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Coming Soon: IS Defense! OOT

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Cut to the chase…watch this trailer:

More info here. Available on Steam gaming platform (and yes, there IS a Mac OS X Client!)

СНЯТЬ KEБАБ! Open Thread!
Many Thanks to The Osprey!

islam Strikes Brussels

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The truth about the Dark Ages: Islam was the culprit

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Roman Army 600 AD

(Christian Roman Army 600 AD.)

Yes, you are reading that correctly. The Christian Roman Empire and it’s Army existed in 600 AD. One of the biggest lies taught in American schools is that Germanic barbarians invaded the Roman Empire and destroyed it in 476 AD and that these same barbarians then caused the Dark Ages since they destroyed all the Roman infrastructure. This version of history is a total lie invented by British historians in the 1700’s. The truth is that it was the jihad of the 7th century that destroyed the Classical Greco-Roman civilization.

The Barbarian invasions are not a clear cut event as taught. Groups such as the Goths and Franks were not invaders of the Roman Empire, on the congtrary they served in the Roman legions and adopted the Latin language as theirs. The Franks defended Rome’s Rhine frontier around what is now Belgium.


In fact, the founder of the post-Roman Frankish Kingdom in Gaul; Clovis was himself a Roman official. The Gallo-Roman nobles kept their lands and power under the Frankish Kings and they were the backbone of that regime. Roman civilization continued in Gaul until the mid 7th Century.

The Goths who have been demonized actually were the keepers and defenders of the Roman flame, before their migration into the Roman Empire, the occupied Dacia (Romania) as a vassal state of the Emperor. When the Asiatic Huns invaded their lands, they fled into the Roman Empire because they were part of the Roman military as the first line of defense. Yes they fought the Romans at Adrianople, but that was due to mistreatment by the Romans.

Adrianople(Battle of Adrianople)

As you see from the above illustration, the Goths wore the same Armour and used the same tactics as the Romans. That is because they were part of the Roman Army and guarded the Danube frontier in Dacia. Alaric who sacked Rome in 401 AD, was a Roman general who did so because he wanted his men who were Roman soldiers to get land and he wanted a promotion. After his death the Visigoths were given Aquitaine (in what is now Southwestern France) and Spain, were they drove out a real invading tribe; the Vandals into North Africa.

At the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains in central Gaul, when the Huns a Asiatic tribe had the Roman Empire at its throat, the Goths and Franks as Roman soldiers defended the Empire and won. Here is an excerpt I took from a book on this battle.

Gothic Cavalry Gothic Cavalry2

As you see the alleged Barbarian Visigoths now based in Aquitaine and Spain were the cavalry arm of the Roman Army. They even were clean shaven like the Romans and spoke Latin, not a Germanic language. In the 500’s the Gothic Kings governed their Regnum Hispania (Kingdom of Spain) as Viceroys for the Emperor in Constantinople. In Spanish history, they are called the Gothic Monarchs and per official documents from that time period, they named their Kingdom: Hispania(Spain) and all people within it both Gothic and Roman were known Hispani (Spanish). All official documents in Gothic Spain were dated on how the Emperor in Constantinople was. In other words, Spain was a vassal/client state of the still existing Roman Empire.

The below video shows hos the Gothic Monarchs kept Roman civilization going in Spain. At 1:50 into the video, you will see the Gothic Monarchs did frescoes and dressed Roman style.

After this evidence, it is clear the Franks and Goths were not Barbarians. They were an immigrant groups within the Roman Empire who composed much of the army. They ruled their regions as Roman officals and promoted Roman culture.

One of the real invaders of the Empire were the Vandals. They eventually took over Roman Africa with Carthage as their capital and ruled there until 533, when the Roman Army under Belisarius crushed them. The Vandals were not exterminated, the survivors were incorporated into the Roman army and Vandal officials were turned into Roman officials.

Other invaders were the Anglo-Saxons, who after a century of warfare with the remnants of the Roman Army led by Romano-Briton leaders such as Aurelius Ambrosius and the legendary Artorious were victorious in the 570’s. The remnants of the Romano-Britons were pushed into what is now Wales and they lost their Latin identity and adopted a Celtic one.

The Lombards occupied parts of Italy after the death of Justinian and pushed the Romans to coastal enclaves such as Ravenna, Genoa, Rome, Naples and Venice. After the initial invasion in 568, the Lombards quickly adopted the Latin language and the Roman culture. To this day, Northern Italy is called Lombardy.

As you see it was not the barbarians who destroyed Roman civilization. Here is map of the Mediterranean in 600 AD.

Roman Empire 600AD

Therefore Rome did not fall in 476 AD as is claimed. The Roman Empire or as it was officially known in Latin: Imperium Romanorum or in Greek: Basileum un Rhomoi still existed. Yes the office of Western Emperor was ended by Odoacer, who was a Roman general. The Empire survive in the east with Greek as it’s official tongue and under Justinian in the 500’s retook Italy and North Africa. The Spanish and Franks were Latin speaking vassals/allied states of the Empire. Roman Civilization was intact in 600 AD. But this was about to change so that by late 650 AD, the Classical civilization of the Mediterranean was dead and the Dark Ages started.

The Arab Muslims with their destructive Jihadi wars destroyed this civilization. 2 events weakened the Classical Greco-Roman civilization. First was the Plague of Justinian, which was the 1st manifestation of the Black Death and left a manpower shortage in the Roman Empire. Second was the final Roman-Persian war which left both Empires weakened and open to the Jihadist assault.

Dr. Bill Warner who holds a PhD in Physics and math using data of the time period, proves via scientific methods that Islam not the alleged barbarians destroyed the Classical Greco-Roman civilization of the Mediterranean region.

We have been lied to as who was responsible for the Dark Ages. It was the Islamic Jihadis who destroyed that great and beautiful civilization and knocked what as left of the Christian world into a Dark Age that lasted from 650-950 AD.

4 books on this subject are:

Mohammed and Charlamagne by Henri Pirenne.

Holy Warriors: Islam and the Demise of Classical Civilization by John J O’Neil.

Barbarian Migrations and the Roman West, 376-568 by Guy Halsall.

Justinian’s Flea: The First Great Plague and the End of the Roman Empire by William Rosen.

Robert Spencer has also written about this in many of his books.

Islam is not a civilization, it is an anti-civilization that preys on what it conquers. It is a black hole for human thought, innovation and most importantly for the human spirit.

Consider this fact – all the great cities mentioned in the New Testament (the Gospels, the Acts, and the Epistles)  such as Jerusalem, Tyre, Ephesus, Tarsus, Damascus, Palmyra,  Antioch, Berytus (Beirut), Alexandria,  Edessa, and Aleppo were  all Christian in the 7th century until the Islamic imperialists conquered them. Yet somehow the Crusaders are the historical villains.

Update: Here is map of the Islamic destruction of the Classical world.


Pope and Patriarch To Meet

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This is a very very good sign:


Unprecedented: Pope Francis, Russian Patriarch Kirill to meet in Cuba to heal 1,000yr rift

Pope Francis (L), Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. © Reuters / Sputnik
The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, is to meet his Roman Catholic counterpart, Pope Francis, during a historic visit to Latin America. The groundbreaking meeting is to happen in mid-February in Cuba.

The meeting between heads the two major Christian churches would be an unprecedented move to mend a millennium-long rift between the Western and Eastern branches of the religion, which started with the Great Schism of 1054.

The upcoming meeting confirms Russia’s status in the Christian world, according to Alexandr Avdeev Russia’s ambassador to the Holy See.  “In light of the Western sanctions, the meeting between the two celebrants is a confirmation of Russia’s role in Christian civilization,” he told TASS.

Persecution of Christians in the modern world is the main issue for the two leaders to discuss, the Russian Orthodox Church said. Christians are among the minorities suffering at the hands of groups adhering to radical Islamist ideology in places like Iraq, Syria and Somalia.

In addition to Cuba, Patriarch Kirill’s Latin American tour from February 11-22 includes Paraguay, Chile and Brazil. The meeting with Pope Francis will happen on February 12.

Pope Francis. © Tony Gentile

“The intersection of the routes allowed this meeting to be organized,” commented Metropolitan Hilarion, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church’s Foreign Relations Department.

“The situation in the Middle East, in northern and central Africa and in some other regions where extremists are perpetrating genocide of Christians, requires immediate action and even closer cooperation between Christian churches.

“In the current tragic situation, we need to put aside internal disagreements and join efforts to save Christianity in the regions where it is subjected to most severe persecution,” he said.

Sergey Brun from the Museum of Russian Icons told RT that the meeting could signal a possible warming of relations between Russia and the West.

“It is a sign that the relations are going to get warmer at least between one of the parts of the Orthodox church, namely the Russian Orthodox church, and the church of Rome…I hope it will positively influence the dialogue between Russia and the West.”

The pontiff will make a stop in Cuba on his way to Mexico.

The meeting has been in preparation for two decades and both Moscow and the Vatican agreed that some neutral country would be most suited for it. Austria and Hungary were among those considered, but Cuba was eventually chosen. The Patriarch and the Pope are expected to sign a joint declaration after the talks.

The Holy See called the upcoming meeting a “sign of good faith” and called on all Christians “to pray to God to bless the meeting,” the Vatican said in a statement.

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. © Sergey Pyatakov

For the Russian Orthodox Church the meeting will be the biggest foreign affairs event since reuniting in 2007 with the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia after a 90-year split.

The Great Schism formalized the break of communion between the Latin and Greek parts of Christianity after years of accumulating differences over theology, jurisdiction and ritual. The division endured over centuries, with mutual anathemas declared by the Pope and the Patriarch of what was then Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1054 nullified only in 1965.