Repair or Replace Your Industrial Electronics

July 10, 2019

Determining when to fix or replace broken electronics and other industrial devices can often be a tricky proposition. The industrial-grade electronics and other equipment that businesses depend upon often come with a hefty price-tag. Making the wrong decision could increase overhead while reducing the overall value of the purchases and investments that a business makes.

Determining Costs With Greater Accuracy

Hidden costs and fees that have gone overlooked can make it all but impossible for businesses to make an accurate cost comparison of their options. Associated expenses like installation services, repair plans and equipment warranties should all be taken into account whenever generating an estimate. Businesses that are able to base their decisions on the most complete, up-to-date and accurate information should have an easier time arriving at the right choice.

Upgrading Older Equipment

A handy rule of thumb is that new electronics should be repaired while older-model equipment that might lack the performance options and features of its newer counterparts should be replaced. Costs and purchase options can vary drastically depending on the type of equipment and businesses would do well to take this concept with a grain of salt. Trying to replace a device that is no longer being produced or to upgrade electronics that are integral to workflow could end up causing needless complications.

The 50 Percent Rule

Another guiding principle is something known as the 50 percent rule. This concept states that repairs that will cost in excess of half the purchase price of new equipment are rarely worth the expense. While it may be possible to restore broken electronics, older equipment often lacks the dependability and expected service life of a new purchase which can decrease the value of repairs. The 50 percent rule should really only be used in order to get a general idea for which option may be the most beneficial.

Determining the Right Time to Invest in New Equipment

There are numerous concerns that need to be addressed that go well beyond the cost of repairs or the sticker price of a new purchase. Businesses that may lack the cash flow needed to cover a new purchase may forced to make due with a simple repair job while sales event and industry trends could provide a golden opportunity to make a big purchase. Timing, financial resources and the options available are all issues that should be weighed carefully in order to make the best decision.

Equipment Maintenance

There are plenty of guidelines that can help those who are struggling to make the right choice. Regardless of whether a businesses chooses to fix its equipment or upgrade its existing electronics, proper maintenance can make a big difference. Making every effort to keep industrial electronics in good working order can minimize the risk of an issue developing and ensure that resources are able to last for as long as possible.

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