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Truck Runs w/o Gas?

by Bunk X ( 81 Comments › )
Filed under Cars & Trucks, Climate, Environmentalism, Humor, OOT, Open thread at April 4th, 2012 - 10:10 pm

[Found here, via]
Late tribute to Earth Day/Alpha Proxima Day.  I don’t know the story behind this, but it looks like this Dodge Ram runs on coal, just like the electric cars do in many parts of the country.

We’re all about fighting Global Cooling here on The Overnight Open Thread.

Breaking: AGW Skeptic’s Computers & Router Confiscated in UK

by Bunk X ( 15 Comments › )
Filed under Climate, Economy, Energy, Environmentalism, Free Speech, Links, meteorology, Politics, Science, Special Report, Technology, UK, Weather, World at December 15th, 2011 - 12:39 am

[Courtesy Eaglesoars]

In the UK, Tallbloke, the blogger who broke the Climategate 2.0 emails on his blog Tallbloke’s Talkshop has had 2 laptops and a router seized by six detectives from the Metropolitan Police, the Norfolk Constabulary and the Computer Crime division.

He had an an inkling something was up the previous evening “when WordPress forwarded a notice from the U.S. Department of Justice.”

Watts Up With That has the notice and some excellent commentary. The most telling so far is from commenter Gail Combs:

You forget that one of the e-mails shows that the US Department of Energy “ordered” Jones to evade the FOIA requests.

The head of the Department of Energy at the time had just served as the US Ambassador to the United Nations prior to his appointment as Secretary of the Department of Energy.

This could be a very big CYA for the US government.

And someone has alerted Drudge. Let’s see if he picks it up.
Addendum via:

tallbloke says:
They were polite and promised to return the kit after cloning the disks.
They say I am not a suspect for any crime.

Lightening the Load

by Bunk X ( 106 Comments › )
Filed under Climate, Environmentalism, Humor, OOT, Open thread, Science, World at July 29th, 2011 - 11:00 pm

[Image via Soylent Green]

These are the kinds of pictures that make me smile. It is also irrefutable proof that not all bears shit in the woods, and that some bears sing while taking care of business. Then it occurred to me to follow some of the links on SG’s site, and I found a map.

It is intuitively obvious to the casual observer that the original version was missing some critical information, so I took the liberty of enhancing it, just to post it here on The Overnight Open Thread.


Stink Progress

by Bunk X ( 67 Comments › )
Filed under Art, Humor, OOT, Open thread, Weapons at July 27th, 2011 - 11:00 pm

Oil prices are up. Propane prices are up. Methane prices are going up, too, so save it for a rainy day. Don’t keep ‘em bottled up inside, collect ‘em all and cash ‘em in!

Register a brand name like I did (Paint Peeler X™) and wait for the FartMart to open a retail outlet near you. Then you can barter your best Blogmock Barn Burners and get paid for your flatulence daily, weekly, or monthly as required.

Just another Money Saving Tip courtesy of The Overnight Open Thread.

Christopher Monckton Trounces Richard Denniss in Climate Debate

by 1389AD ( 7 Comments › )
Filed under Australia, Climate, Energy, Environmentalism, Regulation, Special Report at July 23rd, 2011 - 7:07 pm

National Press Club Debate Christopher Monckton v Richard Denniss 2011 Address

(h/t: Andrew Bolt)

From the YouTube description:

IN FULL (HD) | National Press Club Debate Address Christopher Monckton v Richard Denniss 2011 Australia ABC 19/July/2011

Lord Christopher Monckton is Chief Policy Advisor to the Science and Public Policy Institute. He was Special Advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from 1982 to 1986.

Dr Richard Denniss is the Australia Institute’s Executive Director. He is an economist with a particular interest in the role of regulation

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According to Andrew Bolt:

The National Press Club debate’s results:

  • Lord Monckton – 10
  • Former Greens adviser Richard Denniss – 1
  • Journalists – 0.

(Thanks to reader Adam.)


Note that Denniss’s entire argument was to follow the “consensus”. There was no attempt at all to explain the evidence contradicting this manufactured consensus.

Gore got a D at Harvard

by Husky Lover ( 8 Comments › )
Filed under Academia, Climate, Environmentalism, Headlines, Science at May 25th, 2011 - 11:03 pm

This is just too funny! AL Gore who is a self describe expert on Climate Change and considered a genius on weather was anything but in College. It turns out, he got a D in Natural Sciences while at Harvard.

(CNSNews.com) – In his commencement speech at Hamilton College on Sunday, former Vice President Al Gore told the graduates that global warming is “the most serious challenge our civilization has ever faced.” But as an undergraduate at Harvard University in the late 1960s, Gore–one of the most prominent spokesmen on climate change today–earned a “D” in Natural Sciences.

Gore’s transcript documents that during his sophomore year at Harvard he earned a “D” in Natural Sciences 6 (Man’s Place in Nature). Also, as a senior at Harvard, he earned a C-plus in Natural Sciences 118.

No wonder he believes the global warming nonsense. He didn’t understand natural science in college. Clearly he’s out of his league and this shows he’s an empty shell. AL Gore is really an ignorant idiot and that’s why he refuses to debate the issue.!



Government Motors’ Eco-Math

by Bunk X ( 116 Comments › )
Filed under Climate, Environmentalism, government, Technology at May 17th, 2011 - 5:00 pm

[The following was reposted in its entirety from Soylent Green with permission.]

These Eco-bullshitters are just amazingly dishonest. The fact that it involves the Green cabal at GovernmentMotors just makes pure, unadulterated Theft:

General Motors broke ground Wednesday on a six-acre field of solar panels in front of its Detroit-Hamtramck plant as part of an effort to green the production of its Chevrolet Volt…DTE will lower GM’s energy bill because of the solar panels, which were first reported by the Free Press, saving about $15,000 a year. (Bold mine–we’ll come back to that.)

Money Quote: “This isn’t only going green for green’s sake,” said Bob Ferguson, GM’s vice president of global public policy. “This is about reducing this plant’s environmental footprint and reducing our bottom line.”

Really, Bob?  Let’s do some Mother Fucking Math!

Six acres = 261,360 sq. feet. A 190-watt solar panel covers about 4 sq. feet. 261,360/4 = 65,340 panels. But they’ll need room for wiring and pipes, support equipment, etc., so let’s say they can only put 64,000 in place. Now, the big panels can run $30,000 a pop. But let’s say they get a deal–$10,000.

Our cost, just for the panels is…yes, you can do it in your head: $6.4 million. Isn’t it amazing that guy from GM can’t do that in his head.

But, harrumph, it will save $15,000 a year.-  Hmm, 6,400,000/15,000. Cool, the payback is only 427 FUCKING YEARS YOU DICKWAD SCUMBAG! But alas, it’s really not. The average life of a solar panel is about 20 years. So they’d have to replace them about 21 times. $6.4 million x 21 = $134.4 million. Hey, but amortized over 427 years…?

That is what Eco-tard fascist rentseekers call “savings.” I call it fraud.


by Bunk X ( 60 Comments › )
Filed under Art, Humor, Open thread, Technology at April 26th, 2011 - 11:00 pm

Somebody finally invented a way to make drinking beer more fun than it already is. Unfortunately, the inventor didn’t think it through.

I can only imagine the disgusting mayhem that would ensue in the men’s room of Rosie’s Roadside Tavern around 11pm on a Saturday night. Forget pissing your name in the snow in the parking lot. Every guy in the place would quickly discover his inner artistic talent, and then there would be a competition.

As for the women’s room artistry, I suppose we’re getting into the realm of  “Jackson Pollock,” and we’ll leave it at that.

Like the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to drink, but you can’t make him water,” and that also applies to The Overnight Open Thread.

The Nobel Committee Ignored a Genuine Heroine to Promote a Climate Scammer

by 1389AD ( 41 Comments › )
Filed under Climate, History, Holocaust, United Nations at April 20th, 2011 - 7:00 pm

By Gramfan

Irena Sendler

Irena Sendler – Sleeping With The Angels – Irena Sendler Symphony

The clip above is self-explanatory.

A film was made about her, starring Anna Paquin.

In 2007 Irena Sendler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for saving around 2,500 children from the certain death of being taken from the Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka.

It remains unclear why the Nobel Committee took so long to recognize her achievement with a nomination. One can only speculate on their agenda.

Suffice it to say Al Gore and the IPCC won the Peace Prize that year.

If you ever had any doubts that the Nobel Committee is totally beyond contempt I hope these doubts are now dispelled.

It is worthwhile to refresh the memory, or possibly inform people who may not know of Irena Sendler.

The way thinks are looking now regarding Jews, no only in Europe again, but everywhere, it is up to the good and righteous to make sure that another Jewish Holocaust never happens again.

In fact it is up to the good and righteous to make sure NO genocide ever occurs again.

The United Nations is not going to stop any further attempts at genocide, even though they “appear to care”, and have the “Responsibility to Protect Doctrine”.

The UN proved this in Rwanda. They pulled out their “peace keepers”.

The UN is also beneath contempt, just like the Nobel Committee.

Originally published on The West, Islam, and Sharia.

More here:

North Korea Observes Earth Hour

by Bunk X ( 164 Comments › )
Filed under Asia, Communism, Environmentalism, North Korea, Open thread, Satire at March 31st, 2011 - 11:00 pm

[Image cropped from here.]
To be truthful, this is cheating a bit, as this satellite photo was not taken on 26 March. North Korea’s been observing Earth Hour for decades, every hour of every night of every day of every year, and they’re doing their part to preserve the environment and stave off Global Warming.

Just look at their selfish greedy capitalist neighbors to the south. Pathetic. If only everyone would follow in the AGW-enlightened footsteps of the land of, um, ah, [where’s my thesaurus?] well, you get the drift.

Speaking of drifts, the eastern U.S.  is set up for a spring snowstorm courtesy of the Global Cooling efforts of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, so let’s turn on all the lights in the Rec Room, crank the stereo and heat up some stuff on the electric range while we enjoy the power of freedom here on The Overnight Open Thread.