Oct 31

October 31, 2019

How To Choose The Correct Septic Tank Alarm

Septic tanks play an important role for an everyday household, so it is important that you find the best alarm system to tell you when your water levels are too high, or that there isn’t enough water for the tank to operate. The alarms can range in a variety of price tags, starting at $100 all the way up to $600. With these prices in mind, understanbly it can be hard to choose just one, and that’s why we’re here to help you find which alarm suits your needs and your budget.

Starting at the lower end of alarms priced at $120 to $200, these are standardized to have the necessary parts of a septic alarm which in turn makes them affordable. Be sure to also pay attention to there NEMA rating. NEMA ratings show what types of elements the item is designed to protect against for example, a NEMA Type 1 rating is designed to protect against dirt as for NEMA Type 2 is designed to protect against water and dirt. Of course, the rating could also play a part in the prices of some of these alarms so be sure to find the correct rating for your alarm. As we go up in price, so does the technology put into the alarms. At around the $300 price range most of the alarms are wireless and are connected to the company’s mobile app over WiFi which gives you easier access to your septic alarm and with no subscription cost for using the app. There are also different types of septic tank alarms such as indoor, outdoor, and pedestal alarms. Indoor septic alarms are the cheapest since its indoors and away from the elements, which is why outdoor septic alarms cost a bit more. Pedestal septic alarms are pretty big and durable with a high NEMA rating to withstand heavy snow and rain, so they range at about $200.

Hopefully this article was able to help you find the best septic tank alarm for your needs, be sure to pick one that makes you feel safe and sound from septic disasters and from huge septic repair bills. Please also make sure of the types of septic tanks you can have at your home before purchasing one. To get a better understanding of the NEMA ratings, please check the NEMA Enclosure Types to see which rating best suits you.

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