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Friday Night Osombie Review OOT

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I admit it…I’m a sucker for Zombie flicks! Ever since its release two years ago I’ve been wanting for the price to come down to the El Cheapo bin at Walmart. Well it did…but it’s over at Amazon.com of course!
The movie I’m referring to is the Indie film Osombie. Yes that’s right, Osama bin Laden is a Zombie. Here’s the rundown.
Dusty is a yoga instructor whose brother, Derek, disappeared somewhere in Afghanistan. She goes there to try and find him, and in so doing, joins up with a NATO Special Forces unit which hunts down Zombie Insurgents right from the get-go.
In the opening six-minute segment shown last October, Osama had the stuff to make them, and had been doing so when he was killed by the Navy SEALS. He emerged from the Arabian Sea and found his way back to his favorite hell-hole, and began to make more and more Zombies…many of them willing to die and come back to torment the living…all in the name of Jihad, you understand.
As in other Zombie Apocalypse films, The US Government is to blame for distributing a once-”harmless” chemical compound to other, much more nefarious characters, who then proceed to mix other chemicals into the “Godsmack”, turning it into a Zombie-making substance. References are made to “Bill Bonaparte,” “both George Bonapartes” and “Barack Bonaparte,” (which has a nice ring to it!) so you get the idea.

Lots of Head Shots, lots of biting uninfected characters, and in one fun scene, the kitana-wielding Tomboy slices, dices and chops in two one Zombie head in a great mid-air maneuver! It kinda made the ending somewhat anti-climatic. But no matter. Osombie is a fun, popcorn-munching weekend matinee. NOT RATED. I give it 3 stars out of 5.
Finally, this movie inspired me to tweet the following meme:

And with all that said…yes, it’s another edition of The Overnight Open Thread!

How Hamas uses deadly force to rig foreign press coverage in their favor

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(h/t: Gramfan)

CAMERA asks: Why Almost No Photos or Videos of Hamas?
(h/t: Blazing Cat Fur)

Here’s why:

Andrew Bolt: Foreign Press Association (finally) attacks Hamas for threatening journalists in Gaza

Finally a belated admission from the Foreign Press Association of the way Hamas terrorists manipulated a largely cowed foreign media:

The FPA protests in the strongest terms the blatant, incessant, forceful and unorthodox methods employed by the Hamas authorities and their representatives against visiting international journalists in Gaza over the past month.

The international media are not advocacy organisations and cannot be prevented from reporting by means of threats or pressure, thereby denying their readers and viewers an objective picture from the ground.

In several cases, foreign reporters working in Gaza have been harassed, threatened or questioned over stories or information they have reported through their news media or by means of social media.

We are also aware that Hamas is trying to put in place a “vetting” procedure that would, in effect, allow for the blacklisting of specific journalists. Such a procedure is vehemently opposed by the FPA.

Why have almost none of the journalists embedded in Hamas territory said this much in their reports?

It worked:

A foreign correspondent, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Yedioth Aharonoth’s Daniel Batini (August 7, 2014) that “First, Hamas said its spokesmen could only be interviewed in the courtyard of the Al-Shifa’a Hospital in Gaza City. That meant there were long lines of correspondents waiting for interviews, and as a result they watched the bleeding wounded arriving at the hospital for treatment. That [system] created exactly the impression Hamas wanted, of an immediate emergency situation and a human and humanitarian catastrophe.Second, Hamas never allowed foreign correspondents access to military sites attacked by Israel, whether they were bases, rocket launching sites or other targets. The organization’s dead and wounded operatives were not photographed and therefore, from a media point of view, they do not exist. All that serves Hamas’ objective of representing all the casualties as civilians. Third, it was obvious that Hamas was firing rockets from civilian areas, but Hamas operatives forbid camera teams from filming them, because they did not want to reveal the tactic or the locations of the launch sites.”

More here.

More from Andrew Bolt:


The Islamic State is bleeding Hezbollah

by Rodan ( 1 Comment › )
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Hezbollah has lowered its fighting age to 16. They are running low on the amount of Lebanese Shia men 18 and that can join their ranks. The Islamic State’s guerrilla war in the Qalamoun Mountains is bleeding Hezbollah.

Lebanon’s militant Shiite Hezbollah organization has begun sending fighters as young as 16 to the battlefields of Syria, an indication that the Shiite army is being stretched between fighting Sunni jihadis in Syria and a desire to keep a cutting edge in reserve for a possible future showdown with Israel.

Until now, Hezbollah had required fighters to be at least 18 years of age. The lowering of the age restriction could indicate that the Iran-backed party is feeling hard pressed as its cadres fight from Aleppo in north Syria to Deraa Province in the south, as well as dispatching advisers and trainers to the new battlegrounds of Iraq.


Hezbollah had spearheaded a campaign between last November and early April to drive rebels from Qalamoun. But the renewed fighting sucked Hezbollah back into the area, and fighting has spilled across the border into Lebanon, where Hezbollah is battling a few thousand determined Syrian and Lebanese Sunni fighters drawn from an array of factions, including IS and Jabhat al-Nusra, Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate.

Hezbollah’s adversaries have put up a stiff fight in the mountains east of the Shiite villages of Nahle and Younine, the Sunni town of Arsal, a bedrock of support for the Syrian rebels, and the Christian village of Ras Baalbek.


Hezbollah generally does not disclose details of its fighting in Syria, but some of the mourners at the funeral provided an account of the battle, offering a rare insight into the intense fighting experienced by the cadres.

The 40-strong Haret Hreik unit was deployed onto a hill east of Nahle after another Hezbollah squad had seized it from Syrian militants. However, the Syrian militants used the rugged terrain to approach the Hezbollah men and launch a counterattack at close range. The Haret Hreik unit belatedly realized that they were ill-prepared. They had deployed with insufficient ammunition and the batteries on their walkie-talkies died so they could not call for back-up. And they didn’t have a single pair of binoculars to look for snipers.

The fighting raged for five hours against a Sunni force estimated at 250 fighters. One of the Hezbollah men, a grizzled veteran of Lebanon’s 1975-1990 civil war, said it was the most intense combat he had ever experienced.

“They were only 10 meters from us, yelling ‘we are coming to kill you, O Rafideen’,” said the Hezbollah veteran, using a slur for Shiites popular with Sunni jihadis. He requested anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Hezbollah has an into a more ruthless enemy.


ISIS exterminates the Yazidi people – as we watch

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(h/t: Gramfan)

Iraqi Yazidi MP Breaks Down in Parliament: ISIL is Exterminating my People

Published on Aug 5, 2014 by Eretz Zen
Iraqi Kurdish MP from the ancient Yazidi faith, Vian Dakhil, gave a very emotional appeal in the Iraqi Parliament while in tears to rescue the Yazidis of Iraq from being exterminated by the Wahhabi terrorist group, the Islamic State, which is formerly known as the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL).

She states that 500 Yazidi men have been slaughtered by ISIL and that Yazidi women are being taken as slaves and sold in the slave market. She also mentions that ISIL is besieging the Sinjar Mountain, where 30,000 Yazidi families reside, while depriving them of food and water.

The Yazidis are a Kurdish ethno-religious community, representing an ancient religion that is linked to Zoroastrianism. They live primarily in the Nineveh province of northern Iraq.

Source: al-Aalam

Iraqis stranded on mountain under threat of death from Isis jihadists – video

Published on Aug 6, 2014 by GuardNews2x6
Thousands of Yazidi, one of Iraq’s oldest minorities, are stranded on a Mount Sinjar in north Iraq as Isis militants surround them below. The Kurdish minority Yazidis have long been persecuted by Sunni jihadists, who have targeted them since the US invasion. At least 500 Yazidis, including 40 children, have been killed in the past week and many more have received direct threats.

Andrew Bolt has more:


Can the Obama administration really keep ignoring the havoc it let loose by pulling out too soon from Iraq?

The U.S. military is considering launching airstrikes and dropping emergency relief supplies into Iraq to aid members of a religious minority driven into the mountains last weekend by Sunni extremist militants who now are imperiling other areas in northern Iraq, U.S. defense officials said…

[Islamic State] extremists took over Sinjar, a Kurdish-controlled town with a large population of Yazidis, a Kurdish-speaking group that follows a pre-Islamic religion.

The advancing militants killed many of the Yazidis who remained in the town, part of a pattern by extremists of stamping out non-Islamic religious observation…

United Nations groups have estimated as many as 40,000 Yazidis have fled to the mountains without food or water. Many refugee children are reported to have died, and there is a critical shortage of food and water for the Yazidis hiding in the mountains.

Then there are Iraq’s Christians:

Christians from the town of Qaraqosh were fleeing today after it was taken by fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) on Wednesday night…

Qaraqosh, a Christian village of 50,000 people… had been cut off from water and electricity ever since Isis took Mosul…

On Wednesday night, … overstretched Kurdish Peshmerga forces left their posts and the town, as well as a string of neighbouring Christian villages, fell to Isis.

Under Isis rule, Christians face a stark choice: convert or die. “I was given three days to decide whether to become Muslim, pay jizya – a special tax imposed on Christians under Islamic rule – or leave,” says Khalil Touma, a 43-year-old driver from Mosul… In the last month, every other Iraqi Christian has also left Mosul, which was once home to a Christian population of 60,000.

Will our own church leaders agitate for the thousands of Christians being killed as they agitated for the residents of terrorist-led Gaza?

Also see:


Why have some Latin American governments turned against Israel?

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(h/t: Gramfan)

American Thinker: The spin of things to come

By Mike Konrad

Five Latin American nations pulled their ambassadors from Israel over the recent Gaza war. Fear not for Latin America. Rather, fear is what is coming to the United States.

El Salvador recalled its Israeli ambassador from Tel Aviv on Wednesday to protest the military operation in Gaza, making it the fifth Latin American country to do so.

Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru have already recalled their ambassadors. - Haaretz

Why? Latin Culture is based on the Reconquista; the war against Islam. Why on earth would they support Islamist Hamas?

Two of the five nations stand out: Chile, and El Salvador. Both have elite, very influential Palestinian populations. Chile and El Salvador might have been expected to do something.

Or maybe not?

The Palestinians in Chile and El Salvador are almost all Christian. Yes, El Salvador had a Palestinian president, Antonio Saca, but he was an Evangelical Christian. How on earth are these nations supporting an Islamist regime like Hamas in Gaza?

Moreover, there is a massive pro-Zionist Evangelical revival in Latin America, especially strong in Guatemala, Chile, and Brazil.  Guatemala is 40% Protestant; Chile 15%, and Brazil 22%. What on earth is happening?

Even the history flabbergasts us. Arab-Latins fled Muslims.

There was an enormous flight to Latin America from the Mideast after a series of genocidal anti-Christian pogroms occurred in Syria and Lebanon from 1840-60. By 1890, floods of Arabs went to South America. Over 80% of all Arabs who immigrated were Christian. Those few Muslims who did arrive either converted or married into Christianity.

Some 40% of all Arab-Argentines have one Muslim ancestor, yet only 10% or less of Arab-Argentines are Muslim. Conversion, until recently, was the norm. In other countries, almost no Muslims arrived at all. Chile’s Palestinian Arabs are 99.1% Christian. Though Muslims have recently started to arrive and set up mosques in Chile, there still may be less than 10 mosques in the whole country.Yet, small though they are, they are at the center of smuggling in Iquique, Chile, a major Pacific seaport.

Christian Arabs rose to be elites in South Americ;a; captains of industry, bankers. They have their own Arab Ethnic TV internet network. They have massive power, far above their numbers.

“The Palestinian community is to Chile what the Jewish community is to the US,” – Gabriel Zalisnak, Chilean Jewish leader - Haaretz

One would expect the Arabs to take pride in their Arab power, but why would these Arab Christians support an Islamic revolt, just because their ancestors shared a geographic connection with the Muslims? American Jews never supported the Nazis, even if their ancestors came from Germany. Yet, Arab-Latins are supporting the very same people who slaughtered their ancestors, and who persecute Christians in Gaza, today. Christian Arab-Latins now support Hamas. They have forgotten their own history.

Most of these Arab-Latins are third- and fourth-generation Latino. The majority are intermarried with Spanish-, Indio-, Italian-, French-, or German-Latins. Yet, now, they’re suddenly deciding to rediscover long lost Arab roots and learn the forgotten Arabic of their ancestors! How many Scottish-Americans do you know who are interested in learning Highland Gaelic? Or Shetland Norse?

Even more incomprehensible, depending on the country, roughly half of Arab-Latinos are Maronite Lebanese Catholics, who have no historic animus towards Israel at all; and who have every reason to hate Islam. Palestinians are strong only in Chile, El Salvador, and Honduras. So how did the moderate Maronite voice get drowned out, and the Palestinian voice gain supremacy?

There are four reasons:

1) There is almost no strong Jewish lobby anywhere in South America, except possibly Argentina. There is no equivalent of an AIPAC or ADL to contest the rising tide of anti-Israelism. Yes, there are Jews in South America, and yes, they contributed mightily, but their numbers were fewer; their influence was muted by a very powerful Catholic culture. They have power, but it is far weaker than they have in America.

The only exception might have been Argentina, which once had a very large Jewish population. However, Argentina’s instabilities in government and economy have persuaded almost half of Argentina’s Jews to leave. Once 2% of Argentina (similar to the USA), Jews are now ½%. They wield a shadow of their former clout.

In Chile, the small Jewish community is fighting a losing battle against Palestinianism.

2) A powerful, incredibly rich Arab community, especially among the subset of Palestinians. Though only 3% of Chile, Palestinians are 10% of the Senate. They have strong armed the Chilean government into positions no other government would have taken. When the rabble-rousing Palestinian-Chilean Maurico Abu Ghosh was stopped at Ben Gurion airport, and prevented from entering the contested territories, and deported, it was headline news in Chile. The Chilean government protested. No other government would have done this. It certainly is not national news in America when Israel deports American activists. Our government would have kept quiet.

3)  Saudi and Iranian oil money have been allowed to go into Latin America uncontested. While Israel and America slept, the Arabs pumped in tens of millions of dollars to swing a continent. And it has worked. Arab language courses subsidized by the Saudis. A gigantic mosque in downtown Buenos Aires that almost no native Argentine attends.Saudi financed Islamic schools offering quality education to Christian children. They rarely make converts but they do impart a worldview.

Islamic TV shows on Argentine public TV which the locals are convinced are the results of bribery.

Venezuela allowed in Iran’s HispanTV to broadcast to a continent, even though European countries like Britain and Spain banned Iranian propaganda.

The Arabs focused heavily on South America for decades, and it paid off.

4)  A Latin fascination with leftist ideology which views anything American or Israeli as retrograde. Forget Arab brutalization, mutilation, and murder of women. Forget Islam’s retrograde tyranny. It has to be the fault of los yanquis y israel.

Meanwhile Israel has yet to learn. Israel’s  I24 TV News broadcasts in English, Arabic, and French. Why no Spanish? Even now, Israel is ignoring a rising Latin power.

The head of the Yesha settler movement is Dani Dayan, a tri-lingual Argentine-born Jew. Urbane and persuasive, he has written Op-Eds in the New York Times. I have to assume he has been pleading with Israel to do something. Yet, Israel ignores South America, and seems surprised at the present results.

Give Dani Dayan a show on I24, for crying out loud. He could be the voice of Israel in South America, in their own accent. There are 70,000 Argentine Jews in Israel. There is no excuse for Israel to have allowed this to happen.

Continue reading…


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Latin Arabia: A World You Never Knew Existed

Vice TV: Rise of the Islamic State Parts 3 and 4

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Here are the 3rd and 4th part of Vice TV’s special report behind the scenes with ISIS and the territory they rule.



The Religion Of Peace Strikes Again In Iraq

by Flyovercountry ( 233 Comments › )
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In almost every forum on the web, the battle rages on, as it has since chat rooms and the quicker web based forums have existed, is Islam a religion of peace, or a religion of blood lust and savagery? Somehow, tiny Israel, no matter what the circumstance, has found herself dragged, (often times by the most tenuous examples of logical gymnastics,) into the debate. An example of this is the argument which states that the only reason why Muslims ever commit any acts of savagery, which is not inherent to their religion by the way, is because Israel exists.

Make no mistake about where I am coming from. I am solidly in the latter camp. I find it astounding that some people fail to make that obvious connection between Islam, and the acts committed by the people who practice that faith. Now it is true that Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, and members of every other belief cast known to man have occasionally run afoul of the law, or even the common rules of courteous behavior. That however is a far cry from what we see on a daily basis coming from the members of the Religion of Peace. It is also true that sometimes, people without economic means have also found themselves on the wrong side of the rules promoting civility most societies place on themselves. I don’t recall this picture, nor one even close to it, having come from South Central LA, Harlem, South Philadelphia, East Detroit, West Chicago, Columbus’ Central Point, East Cleveland, Washington D.C., or any other American urban nightmare.

A Christian girl beheaded by ISIS terrorists. There is no doubt that we face genocide.

That ladies and gentleman is the body of an elementary aged child who was killed in the latest Jihad Islam has waged upon civilized society. She was not accidentally caught up in a group of buildings that were carpet bombed, nor in a singular building that was bombed. She was not inadvertently hit by cross fire, a victim of being too close to a battle that she was unable to escape. She survived those unfortunate examples of grown ups being unable to get along. She instead was grabbed by a grown adult male, or perhaps a group of them, held down by at least one, and had her head cut off by a man with a scimitar who chanted “Allahu Akbar.” The entire group of savage miscreants were men who belonged to the militarized death cult Known as Islam, and further, felt that their religious texts not only condone this behavior, but in fact command it. ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Take a good look at that picture, and then consider this. The hipsters on the political left are glorifying ISIS. They are calling them freedom fighters, selling and wearing t-shirts like they’d done with Che Guevara, and more importantly, are equating the deeds of these animals with Israel’s legitimate attempts to evacuate citizens in Gaza before each and every strike designed to defend herself and her children.

I don’t want to get into the debate as to whether President Obama’s current actions, ostensibly designed to deal with ISIS have been effective. Indeed my guess is that an argument can most certainly be made as to the efficacy of the recent bombing campaign loosed by the Pentagon. I’ve read reports this morning already that the Kurds have managed to retake some of the previously captured cities over run by ISIS. That’s most definitely a positive sign if true. What I will point out however is that the entire formation and subsequent anschluss by ISIS is most certainly the direct and inevitable result of President Obama’s dalliance in foreign policy, his consistent dithering, and more importantly, his complete blind and incurious eye when it comes to dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The war in Iraq had been won, and Barack Obama endeavored to lose it after the fact. He failed to achieve the rather mundane and previously considered to be automatic task of affixing his name to a Status of Forces Agreement, one that had already been drawn up and agreed to by the way by Iraq’s elected leadership. That must be what they call diplomatic smart power. Evil loves a vacuum, and the Obama foreign policy, complete with that Mattel constructed reset button has certainly left plenty of those around. As a matter of fact, that was the entire crux of the Bamster’s foreign agenda, projecting American Weakness where ever the world needed our strength. This is what happens when you throw allies under the buss and embolden enemies with praise and foreign aid. The world, most especially that part of it which resides in the Middle East, noticed that Barack Obama ordered our military to fight along side of the Muslim Brotherhood, specifically Al Qaeda, in Libya, Egypt, and in Syria. Maybe ISIS was the unexpected surprise that our Ditherer in Chief never really counted on. That does nothing to change the fact however that if it weren’t them, it would simply have been someone else. As I pointed out, evil loves a vacuum, and Barack Obama is hell bent upon creating them.

I’ll leave you with two links to the handy work of our Man Child President and his feckless foreign policy. We’ll have some more good news on this front tomorrow, in the mean time, enjoy! Elections have consequences.

click here for some good news.

click here for some more good news.

Cross Posted from Musings of a Mad Conservative.

Possible Coup in Baghdad

by Rodan ( 116 Comments › )
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Iran’s puppet in Iraq Nuri al-Maliki may have done a possible coup in Baghdad. Forces loyal to him have sealed off the capital and seized major points in the city.

TROOPS loyal to controversial Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki have sealed off Baghdad’s “Green Zone” in an apparent coup.

“There is a huge security presence, police and army, especially around the Green Zone,” the highly-protected district that houses Iraq’s key institutions, a high-ranking police officer has confirmed to AFP.

He said the deployment started at around 10:30 pm Iraq time, just 90 minutes before Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced on state television he would file a complaint against the president for violating the constitution.

“There is security everywhere in Baghdad, these are very unusual measures that look like those we impose for a state of emergency,” the police official said.

“Several streets have been closed… as well as some key bridges,” said an official at the interior ministry. “It’s all linked to the political situation.”

Al-Maliki made a suprise declaration early this morning on state television, accusing ethnic Kurdish President Fuad Masum of violating the constitution.

“Today I will file a formal complaint to the federal court against President Masum,” he said, in the midnight address.


Iraq’s parliament yesterday adjourned until August 19 with lawmakers unable to agree on a nominee for the post of prime minister despite ever-growing international pressure, several MPs said.

“There can be no explanation for this delay,” said Ammar Toma, a Shiite MP from the Fadhilah party. “There are important matters on the table: the fate of the displaced, the security situation.” US President Barack Obama, UN chief Ban Ki-moon and visiting French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius have, over the past two days alone, stressed that Iraq needed a new and united government to lead the fight against jihadists who control large parts of the country.

It’s time to support an independent Kurdistan and not prop up Iran’s puppet regime in Baghdad.


Over 75 countries – some affected by Ebola – exploit open US border

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A leaked intelligence analysis from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reveals the exact numbers of illegal immigrants entering and attempting to enter the U.S. from more than 75 different countries. The report was obtained by a trusted source within the CBP agency who leaked the document and spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity. The report is labeled as “Unclassified//For Official Use Only” and indicates that the data should be handled as “Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU).”

The numbers provided are in graphics and are broken down into “OFO” and “OBP.” The Customs and Border Protection agency is divided into the Office of Field Operations (OFO) and the Office of Border Patrol (OBP). The OFO numbers reflect anyone either turning themselves in at official U.S. points of entry, or anyone caught while being smuggled at the points of entry. The OBP numbers reflect anyone being caught or turning themselves in to Border Patrol agents between the points of entry, or anyone caught at interior checkpoints by Border Patrol agents. The “OFO Inadmissible” designation to any individual from a nation other than Mexico or Canada means that U.S. authorities took the individuals into custody. Whether they were deported or given a Notice to Appear is unknown. It is important to note these numbers do not include data from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The unavailable ICE data are in addition to these numbers.

The report reveals the apprehension numbers ranging from 2010 through July 2014. It shows that most of the human smuggling from Syria and Albania into the U.S. comes through Central America. The report also indicates the routes individuals from North Africa and the Middle East take into the European Union, either to illegally migrate there or as a possible stop in their journey to the United States. The data are broken down further into the specific U.S. border sectors where the apprehensions and contact occurred.

Among the significant revelations are that individuals from nations currently suffering from the world’s largest Ebola outbreak have been caught attempting to sneak across the porous U.S. border into the interior of the United States. At least 71 individuals from the three nations affected by the current Ebola outbreak have either turned themselves in or been caught attempting to illegally enter the U.S. by U.S. authorities between January 2014 and July 2014.

As of July 20, 2014, 1,443 individuals from China were caught sneaking across the porous U.S. border this year alone, with another 1,803 individuals either turning themselves in to U.S. authorities at official ports of entry, or being caught attempting to illegally enter at the ports of entry. This comes amid a massive crackdown by Chinese authorities of Islamic terrorists in the Communist nation.

Twenty-eight individuals from Pakistan were caught attempting to sneak into the U.S. this year alone, with another 211 individuals either turning themselves in or being caught at official ports of entry.

Thirteen Egyptians were caught trying to sneak into the U.S. this year alone, with another 168 either turning themselves in or being caught at official ports of entry.

Four individuals from Yemen were caught attempting to sneak into the U.S. by Border Patrol agents in 2014 alone, with another 34 individuals either turning themselves in or being caught attempting to sneak through official ports of entry. Yemen is not the only nation with individuals who pose terror risks to the U.S. that the report indicates travel from. The failed nation of Somalia, known as a hotbed of Islamic terror activity, was also referenced in the report. Four individuals from Somalia were caught trying to sneak into the U.S. by Border Patrol agents in 2014. Another 290 either turned themselves in or were caught attempting to sneak in at official ports of entry. This reporter previously covered the issue of illegal immigration into the U.S. from Somalia and other nations in the Horn of Africa.

More here.

ISIS supporter takes picture outside of the White House

by Rodan ( 1 Comment › )
Filed under Al Qaeda, Barack Obama, Headlines, Hipsters, Islamists, Jihad, Leftist-Islamic Alliance at August 9th, 2014 - 10:05 pm

Can’t tell if this ISIS supporter is a Hipster or Islamist.

ISIS is using social media to get supporters. AN ISIS supporter being that close to the White House should send chills down the spine of people.