How to Organize Your Shelves

September 11, 2018

There are many types of shelves that you may want to organize in your home. You may be bringing order to chaos in your living room on decorative shelves or you may be tidying up some kitchen cabinet shelves. It does not matter what type of shelves you are organizing, there are a few key things you need to keep in mind when creating structure.

Keep the shelf organized
If you are organizing a kitchen cabinet shelf you will want to keep it tidy. There is nothing more frustrating than having plates spill over onto bowls or cups fall over onto saucers. The first step here is to remove everything from the cabinet. Each shelf should then be wiped clean. Create tidy stacks of dishes and place them back into the shelf in an accessible order. Hidden shelves often are easy to disregard and this mistake can cost you hours of organizing and cleaning. The same is true for decorative shelves. If you have a bookshelf or photo shelf that is experiencing chaos you should remove everything and wipe the shelf and items clean. If you have too many items for the space take your least favorite items and place them on a table. You will come back to this table later and sort through them. Items that are not used often should be stored, gifted or donated. Clutter creates chaos and you do not want to display chaos.

Keep the shelf clean
If you keep a cleaning routine this will be easy. Make it a point to dust the shelf every week. A common mistake people make when setting up a shelf is ignoring the need to clean it weekly. Eliminating dust will eliminate dust mites that can increase the onset of allergies. There are many benefits to keeping a space clean.

Keep the items on the shelf separate
This is a very common mistake that many people make. The gallery wall and stacked decor themes can be trendy but to many items simply look like clutter. If you have items on a shelf they should not be touching. This creates a “personal space” for each item to be enjoyed individually. If you are keeping a cabinet shelf tidy make sure the plates are not touching the bowls and the cups are not touching other items.

Keeping your shelves organized and clean will make them appear less hectic and overcrowded. Separating items will prevent the shelves from becoming disorganized. Tidy shelves can lead to tidy spaces; do not overlook these decorative and functional spaces.

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