How to Keep Yourself Motivated for School throughout the Summer

June 13, 2019

Summer is a time for exploring your interests, sleeping in later, earning some money and relaxing with loved ones. While you don’t necessarily want to spend this entire season in a classroom or engaged in traditional learning activities, keeping your zest for education alive is important. Although the beach, ice cream and pools might seem tempting virtually all of the time, employ some methods to keep your educational excitement alive.

Take One Class 
Staying in the routine of going to school can keep you invigorated. Still though, you don’t need to attend class every day for the whole season. Instead, enroll in one course. You could opt for a true academic class to bolster your knowledge of a particular subject. However, many community colleges, libraries and recreational centers offer classes in writing, theater, food sampling and other interests. You can continue learning and going to school while exploring areas that aren’t a part of your typical curriculum.

Whether you decide to enroll in a class or not, you can still read. As the summer arrives, get yourself a library card if you don’t already have one; schedule regular visits to the library into your planning. If you’re saying that you don’t like to read, consider if you have really explored all of the material available to you. If you love history, consider checking out a book on your favorite time period. On the other hand, when you’re a sports aficionado, you can read works on different athletic programs or teams. You also don’t have to read books; you can look into magazines, blogs, recipes and more. Reading will help to keep your mind fresh and in the habit of absorbing material.

Plan Day Trips
Remember that learning does not need to happen in a classroom. Your own community and state may have an array of potential learning experiences. Make a list of museums, historical sites, nature preserves and other such sites that are a short drive away. You could also go on a quick weekend trip and get in a healthy dose of learning. Investigating the community that is immediately around you can bolster your knowledge of the world at large and maintain your interest in incorporating new material into your library of information.

You might wonder what meditation has to do with motivation, but the connection is actually quite clear. If you don’t love school, consider the reasons why you feel this way. It’s quite possible that school stresses you out to some degree. While you have more free time in the summer, integrate meditation into your routine. By doing so, you can call upon meditation when stressful school situations arise in upcoming semester.

Staying motivated is difficult, especially when you aren’t particularly interested in school. During the summer, think of ways that you can reframe education. By defining the concept of education more globally, you may discover new and enticing ways in which to learn.

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