How to Make Product Packing Stand Out From Your Competitors

January 30, 2019

If you want to get ahead of the competition then choosing smart packaging should be a priority on your list of things to do. Product packaging is the best opportunity you have to make a statement about your product and make yourself truly stand out from your competition! To give you some ideas on ways you can achieve this goal of making your product stick out from the crowd, enabling you to enjoy increased profits, we’ve brought together a few of the best tips!

Follow The KISS Principle

When it comes to designing the packaging for your product, less may be more! Overly loud and brightly colored packaging can be annoying to customers and although they may attract the attention of the eye, they may end up making your product seem cheap, or less appealing. Consider applying the principle of keep it simple, stupid to your packaging design in order to get your message across to your customers while not overloading their senses with garish colors and over the top designs.

Utilize Imagery Over Words

While keeping the previous suggestion in mind, you’ll want to be sure you use imagery effectively to convey to your potential customers the image you want without going overboard. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and when you only have seconds sometimes to draw the attention of potential customers, the design you go with has to make an impression! Try to keep text to a minimum but include images that’ll offer up information on the benefits of your product.

Create An Emotional connection

Emotion plays a huge part in the decision making process for consumers. If your brand and packaging elicits an emotional response from potential customers, they are more likely to convert to real buyers! Try to use your packaging design as an opportunity to produce feelings of warm and happiness, or them laugh in order to draw them into buying your product.

Leave An Impression

When people see your product for the first time, you want to insure it leaves a lasting impression so that an association is built between your product and its packaging. At a quick glace, you want your product to be able to be picked out by your customer.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Color as a factor in people’s decision to buy or pass up on a product has been proven to be an important consideration when going about designing your product’s packaging. Make sure you take the time necessary to chose the right colors for your packaging to get that emotional response from your potential customers.

When bringing your product to market, there are a lot of things to consider. Product packing is the main way in which you can draw customers in and leave an impression so being sure you nail it down and get it right is integral to your business’s success. By reading through the above tips, you should be well off on developing appealing packaging in order to increase your sales potential!

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