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Zimbabwe Goes Broke

by coldwarrior ( 101 Comments › )
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(Picture Hat Tip: Macduff)

Follow the details, seize property and steal wealth created by others  then make huge political payoffs to supporters, rinse and repeat.Sound familiar? Obama is cut from the same cloth as Mugabe. Both are strict doctrinaire Third World Liberationists (From 2010: Obama Liberation Movement)


When Zimbabwe was run by Ian Smith there was never any trouble like this. Somehow Mugabe will try to blame the Whites yet again. But there aren’t any left to take the blame. Zim has huge diamond and uranium mines and the best farm land in Africa. There is no excuse for them to be broke, none.You will see that recurrent theme in many countries in Africa. 50 years of Black rule and they are still a mess, broke unstable and crime ridden.  The Black leaders blame Whitey over and over again but never fix the underlying problems.


Zimbabwe Is Down to Its Last $217

There are cash-strapped governments and there are broke governments. And then there’s Zimbabwe, which, after paying last week’s government salaries, has just $217 left in the bank. No, we didn’t forget any zeroes to the end of that figure. Zimbabwe, the country that’s home to some of the world’s largest plutonium and diamond reserves, literally has the same financial standing as a 14-year-old girl after a really good birthday party. The country’s finance minister admitted as much in a press conference on Tuesday. “Last week when we paid civil servants there was $217 [left] in government coffers,” Tendai Biti told reporters. “The government finances are in paralysis state at the present moment. We are failing to meet our targets.”

So it seems. However, Zimbabwe is hardly a stranger to financial hyperbole. The economy started to come apart at the seams in 2000, when President Robert Mugabe seized the land of over 4,000 white-owned farmers, effectively dismantling the country’s agriculture industry. Over the course of the next decade, the country spiraled into an extended period of hyperinflation, the likes of which the world almost never sees. It peaked in August 2008, when inflation reached 11,200,000 percent and economists around the world started to say that the country’s situation was hopeless. Prices were doubling by the day, and the government had to print Z$100 billion notes. The following year, they went ahead and printed Z$100 trillion notes, just before deciding to chop 12 zeroes off of the currency. A new coalition government formed that year and started on the long process of financial recovery, a process that is clearly going to take a little longer.

It’s unclear how the Zimbabwean government is going to get itself out this fiscal mess, but whatever it does, it needs to do it quickly. As Quartz’s Tim Fernholz points out, Zimbabwe is looking at a $104 million bill for its upcoming election. Its government is also dealing with brand new allegations that government officials have been running a corruption ring around the country’s diamond mines. The country obviously desperately needs a major change. “But action against corruption probably won’t come until the end of Mugabe’s reign, and a new constitution coming up for a referendum this spring — presuming the funds can be found — might set up the aging autocrat for another term in power,” writes Fernholz.

Until then, looking for quarters under the couch isn’t going to cut it, so Zimbabwe is doing the only thing it can do. “We will be approaching the international community,” Biti said. You’ll never guess who’s most likely to come to the rescue. Hint: They’re big fans of rare minerals.


More coverage from the African papers:

From 2 000 the seizure of white-owned farms led to chaos in the agriculture sector and the economy shrank by half. In 2008 hyperinflation of 231 000 000% broke the national currency and left millions of people hungry…

…The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) claims that income from lucrative diamond sales is being expropriated by 88-year-old Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party to boost its campaign for votes. Biti, who is also MDC secretary general, has claimed the treasury received only $40-million from diamonds last year.

The MDC spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said: “The government has no money. The most important thing is that money from diamonds is not being remitted to government coffers. As a result, after payments were made last week, there was only $217 left.”

He added: “The diamond wealth is going to Zanu-PF machinery and its war chest. There is likely to be an economic crash because of the uncertainty of the elections and the possibility of a Zanu-PF victory. Investors really have to pray for an MDC victory.”



Like they say above, look for the Chinese to move right in on this. They will bail out Mugabe with the money that we pay to them to finance OUR debts and gain all of the resources.



Required reading: Saturday Lecture Series: From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe

Harry Belafanote wants Obama to be a 3rd World Dictator

by Husky Lover ( 148 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Communism, Democratic Party, Fascism, Leftist-Islamic Alliance, Liberal Fascism, Marxism, Progressives, Socialism, Tranzis at December 13th, 2012 - 8:00 pm

Harry Belafonte has been a huge supporter of the 3rd World Liberation Movement. He is an admirer of the Castro regime and the Venezuelan clown, Hugo Chavez. He wants a 3rd World style regime here in America. The one hit wonder knows That Obama is a 3rd World Liberation ideologue, but is hamstring by the US Constitution. Belafonte is now out in the open. The Marxist singer is calling for political opponents of Obama to be thrown in jail.


Harry Belafonte is a Totalitarian 3rd World Liberation Marxist. He wants a Marxist dictatorship in America led by Obama. He is a traitor who has dishonored his service in the Navy during WWII.

Romney slams Obama’s call for voting for Revenge

by Husky Lover ( 34 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Communism, Elections 2012, Fascism, Liberal Fascism, Mitt Romney, Progressives, Socialism, Special Report, Tranzis at November 3rd, 2012 - 1:20 pm

Barack Obama on Friday channeled his 3rd World Liberation ideology. He called on his followers to vote for revenge. This is straight out of the Hugo Chavez playbook. Mitt Romney attacked him over this in his speech in Ohio Friday night. He is now running ad calling out Obama’s un-American call for a vengeance vote.


Obama is a despicable character.


Obama did not (and still doesn’t) view himself as an American

by Husky Lover ( 64 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Communism, Fascism, Leftist-Islamic Alliance, Liberal Fascism, Multiculturalism, Progressives, Socialism, Tranzis at May 9th, 2012 - 8:00 am

My impression of Obama is that he never had an American mindset. His formative years were spent in Indonesia, where his nanny claimed he admired 3rd world Liberation Indonesian strong man, Sukarno. His campaign rhetoric is indistinguishable from Juan Peron, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Idi Amin and Hugo Chavez. Obama does not see himself as an American president, but as some global divine philosopher king in the mold of Plato’s The Republic. He has a Pharaonic attitude that makes him above being American.

A new biography that interviews college friends confirms Obama’s non American mindset. He had an Internationalist mindset. Even more startling, Obama did not identify with being black. It was only when he decided to get into politics that he discovered his black identity.

The excerpt focuses on Obama’s brief time in New York after his graduation from Columbia University. The son of a Kenyan father and an American expatriate mother, Obama emerges as a man questioning whether he viewed himself, or wanted to be viewed by others, as an American. Not in a citizenship sense — Obama was born in the United States and that was that — but in the sense of how he saw the world and wanted to be seen by it.

Obama had a lot of Pakistani friends; Maraniss writes that if Obama and his girlfriend socialized as a couple, “it was almost always with the Pakistanis.” Obama appeared to identify with his friends as fellow non-Americans. “For years when Barack was around them, he seemed to share their attitudes as sophisticated outsiders who looked at politics from an international perspective,” Maraniss writes. “He was one of them, in that sense.”

But Obama was ambitious. Appalled by the “dirty deeds” of “Reagan and his minions” (as he wrote in “Dreams from My Father”), Obama became increasingly interested in, as Maraniss writes, “gaining power in order to change things.” He couldn’t do that as an international guy hanging around with his Pakistani friends; he needed to become an American.

So he did. One of those Pakistani friends, Beenu Mahmood, saw a major change in Obama. Mahmood calls Obama “the most deliberate person I ever met in terms of constructing his own identity,” according to Maraniss. The time after college, Mahmood says, “was an important period for him, first the shift from not international but American, number one, and then not white, but black.”

Obama recently invoked Reagan’s name to bash Republicans. Yet his hatred of Ronald Reagan is what motivated him to get into politics. He didn’t identify with being black and he adopted a black identity for politics. Clearly Obama is a chameleon and does not view himself as an American. He views himself as a citizen of the world. That’s why he had a campaign stop in Berlin when he was running in 2008.

At this blog we had Obama pegged. He comes from the 3rd World Liberation wing of the Transnationalist Progressive Movement.  Mitt Romney should use these facts about Obama’s mindset against him.

Bonus: Here’s a video of Mitt Romney mocking the fictional character Julia, created by the Obama Regime.


Could this be the Obama campaign’s Murphy Brown moment? I am starting to think this election is 1992 in reverse.

Obama’s 3rd World Liberation speech

by Husky Lover ( 101 Comments › )
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Obama spoke in Columbus Ohio yesterday to officially kick off his re-election campiagn. The speech was classic 3rd World Liberation rhetoric. It was an Us vs. Them theme. He demonized his opponent and presented himself as a national savior.



Here is a Hugo Chavez speech. It’s in a different language but the same rhetoric. Us vs. Them and Hugo is the national savior. Observe Obama and Chavez’s body language. They both make similar movements in their speeches.with their hands while speaking.


Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez are both cut from the same 3rd World Liberation cloth. They both pit people against each other and have ruined their respective nations. However, in the case of Obama the magic is running out.

Here’s a picture of how small the crowd was where The American Pharaoh spoke.

The video is just as damning.

Four years ago the arena would have been full and the crowds would extend outside. Hopefully this is a sign that Americans are realizing the Pharaoh is a false savior. He is just a divisive 3rd World Liberation ideologue and not some divine god-king.


In 2010 I told everyone about Obama and his anti-Nuke agenda

by Husky Lover ( 71 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Military, Nuclear Weapons, Progressives, Tranzis at February 16th, 2012 - 8:30 am

Iron Fist did a post yesterday about Obama’s plan to cut our Nuclear Warhead force by 80%. This is dangerous, but with his improvement in the polls and Republicans running unattractive candidates, his 3rd World Liberation mask is coming off. His anti-Nuclear stance should come as no surprise to readers of this blog. In April of 2010, I wrote a post about his Nuclear disarmament ideology. I am republishing that post below.

Obama pushes Progressive idea of Nuke disarmament

President Barack Hussein Obama was a member of the KGB funded Nuclear Freeze Movement in the early 80’s. This Ideology which was a New Left concept was just a means to enable the Soviets to get an edge. This Ideology is now in charge of America and President Hussein Obama is pushing this Cold War era idea. The difference is this idea of nuclear freeze will assist his 3rd World Islamo-Imperialist allies in Iran.

So when Obama joined the cry for a world without nukes in his campaign, he wasn’t taking a big political chance. His Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain, did not seem to disagree. And yet, accomplishing this goal—or even taking some meaningful steps toward it—makes health-care reform look easy. As president, Obama the idealist has had to become Obama the realist: working for a nuclear-free world tomorrow, but at the same time, and at great cost, keeping up America’s nuclear forces today.

Read the rest: The Doomsday Dilemma

The origins of this ideology was to disarm America. This still remains the goal and just like the last time, they will fail.

Thanks to a weak opposition, complicit media, support from the popular culture and his demagogue skills, Obama is making his early 80’s Nuclear disarmament dream a reality. This is just making me vomit in revulsion.

A picture that makes me sad

by Husky Lover ( 59 Comments › )
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Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t view himself as an American President. He is in his heart a 3rd World Liberation Marxist. He spent his formative years in Indonesia, when the 3rd World Liberation/Non Align movement was its height. Then he associated with radicals and Marxists. He sympathizes with Islamists, since he views them as oppressed 3rd World revolutionaries.

This picture sums up perfectly, the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

The False Messiah is stepping on the Constitution