How to Attract Clients to Your Law Firm

January 17, 2019

Finding new customers is the goal of any business. In the modern economy, many retailers, consultants and even law firms are finding some of their old strategies losing effectiveness. Television viewership is down, the phone book is a relic of the past and word of mouth isn’t what it used to be when compared to faster-moving and more technologically minded competitors.

Law firms in particular are having a tougher time of it. They also have a number of advantages that other businesses don’t. One major asset in particular is knowledge. Everyone needs legal advice from time to time, and there are few things that can draw an audience faster than trusted general legal knowledge. Most people can make use of it and few competitors can match it. This is one among many ways that law firms can find new clients, and they can make use of technology to do it.

Social Media Advertising 

The ability to parse audiences and divide demographics based on such a wide variety of criteria fulfills the promise of the original vision for search engines. However, instead of potential clients searching for representation, the lawyers can search for the clients. Given that costs in some cases can be reduced to pennies per prospect, the potential return on investment for even the most modest advertising campaign can be shocking. One need only look to the real estate market to see what is possible.

Educational Videos 

Every web entrepreneur knows content is king, and educational content is the emperor. Giving away valuable knowledge is not only one of the best ways to demonstrate mastery of a subject but also a great way to build trust with a select audience. There are more than a few attorneys who have taken this advice to heart and started their own channels on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Periscope and have built considerable audiences by simply explaining how things work in the law.

Once you have an engaged audience, it’s far less trouble to pitch legal services than it would be if you are approaching an group of random people cold.


All lawyers are frustrated authors. While some might contend otherwise, the truth is lawyers are storytellers by virtue of their profession, and also compete with professional authors for sheer volume of words at the end of any given project. Between briefs, pleadings, motions and other filings, an attorney can easily find themselves producing enough material to fill a bookshelf. So, goes the new wisdom, why not turn that writing talent into income and new clients?

The same rules apply to self-publishing and educational content. People are willing to pay for expert advice, especially on a topic that has the potential to save or make them many thousands of dollars. Combine that with the fact there has never been a better time in human history to be a writer, and you have a recipe for career advancement and new clients at minimal up-front cost.

Getting new clients is no longer a process that follows traditional rules. If your firm can get ahead of the technology curve, you may find your competition falling further and further behind.

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