How to Fish With a Net

February 20, 2019

Fishing is an activity that has been performed for thousands of years. What was once an act of necessity has quickly become a sport and hobby for many people. Fishing rods and other advanced methods of fishing have quickly taken over more primitive methods. However, there are still some people who prefer fishing in the classic style. Here are a few tips for fishing with a net. Despite the age of this method, it can still be one of the most successful forms of fishing.

1. Choose the right net. 

There are several different kinds of fishing nets. They differ in size, weight, strength and material. Fishermen must first decide where they want to fish with the net. Nets designed for fishing in the ocean will be much larger and stronger than nets used for rivers. On the other hand, river nets are much easier to handle and maneuver. River nets will have small weights around the perimeter for anchoring the unit.

2. Practice casting the net. 

Before going to the river, lake or ocean, it is important to practice casting the net. Many first-time casters struggle with getting the net to spread out before falling into the water. There is a specific technique that needs to be followed to achieve success in this activity. Poor technique will only scare the fish away. Fishermen can practice casting nets in their yard or next to their fishing location.

3. Hold the net correctly.

Casting a net is not as easy as simply throwing the net into the water. There is a specific form that should be followed. Instead of trying to open the net when it is thrown, fishermen simply need to toss the net as it will open by itself. The net should be led with the thrower’s dominant arm and followed through with both. The yoke of the cast net needs to be placed in one hand. In the other hand, fisherman need to bundle up the net and hold it halfway between the yoke and the tail.

4. Perfect the form.

Fishermen need to stand with their feet perpendicular to the direction in which they would like the net to go. It is important to keep the lower body still, while the upper body twists in the direction of the water. One needs to release the net from the leading hand and then gradually allow the net to flow through the other hand.

Fishing with a net can be a rewarding and unique activity for experienced and inexperienced fishermen alike. The feeling of casting a net is something very different from using more traditional fishing methods. The key is to practice often and have fun during the process.

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