be there, and to have what replaced Saddam Hussein be a government that would not have weapons of mass destruction, that would not invade its neighbors, and that would be reasonably respectful of diverse ethnic groups — meaning the Sunni, the Shia, the Kurds,” Rumsfeld told CNN in a phone interview Tuesday afternoon. “And that was kind of the understanding I had and I thought everyone had.”

In a story titled “Bush was wrong on Iraq, says Rumsfeld,” Rumsfeld told The Times that “the idea that we could fashion a democracy in Iraq seemed to me unrealistic. I was concerned about it when I first heard those words … I’m not one who thinks that our particular template of democracy is appropriate for other countries at every moment of their histories.”


Rumsfeld, who served as Bush’s defense secretary from 2001 to 2006, also told The Times that removing former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi was a mistake because it destabilized the region.

Sadly many in both parties particularly the GOP think imposing Democracy should be done at all costs.

I would have said something entirely different

by coldwarrior ( 289 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread, Republican Party at April 15th, 2015 - 7:00 am

This is about handling the press, not about who is the best candidate. They all need to learn:

And it’s a fill in the blank, see below:

The Press is a hostile entity and should be treated as such. Rubio was being nice, but he missed an opportunity to slap Stephanopoulos:

“I think this country’s at a generational moment where it needs to decide not what party it wants in charge but what kind of country are we going to want to be moving forward,” Rubio said. “I think the 21st century can be the American century, and I believe that I can lead this country in that direction. I can help lead it there from the Senate. I can lead it there as president.”

Stephanopoulos asked if the first-term senator was the most qualified to be president, to which Rubio replied he “absolutely” thought so.

“We’ve reached a moment now, not just in my career, but the history of our country, where I believe that it needs a Republican Party that is new and vibrant, that understands the future, has an agenda for that future,” Rubio said, “and I feel uniquely qualified to offer that. And that’s why I’m running for president.”

OK, stock answer. Here is how I would have handled this:


“I think this country’s at a generational moment where it needs to decide not what party it wants in charge but what kind of country are we going to want to be moving forward,” Rubio said. “I think the 21st century can be the American century, and I believe that I can lead this country in that direction. I can help lead it there from the Senate. I can lead it there as president.”

Stephanopoulos asked if the first-term senator was the most qualified to be president, to which Rubio replied: “What an intersting and provocative question Goeroge, Yes, I am qualified. And I wonder, George, why you guys in the press never asked that amazingly insightful question question of Obama? I’ll wait for your answer George…*long uncomfortable pause*(One would have to see how George answered, possible responses are below)

Ok, well, let me help you George, Most of the Press in this country are a bunch of ______________ . Furthermore, ___________________ .

“We’ve reached a moment now, not just in my career, but the history of our country, where I believe that it needs a Republican Party that is new and vibrant, that understands the future, has an agenda for that future,” Rubio said, “and I feel uniquely qualified to offer that. And that’s why I’m running for president.”

Being nice to the press just invites them to be more hostile toward the Right. When will the Right learn that lesson? Maybe take the offensive instead? Change the dynamic for a change, get inside their OODA loops and humiliate them.

What would yinz have like to said to Stephy?

2015 NRA Annual Meetings

by lobo91 ( 4 Comments › )
Filed under Conservatism, Elections 2016, Headlines, Politics, Republican Party, Second Amendment at April 11th, 2015 - 6:00 pm

It’s that time again. This year’s NRA Annual Meetings are being held in Nashville, and as usual, a record crowd is on hand to see the latest in guns and outdoor gear, conduct some business, and hear from a number of leaders on the right side of the political spectrum.

The main venue for political speeches is the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum on Friday afternoon, and this year was no different. Follow the links below to see each of the main speakers (in no particular order):

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Bobby Jindal

Former Governor Rick Perry

Sen. Marco Rubio

Sen. Lindsey Graham

Sen. Ted Cruz

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee

Former Gov. Jeb Bush

Former Sen. Rick Santorum

Sen. Bob Corker

Sheriff David Clarke

Donald Trump

S.E. Cupp

Dr. Ben Carson

Wayne LaPierre

Chris Cox

Larry Potterfield