How to Stay Fit All Summer Long

May 10, 2019

Staying fit during the summer is a challenge that even health and fitness experts face. That’s because people want to relax when the warm summer months move in. Summer is a time that’s filled with indulging on fried food and ice cream, laying out on a beach, and drinking alcohol and other sugary tips. You can still enjoy summer without ruining all of your progress. Here are four tips for staying fit during the summer.

Opt for Outdoor Activities
It’s hard to find time to get to the gym during summer. That’s because your friends will have more free time and they’ll want to hang out. When it’s warm out, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend time indoors. You can find a compromise, however. Invite your friends for a workout outside which is also fun. You can hike, run, walk the bike trail, take an outdoor class, or go for a bike ride. The possibilities are endless. Outdoor workouts are fun, and they’ll make you forget that you’re actually burning some serious calories.

Find Lower Calorie Alternatives
Having a nice lunch on the patio or in a park seems like a great way to spend a summer afternoon. Instead of loading up on sandwiches and burgers, ditch the carbs. You’ll have more energy for the activities of the day. Although it can be hard, opt for a smaller and lighter meal like a salad. Summer is a time to indulge in a nice strawberry vinaigrette or fresh fruit on a salad. Take full advantage of the flavors of the summer. You’ll end up trying new and fresh foods that you might love.

Ditch the Car
Many are guilty to driving to work every morning. That’s because it’s easy. Who wants to wake up early and put the effort in? It’s worth it, however, to ditch the car and bike and walk to work. If you live close enough, consider switching up your morning routine. Take your bike to work and even get a group of coworkers together. Some offices will let you start a fun challenge at work to help everyone get in shape. It’s easier when you have support.

Say No to Beer
During the summer, it’s easy to kick back with a cool beer. Beer is high in calories. Instead, choose a healthier cocktail that’s mixed with seltzer water or even just plain water. You can muddle in fresh fruit to add flavor. While you’re drinking, don’t forget to hydrate too to avoid feeling sluggish and lazy the following day.

Staying Fit Can be Fun
Overall, staying fit doesn’t have to be a chore during the summer. You don’t have to completely rearrange your plans. Instead, make small change so that you don’t waste your progress. When you get your friends on board too, you’ll have a fabulous and fit summer.

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