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The Israeli-Saudi Talks on Iran

by Husky Lover ( 76 Comments › )
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As the Obama regime reorients US policy in the Middle east towards supporting Iran and Hezbollah, others are making changes as well. Over the last 2 years, rumors have been circulating about a defacto Israeli-Saudi alliance against Iran.  At a Council of Foreign Relations conference, Israeli Dore Gold and Saudi Anwar Majed Eshki both admitted that Israel and Saudi Arabia have been having meetings about a number of issues, but mostly Iran.

Since the beginning of 2014, representatives from Israel and Saudi Arabia have had five secret meetings to discuss a common foe, Iran. On Thursday, the two countries came out of the closet by revealing this covert diplomacy at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.

Among those who follow the Middle East closely, it’s been an open secret that Israel and Saudi Arabia have a common interest in thwarting Iran. But until Thursday, actual diplomacy between the two was never officially acknowledged. Saudi Arabia still doesn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist. Israel has yet to accept a Saudi-initiated peace offer to create a Palestinian state.

It was not a typical Washington think-tank event. No questions were taken from the audience. After an introduction, there was a speech in Arabic from Anwar Majed Eshki, a retired Saudi general and ex-adviser to Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the U.S. Then Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations who is slotted to be the next director general of Israel’s foreign ministry, gave a speech in English.

While these men represent countries that have been historic enemies, their message was identical: Iran is trying to take over the Middle East and it must be stopped.

Eshki was particularly alarming. He laid out a brief history of Iran since the 1979 revolution, highlighting the regime’s acts of terrorism, hostage-taking and aggression. He ended his remarks with a seven-point plan for the Middle East. Atop the list was achieving peace between Israel and the Arabs. Second came regime-change in Iran. Also on the list were greater Arab unity, the establishment of an Arab regional military force, and a call for an independent Kurdistan to be made up of territory now belonging to Iraq, Turkey and Iran.


The five bilateral meetings over the last 17 months occurred in India, Italy and the Czech Republic. One participant, Shimon Shapira, a retired Israeli general and an expert on the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, told me: “We discovered we have the same problems and same challenges and some of the same answers.” Shapira described the problem as Iran’s activities in the region, and said both sides had discussed political and economic ways to blunt them, but wouldn’t get into any further specifics.

This is huge and if the Saudis and Israel establish formal relations, it will be a game changer in the Middle East. Obama has done what no US President has ever done, he’s driven Israelis and Arabs together.

In other Mideast items, here is a video of al-Qaeda’s Syrian affialiate Nusra Front raiding into Lebanon taking out a Hezbollah position.

Nothing makes me feel better than seeing dead Hezzies!

The Hipster Jihadi of ISIS

by Husky Lover ( 327 Comments › )
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Many Hipsters like Russell Brand openly support ISIS. They view the group as a revolutionary force fighting Capitalism and battling oppression. In many Hipster strongholds, ISIS t-shirts are gaining popularity and one of their leaders Abu Waheeb has become the new Che. Taking advantage of this support, ISIS is now promoting one of their fighters who happens to be a Hipster!

Islamic State jihadists ruling over much of Syria and Iraq have a new icon, whose fashionably styled curly hair and black-rimmed glasses contrast strikingly with the pose in which he has been photographed: astride a horse, and waving a shining scimitar above his head.

Identified by friends as a young Egyptian university graduate from a well-off Cairo family, Islam Yaken, he has been both lionised and demonised back home as the “hipster jihadi”.

Although he is said to have once been a supporter of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood former president, Mohammed Morsi, his friends say there was little to suggest his sudden change of life direction a year ago.

His page on the social media site VK suggest a young man apparently obsessed with his body – it is dominated by a series of pictures of him in a gym, showing off his toned physique.

Now he uses Twitter to glorify the “Caliphate” of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, and to post gory pictures including one of two heads in a basket, which he compares to the heads of sheep that can be ordered for the table in specialist Egyptian restaurants.

The ISIS-Hipster connection is one of the most troubling trends. Hipsters are very influential in the popular culture and technology. By promoting a Hipster Jihadi, ISIS seeks to cement the support from this demographic group. This support from Hipsters in turn helps mainstream ISIS in the culture and enable them to get more recruits.

The ISIS-Hipster alliance is a development that needs watching.


ISIS continues its march

by Husky Lover ( 267 Comments › )
Filed under Al Qaeda, British Islamic Jihadists, Chechnya, Gaza, Hezballah, IDF, Iran, Iraq, Islamic Invasion, Islamic Supremacism, Islamists, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, NIGERIA, Syria at August 4th, 2014 - 10:02 am

ISIS continues to expand its reach in the Middle East. In Iraq they seized a major dam and several villages from Kurdish forces. In Lebanon ISIS along with their rival Nusra Font have combined to seize territory in Lebanon centered around the town of Arsal. They are now clashing with the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah.

ISLAMIC State (Isis) fighters have seized control of Iraq’s biggest dam, an oilfield and three more towns after inflicting their first major defeat on Kurdish forces since sweeping through the region in June.

Capture of the Mosul Dam after an offensive of barely 24 hours could give the Sunni militants the ability to flood major Iraqi cities, sharply raising the stakes in their bid to topple Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki’s Shi’ite-led government.


sis fighters have also been involved in violent exchanges with Lebanese armed forces around a border town in a push to dislodge the biggest incursion by militants into Lebanon since Syria’s civil war began.

At least ten Lebanese soldiers have died in the fighting, which erupted after Islamist gunmen seized a local police station on Saturday in response to the arrest of their commander, security officials said.

An unknown number of militants and civilians have also been killed, and security sources say at least 16 members of Lebanon’s security forces have been taken captive.

The gunmen in Arsal include fighters linked to the Islamic State (Isis), the al Qaeda offshoot that has seized territory in Syria and Iraq, as well as Syria’s al Qaeda branch, the Nusra Front.

ISIS and its allies are now battling on multiple fronts Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Nigeria where Boko Harram has pledges allegiance and Libya. The self describe Caliphate has shattered the Iranian led Shiite crescent and are threatening Jordan. This organization is a cancer that is spreading. ISIS believes it is reliving the 7th Century Jihad.

The time has come for Israel to show Mahmoud Abbas the door

by Speranza ( 106 Comments › )
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I like her idea of telling Abbas  (the president who is in his 9th year of a 4 year term)  to just go to some warm place and count his stolen money.

by Caroline Glick

What makes PLO chief and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas tick?

In 2008, when Abbas rejected then prime minister Ehud Olmert’s expansive offer of Palestinian statehood, he did so for the same reason that Yassir Arafat rejected then prime minister Ehud Barak’s expansive offer of Palestinian statehood at Camp David in 2000.

In both cases, the PLO chiefs believed that if they waited, they could get everything they demanded from Israel – and more – without giving anything away.

As Abbas and Arafat both saw it, eventually either the Israeli Left would successfully erode Israel’s national will to exist, or the Europeans and the US would join forces to coerce Israel into giving up the store.  [……]

To get everything in exchange for nothing all they had to do was continuously escalate the PLO’s political warfare against the legitimacy of Israel internationally, and escalate its subversion of Israeli society through political intrigue and terrorism.

Back then, Abbas and Arafat looked forward to the day when they could frame Israel’s unconditional surrender and nail it to their wall.

But things have changed.

The rise of the revolutionary forces in the Islamic world since December 2010 has transformed the political landscape.

The Syrian civil war, the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, the resurgence of al Qaeda franchises, the US’s abandonment of its traditional Arab allies in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and President Barack Obama’s aspiration to reach a meeting of the minds with the Iranian regime have completely upended the political calculus of all regional actors, including the PLO and Abbas.

As Palestinian affairs expert Reuven Berko wrote in an article published by the Investigative Project on Terrorism last week, if in the past Abbas wouldn’t make a deal with Israel because he could get more by saying no, today Abbas cannot make a deal with Israel.

Any deal he concludes will lead to his overthrow.

Noting that Abbas was recently threatened by al Qaeda chief Ayman Zawahiri who called him, “a traitor who is selling Palestine,” Berko explained, “The threats, veiled or not, by radical Islamists… and a quick look at [the] Arab-Muslim world, especially Syria, have made it clear to the Palestinians what the future has in store for them, and it now appears that in the meantime, they prefer the status quo to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.”

As Berko sees it, Abbas’s primary problem is the residents of the UN refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and beyond. Israel’s unwillingness to accept a so-called “right of return,” which would enable millions of foreign Arabs residing in terrorist-controlled UN-run refugee camps to immigrate to a post-peace agreement Israel, means that in an era of peace, they will move to the newly created state of Palestine.

Berko rightly notes that these immigrants will not regard Abbas as their savior, to the contrary.

“The Palestinian leadership knows that if their demand for Palestinian control of the Jordan Valley crossings were accepted, the operative result would be floods of people seeking entrance into ‘liberated Palestine.’ They know that among them would be operatives of all the Palestinian terrorist organizations, to say nothing of the armed jihadists currently active in the Arab-Muslim world, especially in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, who would stream in ‘to liberate all Palestine.’ [……..]

The new immigrants would overwhelm Abbas and his comrades, making the Hamas ouster of Fatah forces from Gaza in 2007 look like a walk in the park.

Berko limited his discussion to a scenario in which these foreign Arabs are confined to “Palestine.” But if Israel were to agree to his demand that they move into its sovereign territory, Abbas’s future would be no different.

If Israel were to publicly renounce its right to exist, cancel the Declaration of Independence and adopt the PLO Charter as its new constitution, Abbas would be no better off than if he conceded Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, compromised on the so-called “right of return,” and accepted the settlements.

In both cases, he would end up like Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi.


Some Israelis are pleased with Abbas’s stand. As they see it, his position enables Israel and the Palestinians to operate under the status quo more or less unchallenged for the foreseeable future.

There are two problems with this view. First, neither the Americans nor the Israeli Left are willing to let the peace process go. US Secretary of State John Kerry’s decision to devote two hours to yet another meeting with Abbas last week, despite Abbas’s unity deal with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, shows that Kerry is constitutionally incapable of disengaging.

Likewise, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni’s wildcat diplomacy, which involved an unauthorized meeting with Abbas in London last week, demonstrates that like the Americans, Israel’s Left cannot relent.

Livni and her comrades have no issue other than the Palestinian issue. Their political survival is tied to the peace process.

The second problem is Abbas. Whereas he needs to prevent a settlement to keep the jihadists at bay, he needs to escalate the conflict to keep the local Palestinians at bay and maintain the support of the Europeans and the American Left.

Only by scapegoating and criminalizing Israel worldwide can Abbas maintain his relevance to the international Left.


The two-state model is his life preserver. The policy paradigm is based entirely on the false claim that the cause of all the region’s ills is the absence of a Palestinian state. That state, it is believed, would exist save for Israel’s land greed.

Those who uphold Abbas and the status quo ignore the consequences of Abbas’s own imperatives. In the international arena, preserving the status quo requires Israel to maintain its allegiance to the two-state paradigm’s inherent and malicious slander of the Jewish state. This allegiance in turn makes it impossible for Israel to defend itself effectively against the Palestinian led campaign to deny its right to exist.

In its internal affairs, maintaining faith in the two-state model and in Abbas as a legitimate and moderate Palestinian leader makes it almost impossible for Israel to take effective measures to defend against the Palestinian terror infrastructure.


The time has come for Israel to show Abbas the door. It would be best if we can do it quietly – offering him the opportunity to relocate to somewhere warm and retain all the loot that he and his cronies have siphoned off for their personal use.

Once Abbas is gone, Israel will have to choose between applying its laws to parts of Judea and Samaria and offering the Palestinians outside those areas a limited form of autonomy, or applying its laws to the entire region, conferring permanent residency status on the Palestinians and offering them the right to apply for Israeli citizenship.

Alarmists argue that without Abbas, Israel will go broke having to finance the Palestinian budget. But this is ridiculous. Once you subtract the hundreds of millions of dollars that go missing every year, and you take into account that Israel managed to govern the areas for 24 years, you realize that this is just one more empty threat – like the demographic threat — made by people who have no political existence without the facade of a peace process.

Abbas is not an asset. He is a liability. It is time to move past him.

Read the rest – Letting go of Abbas

Israeli strikes Hezbollah targets in Lebanon

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Israeli warplanes struck Hezbollah targets in the Bekka valley today.

Israeli warplanes have struck Hezbollah targets near the Lebanese-Syria border, the Lebanese press reported late Monday evening. 

The hits were reportedly near the Lebanese towns of Janta and Yahfoufa, and were carried out by multiple planes on multiple targets.  

According to the Lebanese newspaper Daily Star, IAF jets flew two bombing sorties against a Hezbollah post in the Nabi Sheet area on the border between Lebanon.

Hezbollah has not even admitted they were attacked. They have their hands full fighting Nusra in Yabroud and will not retaliate.

Nusra Front to take war to Lebanon to Hezbollah

by Husky Lover ( 3 Comments › )
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Although there has been some terror attacks on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, there has not that many military attacks. That now seems to about to change. According to the leader of Jordanian Salafists, Nusra Front leader al-Golani has decided that his militia will enter Lebanon to confront Hezbollah.

A leader in the Salafist Jihadist movement in Jordan announced on Thursday that the al-Qaida-affiliated Al-Nusra Front in Syria and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have officially decided to militarily enter Lebanon.

“Al-Nusra leader Abu Mohammad al-Golani and ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took the decision to officially and openly enter Lebanon,” the leader told the Washington-based United Press International.

Stay tuned, Nusra Front does not bluff and back up their words with actions. Hezbollah is facing an enemy more ruthless and fanatical than them. The Hezzies have made their bed and will now sleep.

Samir Geagea points out Assad is no protector of Christians

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The Pro-Assad propaganda being pushed is not just confined to the Progressive machine. Sadly some on the Right have fallen for the lie that Assad is protecting Christians in Syria. This lie is being pushed by Iran and Hezbollah’s lackeys in the West and sadly some Conservative websites are falling for this.

Samir Geagea who is the leader of the Lebanese Forces, which is one of the prominent Maronite parties in Lebanon exposes this lie. He points out that the whole Assad as protector of Christians is pure propaganda. He should know, Geagea has had relatives killed by the Syrians and The Assad clan killed thousands of Christians during Syria’s occupation of Lebanon which was supported by the West.

BEIRUT: Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea Friday criticized portrayals of the Syrian crisis as a war targeting Christians and said they should continue to support the uprising in Lebanon’s neighbor.

“There is some chaos in the Syrian revolution, but this does not mean that it is not a democratic revolution for the sake of [achieving] a democratic state in Syria,” Geagea said during a conference titled “The Christians in Lebanon and the Middle East: Challenges and Prospects.”

“We as Christians cannot be but with the Syrian revolution,” he said.


We realized that some figures or Lebanese Christian groups, whenever something happens in Maaloula, try to portray the conflict in Syria as anti-Christian and this is a big hoax,” he said.Geagea said this scheme aimed at portraying Assad as the protector of minorities “in an effort make sure the regime stays in power.”

The attacks on Christians in Syria were done either by Hezbollah to make the Syrian rebels appear anti-Christian to feed Assad propaganda. Or they are done by the real al-Qaeda faction the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. Sadly many in the West are falling for Assad’s lies.

In another interesting development, the leader of Nusra Front; Abu Mohammad Golani was interviewed by al-Jazzeera, In the interview he accuses the US of backing Iran and Hezbollah’s agenda in the region.

BEIRUT: A rare television appearance by the leader of the hard-line jihadist Nusra Front has enraged supporters of the mainstream opposition and highlighted how the two Al-Qaeda affiliates active in Syria are locked in a struggle for influence in the war-torn country.

Late last week, Al-Jazeera television aired teaser excerpts and then a full, 30-minute interview with Abu Mohammad Golani, the leader of the Nusra Front, conducted by Taysir Allouni.


Golani appears with his back to the camera throughout the interview and repeatedly describes the war raging in Syria as being part of a broader sectarian struggle pitting Sunnis against Shiites, rather than a popular struggle against a repressive regime.

Throughout the interview, Golani offers sweeping descriptions of the forces battling over Syria. He argues that the United States and Iran have been in league for years to weaken the region’s Sunnis, backed by examples such as Washington’s intervention in Iraq led to pro-Tehran government of Nouri al-Maliki, and the recent talks between American and Iranian officials that produced an interim agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program.

Golani also mentions a struggle that is “3,000 years old,” and has seen everyone from the Byzantines to Iran’s Safavids struggle to dominate the Arab, and later, Islamic region.

Seeing how Obama and the the American media love Iran, Golani may not be far off. This does not make him a good guy, just a blind squirrel who found a nut.


Report: Suicide bomber targets Hezbollah operatives in eastern Lebanon

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Payback’s a bitch!

A suicide bomber drove an apparently explosives-laden vehicle into two vans carrying Hezbollah operatives in eastern Lebanon early Tuesday morning, causing a number of casualties, Lebanon’s Daily Star quoted security sources as saying.

A 4X4 vehicle exploded in the Baalbek region, in the Bekaa Valley, some 2 kilometers from a “Hezbollah center,” according to Lebanon’s National News Agency.

The area was cordoned off and multiple ambulances were seen entering the area to deal with the casualties.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the incident.

The sources said Hezbollah officials, alerted to a suspicious car soon after 3 a.m. (0100 GMT), began to follow it in two vehicles. The car then exploded.

Footage broadcast by Hezbollah’s Al Manar television showed at least two damaged vehicles, one of them overturned, and several piles of blackened, twisted metal scattered over a muddy and partially snow-covered plain.

Al Manar’s correspondent said the suspect car had been carrying about 50 kg (110 pounds) of explosives and its intended target was a Hezbollah base. He said there had been casualties and that villagers in the area also reported hearing gunfire.

The incident occurred about 20 km (13 miles) from the border with Syria, whose 33-month-old conflict has fueled sectarian violence in Lebanon, including a series of car bombings which have killed scores of Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims.

Many Lebanese Sunni Muslims support the rebels fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose Alawite faith is an offshoot of Shi’ite Islam. Shi’ite Hezbollah has sent thousands of fighters to support Assad, while many Sunni jihadis have flocked to Syria to join the rebels.

The conflict has seeped back into Lebanon. Twin blasts struck the embassy of Iran – Hezbollah’s patron – in Beirut last month. Bombs have also targeted Shi’ite districts of the capital and Sunni mosques in the northern city of Tripoli.

On Tuesday evening, four missiles from Syria landed near the Shi’ite town of Hermel in the northern Bekaa, wounding two Lebanese army soldiers, a security source said. Sunni Syrian rebels have fired into the town several times this year.

Hezbollah has been increasingly subject to attacks in Lebanon as its involvement in Syria’s conflict on the side of President Bashar Assad has caused tensions with Sunni groups.

In August, a car bomb killed 20 people in the southern suburbs of Beirut, a stronghold of the Shi’ite terrorist group.

Nusra video shows intense urban fighting in Deir ez Zor

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I saw this video on Twitter today by al-Nusra Front and was amazed of the intensity of urban combat showed in it. The video which was filmed in Deir ez Zor in Eastern Syria shows Nusra fighters taking on the Syrian Army, Hezbollah and Iraqi Shias in urban combat.


This shows how deadly and difficult an urban combat environment can be.

al-Qaeda hits Iranian embassy in Beirut

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For years Iran supported al-Qaeda’s terror acts throughout the world. Now becasue of their death match in Syria, they have become mortal enemies. The Iranian embassy in Beirut was the target of 2 suicide bombers. Al-Qaeda’s Lebanese affiliate the Abdullah Azzam Brigades has claimed responsibility.

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Two explosions rocked the Iranian Embassy compound in Beirut on Tuesday killing at least 23 people and injuring scores, according to the Lebanese Health Ministry. The Iranian ambassador, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, confirmed on Al Manar television that the cultural attaché, identified as Sheikh Ibrahim Ansari, was among the dead.

The attack seemed to fit a pattern of deepening political and sectarian division across the region inspired by the civil war in Syria. Syria’s conflict has drawn in fighters from neighboring Lebanon on both sides, with Sunni militants flocking to fight alongside rebels and Hezbollah, the powerful Shiite organization allied with Iran, sending its militiamen to support President Bashar al-Assad.


Lebanese media reported that responsibility for the embassy attack was claimed by the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, an offshoot of Al Qaeda with branches in several countries in the region, including Lebanon. The claim could not immediately be confirmed.

The Iranian ambassador appeared on news channels blaming Israel for the blast, which Israeli officials denied. More broadly, though, Lebanese officials and residents alike placed the bombing in the context of the Syrian war, which Lebanon’s political factions have fueled even as they call on citizens to keep the fighting outside of Lebanon.

The Iranians blame Israel while clearly it was al-Qaeda. Let them keep blaming Israel, while al-Qaeda who is the real culprit keeps bombing them.

(Hat Tip: Rain of Lead)