How to Properly Clean Your Firearm

October 31, 2019

Cleaning your firearm is as important as knowing how to use it correctly. How you maintain your firearm can save your life and teach you more about how your firearm works. It also ensures it will properly function when you use it.


  1. Understand how to take apart your firearm

It doesn’t matter if you have one firearm or ten firearms. The first thing you should do is know how to disassemble the weapon safely. Every firearm should come with its manual and should have detailed instructions on how to take it apart correctly.


  1. Unload your gun

Before you even start doing anything with your firearm, unload it and do a dry fire safely away from anyone or anything. This ensures there are no bullets left in the weapon. It also makes sure your cleaning procedures will be as safe as possible.


  1. The Proper Kit

There are many different kits and tools you can get to clean your firearms. There are firearm specific kits, but there are also ones that are multifunctional. You can buy additional accessories as you require overtime. The kits will have lubricant and solvent solution to keep all parts moving.


  1. Clean the barrel with a cleaning rod and a proper brush or wool

Start cleaning your firearm with the proper lubricant. Having a good quality lubricant will prevent corrosion and help remove any accumulated dirt. Some guns have the gun barrel completely attached while others come off, which makes it easier to clean.


The brush should be run completely from the front to back of the barrel with solvent soaked patches. This should be repeated until the patches come out clean.


  1. Lubricate the action

You should apply solvent to the gun on all parts of the action and work the action back and forth, making sure it is completely lubricated before you wipe it clean.


  1. Wipe down the gun

After you have cleaned all moving parts and lubricated them properly, the entire firearm should be wiped down with a luster or flannel cloth. These should have a silicone lubricant solution worked into them that will remove any buildup that has occurred on the outside of the firearm from use and handling.




You can also use old clothes or cloths to clean the firearm properly that will not scratch it. Select something you will not mind getting dirty and not using again.


Proper gun cleaning and maintenance should be performed on a firearm after every use. A firearm is an investment in your safety and a tool to be used for hunting. It should get the treatment it deserves and a good cleaning after every use. Being a responsible gun owner means keeping your tools ready to use.

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