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ISIS & Al Qaeda Franchising

by Bunk X ( 183 Comments › )
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Members of the al Qaeda affiliated group al Shabab in Somalia in 2013.

Members of the al Qaeda affiliated group al Shabab in Somalia in 2013.

The face of terrorism is morphing. Here are excerpts from an interesting (yet not surprising) report by John Grady in USNI News:

Creating franchises among groups claiming affiliation with al Qaeda or the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is among the biggest change in international terrorism, two leading experts told the Atlantic Council on Thursday.

Bruce Hoffman, director of security programs at Georgetown University, said the United States missed that shift of terrorist groups willing to “hitch their fortunes to al Qaeda’s star” after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and the Pentagon. “We made exactly the same mistake” with groups like Boko Haram in Nigeria, al Shabab in Somalia and others in Egypt and Libya now claiming affiliation with ISIS.

With so many groups — possibly 17 — operating out of geographically diverse strongholds, Bruce Riedel, director of intelligence programs at the Bookings Institution, asked the Washington audience where does the United States place “its finite number of analysts, its finite number of drones” to keep tab on them.

For al Qaeda — who plan large dramatic attacks for its long-term benefit — and ISIS — who act for immediate gain and shock — terrorism appears to pay off as it did with the bombings of the American embassy and Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983. Those operations cost little, but succeeded in having the Marines leave Beirut a few months later. Similarly, the 2001 attacks cost about $500,000 and the United States spent $5 trillion in response, including fighting long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, both said.

Hoffman said that while al Qaeda’s leader Ayman al Zawahiri has been quiet for months the group is clearly working to attract support in South Asia — from the Indian subcontinent to Burma to Indonesia.

He cited a recently spoiled al Qaeda plot to infiltrate the crew and officer cadre of a Pakistani guided missile frigate, seize it, steam into areas where coalition navies are conducting anti-piracy patrols and then fire on an America warship “preferably an aircraft carrier” an attack that “that would have provoked a naval war” between the two countries.


Among the questions facing a new American government [sic] when it takes office in 20 months will be whether ISIS will go underground in Iraq as al Qaeda did and what will conditions be like in Afghanistan and Pakistan when coalition forces leave.

[Complete story at USNI News.]

Minor critique of an otherwise interesting read – I hope that we don’t have “a new American government when it takes office in 20 months.” Instead I hope we elect leadership that recognizes and deals with real threats, and does so with action, rather than fighting global and domestic terrorism with inane rhetoric.

Blazing Cat Fur Exposes Adam Gadahn al-Amriki – UNCENSORED!

by 1389AD ( 13 Comments › )
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I recently received an email from Blazing Cat Fur with a link to his video exposing the activities of American jihadi Adam Gadahn. But before I got around to blogging it, YouTube took the video down. It’s now up again on MRC TV. Here’s the story:

Blazing Cat Fur: YouTube says referring to Al Queda as “Depraved Savages” violates “Community Guidelines”

Dear Blazingcatfur:

Thank you for submitting your video appeal to YouTube. After further review of the content, we’ve determined that your video does violate our Community Guidelines and have upheld our original decision.

We appreciate your understanding.

Sincerely, — The YouTube Team

This is the Al Queda video, featuring Adam Gadahn the despicable American Jihadi, that has resulted in the suspension of my account on YouTube. Aside from Gadahn’s own words I referred to al Queda as being “Depraved Savages” for their evident reverence for the  Fort Hood Murderous Muslim Maniac Nidal Malik Hasan. That’s it. That’s as bad as it got. This was a straight news story on a matter of public interest otherwise. Clearly YouTube is run by cretins.

Thank God for MRC TV. PS. Check out Quoth The Raven for the Latest on YouTube’s Jihad.


Southern Fried Stealth Jihad

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Why are huge megamosque complexes invading the American South? Who is funding them? And why are they often being built next to churches?

Human Events: Southern-Fried Jihadists?

by Jason Mattera


Homegrown Islamic terrorists are consciously moving to the South to take their Jihad to the heart of “infidel America,” says Erick Stackelbeck, investigative reporter and author of the new book, The Terrorist Next Door.

When we sat down, Stackelbeck argued that monster mosques are popping up everywhere below the Mason-Dixon Line because Jihadists want to “challenge American Christendom.” These multi-million dollar facilities, Stackelback suspects, are almost completely funded with Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates money. As you’ll see in our interview, Stackelback highlights a massive mosque in the Nashville area that had to get gobs of financial assistance for construction from elsewhere than the local Muslim community, as there are only 200 Muslim families in the area.

Oh, and these mosques are generally built near churches on purpose with the “minaret” towering over the “steeple,” and that’s not by accident. I’ll let Stackelbeck explain:

YouTube: Southern-Fried Jihadists?

View article and read comments here.

The federal government settles Somali Muslim “refugees” in small towns such as Shelbyville, Tennessee, where they not only disrupt and endanger the lives of law-abiding locals, but also form a permanent security risk to the US:

Atlas Shrugs: PBS in Tandem with the State Department Smears Shelbyville to Advance Al Hijra (Muslim Immigration)

For years I have been writing about the refugee resettlement program here: Refugee Resettlement: The quiet Jihad tsunami that is wreaking havoc on “gateway cities” like Lewiston, Maine; Shelbyville, Tennessee; St. Cloud, Minnesota; Clarkston, Georgia; and Jamestown, North Dakota. (here)

More deeply disturbing is the UN decides who gets refugee status. I have recounted the subsequent sometimes violent repercussions of these “religious” communities attempting to advance Islamic supremacism by targeting gays and hurling stones at them, trying to impose Muslim prayer on the public schools, imposing sharia law on these workplaces in America (go here and here and here and here and here and here)….

More on al hijra here.

Brian Mosely, staff writer for the Shelbyville Times Gazette, contacted me on the topic of Somali immigration in that small Tennessee community. He has written a number of articles over the past three years dealing with the strains and culture clashes that have occurred as a result of that.

In his email, Mosely describes the Islamic supremacist propaganda war being advanced by the notoriously left PBS (your taxpayer dollars at work) and the Arabist State department:

One of these stories took the national stage in 2008 when the Times-Gazette reported that a new union contract at the Shelbyville Tyson Foods facility replaced Labor Day as a paid holiday with the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr.

Following that, a documentary crew came here and shot  “Welcome to Shelbyville,” which will air nationwide, May 24 on PBS..

The film received financing and support from progressive migration advocates, with the hand of George Soros thrown into the mix, and has also been sponsored by the state department as overseas propaganda. The “propaganda” label comes from no less an authority than the New York Times

I am in the film and after seeing it in October, found it a completely biased distortion of what has happened, one that depicts myself and Shelbyville as “unwelcoming.” In short, they came to town with a prearranged agenda to link the community with the Jim Crow past and the KKK and then proceeded to stage events with the Soros supported Welcoming Tennessee activist group, but completely edited out important issues like the communality’s reaction and resistance to the demands of the Muslims during the Eid al Fitr controversy. The event is not mentioned at all.

Writing about this topic has so far resulted in my appearance in this left wing movie, as well as a right-wing book. I learned last week that I am in Chapter 4 of Erick Stakelbeck’s The Terrorist Next Door, which examines Somali immigration and is partly based on my work from 2007-2008. Erick came down an shot a segment for the 700 Club with me in 2009 about our situation.

It even got so nuts for this country-boy scribe in 2008 that no less an authority than Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy flew down here to meet with me personally in order to pick my brain about creeping Shariah.

This morning, our paper published an editorial calling into question the motives of the filmmakers, and my publisher has allowed me to take them to task for the way I am portrayed in my blog. I detail my experiences with the director, who was only focused on arriving a prearranged story, no matter what the facts were.

Times Gazette wrote of the film here.

There is quite a bit of money and media support for this effort by the filmmakers and the state department, but I feel that the other side of the story is not being told. I am just a small town journalist with only one voice, and now I learn that the state department is throwing their weight behind this slanted film:

Read it all.

In an effort to keep the voters from figuring out that accepting any Muslim refugees is a bad idea, liberal media operatives backed by George Soros produce a movie, shown on PBS, that smears the town as raaaaacist:

About “Welcome to Shelbyville”

(h/t: Atlas Shrugs)

By Brian Mosely

As many of our readers are aware, in late 2007, I wrote a five part series about the impact that the introduction of Somali refugees were having on Bedford County. The stories focused on how the refugees got here, their traditions and beliefs, and took an honest look at the many cultural clashes that were taking place between the locals and the newcomers.

The series provoked a huge controversy, along with much discussion and debate from members of our community.

Then, in August 2008, the Times-Gazette reported that a new union contract at the Shelbyville Tyson Foods facility replaced Labor Day as a paid holiday with the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr.

That story put Shelbyville on the national stage, with the topic touching off coverage from the national news media, as well as massive attention on the issue from talk radio hosts, websites and blogs, some of which continues to this very day.

The controversy the stories created led a documentary crew to Shelbyville in late 2008 to shoot “Welcome to Shelbyville,” which will air nationwide, May 24 on PBS at 9 p.m.. The film received financing from progressive migration advocates, and has been sponsored by the state department as overseas propaganda. The “propaganda” label comes from no less an authority than the New York Times.

I viewed the film twice in October of last year during its local premiere, and found the filmmaker’s depiction of myself and the stories published by the T-G to be a monstrous distortion, with an incredible series of blatant omissions and dishonest misrepresentations that was obviously designed only to advance the political agenda of the filmmakers and the progressive organizations that funded and supported its production.

While the filmmakers certainly have a right to express their views, in the process, I feel they have engaged in a completely unfair character assassination of both myself, the Times-Gazette, not to mention how the entire city of Shelbyville is depicted.

They have told their story. Now, I shall tell mine.

The first time I met the director of Welcome to Shelbyville, Kim Snyder, was on the public square in the fall of 2008 and it was obvious from the start that the filmmakers was planning on telling the story of our situation to promote their own agenda. She was with Catalina Nino, who did public relations for the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) at the time, and another woman whose name escapes me, but who was heavily involved in the production of the film.

We spoke about the situation here regarding the Somalis and they asked if I would appear in the film. I knew I had no choice but to take part in this, otherwise, they would tell whatever story they pleased without my participation.

Apparently, they intended to do that whether I was in the movie or not.

Then the discussion turned to what I was doing at that time, which was covering the new prosecution of Edward McGee, who raped and murdered two little girls in 1966. I explained the sad case and why it was still a topic of conversation over 40 years afterwards.

But the director’s friend only had one question: “Was he black?”

She said this in such excited tones that I felt like I was disappointing her by informing them that everyone involved in the horrific murder case was white.

It was obvious to me, however, that the filmmakers already had a narrative in place for their project and appeared to be let down that there would be no “To Kill a Mockingbird” parallels to work with in Shelbyville.

But, despite my misgivings about their motives, I asked the editor at the time, John Philio, for permission to be interviewed for the film and it was granted.

So, one month later, I sat down with Snyder and her crew to tell the story of what had been going on in Shelbyville with the refugees and the series of stories we ran, and the impact. I went into extreme detail about the history of the Tyson indictment from 2001, and how the community felt about the issue of immigration, as well as going into great detail the more recent Labor Day/Eid al Fitr flap, which brought us national media attention and angered many in Shelbyville and across the country.

None of these important topics made it into the film. Not even a mention.

Instead, the filmmakers decided to use a clip of dialog in which I described some of the derogatory comments made by our readers on the T-G website that mentioned the alleged hygiene of the Somalis. I clearly stated that the T-G never published these stories and statements ourselves, and that they were made by our readers but for some reason, out of the three hours of footage they shot of me, this clip is featured at the start of the film and prominently on the Internet via YouTube.

Much more here.

Why are we harboring “refugees” who are known to be terrorists? Just askin’.

Kentucky: Federal indictment: Two Bowling Green residents involved in a conspiracy to provide support, weapons to al-Qaida in Iraq (ISI)

Flag of the 'Islamic State of Iraq'(a/k/a al-Qaeda in Iraq)
Pictured: Flag of the “Islamic State of Iraq” (aka al-Qaida in Iraq)

BGDailyNews[Emphasis mine..ed}

LOUISVILLE — Two Iraqi refugees living in Bowling Green were arraigned today on federal terrorism charges – including accusations of attempting to kill U.S. troops with explosive devices in Iraq.

Waad Ramadan Alwan, 30, and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, 23, are charged in a 23-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Bowling Green on May 26. The men made their initial federal court appearance today in Louisville.

Alwan is accused of conspiring to kill U.S. nationals overseas, conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against U.S. nationals overseas, distributing information on how to manufacture and use improvised explosive devices, attempting to provide material support to terrorists and to al-Qaida in Iraq and conspiring to transfer, possess and export Stinger missiles.

Hammadi is charged with attempting to provide material support to terrorists and to al-Qaida in Iraq, as well as conspiracy to transfer, possess and export Stinger missiles.

The men were arrested Wednesday in Bowling Green. The FBI set up a mobile command center behind the Bowling Green Police Department headquarters last week, where FBI agents in camouflage, body armor and suits could be seen moving between the mobile command center and the BGPD.

In September 2009, the FBI began investigating Alwan, according to a news release from the Department of Justice. The FBI later began using a confidential source to meet with and record conversations with Alwan in August and with Hammadi in January. In meetings with the confidential source, Alwan allegedly discussed his previous activities as an insurgent in Iraq from 2003 until his capture by Iraqi authorities in May 2006 – including apparent use of IEDs and sniper rifles to target U.S. forces, according to the release. [More including links to PDF’s related to case]

Hmmm, will they rat out others? May be a good idea to stock up on popcorn, this could get very interesting…

Read the rest.

Sacrificing Yet Another Serb

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Waving Serbian flag

Roasting Mladic

Posted by Julia Gorin

…[In Srebrenica] beheadings of Serbian civilians were commonplace, and in some villages the mujahedeen would dynamite homes with the inhabitants trapped inside.

No attempt was made to hide such atrocities. In fact, Gen. Oric would often address the media at the site of the massacres. On one such occasion, while standing in front of mujahedeen displaying decapitated human heads as trophies, Gen. Oric pointed to a smouldering building in ruins and proudly announced to reporters, “We blew those Serbs to the moon.”

Alija Izetbegovic was also proud to display the fighting prowess of his mujahedeen volunteers. Following a successful attack against Serbian positions around Vozuce on Sept. 10, 1995, the Bosnian president held a televised medal presentation. Mujahedeen warriors had served as the vanguard of the assault force, and were awarded 11 decorations for valour, including the Golden Crescent, Bosnia’s highest honour.

According to Miroslav Lazanski, author of the new book, Osama bin Laden Against America, al-Qaeda members still maintain two bases in Bosnia, one of them reserved for top fighters.

Following the Sept. 11 attacks, FBI and CIA agents uncovered evidence that two of the suicide hijackers had originated from this Bosnian camp…The U.S. military has taken a keen interest in mujahedeen activities in the Balkans since Sept. 11. Late last month, U.S. Air Force Gen. Richard Myers visited NATO troops in Bosnia to warn them against a possible al-Qaeda retaliation attack. And on Dec. 4, the White House added two Albanian terrorist groups operating in Macedonia and Kosovo to its list of outlawed organizations…

– Scott Taylor, of Canada’s Esprit de Corps magazine, writing for Ottawa Citizen in December 2001

We’ll all be able to sleep more soundly, won’t we, now that Ratko Mladic is caught.

As jubilation over the latest Serbian catch proceeds for the next several weeks — by Muslims, media, Washington and Brussels — the merrymakers should understand that others of us are also elated, but for a very different reason. For the reason that the cameras go dark once these trials actually start. (As they’ve done in the inconvenient Karadzic and Milosevic cases.) As Hague observer Andy Wilcoxson warned upon Karadzic’s arrest three years ago: Be careful what you wish for. In fact, in the coming weeks I’ll be checking in on the past year of revelations from the Karadzic trial, and give us a flavor of the beans Mladic will be spilling. (This is of course IF the Tribunal gives him the chance — its judges tend to cut off microphones when an inconvenient truth comes out in court.)

Whatever proof will be shown of executions by Mladic’s forces of Muslim POWs (and there were a few hundred — though not 8000), it’s important to understand the main reason he has been sought with such universal zeal, as was Karadzic and the abducted-by-night Milosevic, not to mention all the lesser-known Serbs currently serving multi-decade terms. The crime they are all morally charged with — above and beyond anything legal or technical — is daring to fight back when Muslims attacked. They are guilty of being Serbian officials during war. Of daring to answer war with war.

Anyone care for a roasted Serb?

photo credit: Yasunari Mizuguchi

Because if we’re on the subject of POWs, let it be known what your Western governments have kept from you. The Serbian POW in the photo above had been roasted, allegedly alive, by mujahedeen forces serving in the Bosnia-Herzegovina Army. An excerpt from a too-little-too-late effort in 1998 by American Serbs to catch up to their enemies (and designated victims) in the image war reads:

The castration and forced circumcision of hundreds of Serb POWs ranks among the most repugnant of war crimes — these physical mutilations of Serb victims were never made public by CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, nor any major U.S. newspaper. If the American people had been told the truth from the beginning, American GI’s would not be in Bosnia today…

There’s more — much more — where the image above came from, here. As well, we have documentary video evidence (which I am in the process of downloading and creating a location for).

Graphic details of what Srebrenica Muslims did to Srebrenica Serbs even appear in the book Planned Chaos by a wartime MP named Ibran Mustafic. (Also from the horse’s mouth, let’s not forget about these two raped Bosnian-Muslim girls who escaped from Muslim Srebrenica to Bosnian-Serb authorities for safety.)

In February, Wilcoxson commented:

The Serbs by no means have a monopoly on atrocities. Just like the Muslims, thousands upon thousands of Serbian civilians were driven from their homes in Bosnia. During the war, Serbia hosted more Bosnian war refugees [Serb, Muslim and Croat] than any other country. Just like the Muslims, Serb civilians were rounded up and held in camps under inhumane conditions. Just like the Muslims, Serbian civilians were subjected to gruesome massacres. In fact, in the region around Srebrenica between 1992 and 1995, many Serbian villages were massacred by the Muslims from Srebrenica under the command of Nasir Oric and some of proof is in this horribly gruesome video — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8o7ozy3fMz [removed by youtube as a “violation” — note: why do Serb victims need to be hidden from public view, but not Muslim victims? A brief but informative alternative video appears at this youtube link.]

Everybody involved in the Bosnian War is guilty of ethnic cleansing. Before the war, Muslims made up almost a third of the population in what is now Republika Srpska — after the war their share of the population was just shy of 2%. Likewise, in what is now the B-H Federation, Serbs had comprised about a third of the population before the war, and after the war they were just over 3%. Those people didn’t just voluntarily decide to walk away from their homes, their property, and all of their possessions in order to be refugees. The Bosnian-Muslims have no right to point fingers at the Serbs, because they themselves did a lot of the same things they’re accusing the Serbs of doing [and started the war in the first place]. There won’t be reconciliation in that part of the world until everybody admits their guilt.

Meanwhile, an update from the other front of the Balkan jihad. Mladic may be captured (whew!), but this guy and his cohorts? Still in office:

This apt picture, starring our good friend the terrorist “prime minister” of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci (flanked by his other Western protectors Bernard Kouchner and Javier Solana), is a reference to the murderfororgans story that broke a few months ago. Make no mistake about the timing of the Mladic capture. Terror collaborators (a.k.a. bureaucrats) in Washington and Brussels need very much for this other story to recede even deeper into oblivion than it already has. (And who even remembers that it was a Kosovo Albanian that killed two U.S. servicemen in Frankfurt just two months ago?) And so the Mladic arrest is meant to overshadow all the bad news coming from our Great Islamic Hope in Kosovo. As if Mladic did anything approaching the crimes that the ‘legitimate’ rulers of Kosovo committed against non-Albanians and Albanians alike — and by their own hand. As if 1500 Muslim soldiers — not “8000″ — dying from a combination of combat, landmines, infighting and — yes — criminal execution of POWs compares to kidnapping and torturing civilians and selling their organs, to name just one slice of what these apparently more ‘kosher’ butchers are guilty of.

Indeed, given such macabre revelations, the U.S. needs to re-justify a looming NATO operation that will bring Kosovo’s north under Albanian control — by reminding the world of WHAT THE SERBS DID, via a Mladic capture. And so the quisling regime in Serbia — desperate to join the club of “humanity” and that promised-land European future — obliged.

Nor does the West seem to have a problem with those in power in Bosnia. Never mind that some of them helped fund the 9/11 attacks, that another (the son of wartime president Izetbegovic) is a major weapons smuggler, and that a third fosters fundamentalism, issued the mujahedeen passports, and is essentially the top rung of the Bosnian leg of al-Qaeda. Nope, no problems for us there. Not nearly the priority that Mladic was. Flashback to December 2001, again from Canadian military reporter Scott Taylor:

Osama bin Laden — stripped of his Saudi citizenship in 1994 — is alleged to have retained the Bosnian passport he was issued in Vienna in 1993. According to a Sept. 1999 report in Dani, a Bosnian Muslim weekly paper, Alija Izetbegovic, then president of Bosnia, granted Mr. bin Laden a passport in recognition of his followers’ contributions to Mr. Izetbegovic’s quest to create a “fundamentalist Islamic republic” in the Balkans.

Dani also reported that al-Qaeda terrorist Mehrez Aodouni had been arrested in Istanbul while carrying a Bosnian passport. Like Mr. bin Laden, his citizenship had been granted “because he was a member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina army.”

Lest we forget, the people still in power in Bosnia also issued a passport (and citizenship) to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Again, nothing to see here. Keep moving toward the Orthodox Serbs.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any richer, Reuters brings us this:

The Muslim member of Bosnia’s three-person inter-ethnic presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, welcomed the news of Ratko Mladic’s arrest on Thursday and said it was conducted in cooperation with Bosnian security agencies.

So Bosnia’s security agencies kicked right into gear on this one, while being “unable” to secure certain other aspects of Bosnian society.

On the Russia Today network, historian Srdja Trifkovic yesterday warned that in the coming days and weeks, rather than commendations for Serbia’s turning Mladic in, we can expect to see and hear a renewed orgy of Serbophobia, a recycling of all the old tales of the heinous things the dastardly Serbs supposedly did.

But Serbian president Boris Tadic doesn’t seem to get it: Tadić: Serbia’s reputation “no longer tarnished”

“A difficult period of our history is over and Serbia’s reputation is no longer tarnished,” Tadić underscored. “I believe that this operation has proved that the services of the Republic of Serbia have made this country safe and have secured the rule of law, and that our work on the search for war crime suspects will increase Serbia’s moral credibility in the international arena and raise all security capacities to a higher level…” Tadić said.

“It is good for Serbia that it has closed [i.e. reopened] this chapter of history,” Tadić said, and explained that the extradition process was already underway.

Asked whether he expected unrest in the country, the president said that he did not expect the country to enter a political crisis, and that “anyone who tries anything of the kind will be arrested and prosecuted”. […]

Well, after all this, who’s going to jump to defend Serbia from any aggressors again when needed? No one. And that’s the whole idea. Welcome to the EU of small, castrated, prostrate, states — where only nodding will be tolerated.

Here’s how Robert Leifels, an American cop who served as UN police in Bosnia, put it to me yesterday morning: “I guess you heard about the arrest of General Ratko Mladic. People in trouble always turn to guys like him when they need help, then turn against them when they are no longer needed. He served his country and now he is being used once again, to pay for EU membership. Did you ever watch the old movie HIGH NOON starring Gary Cooper? Tells it all.”

Speaking of Tadic’s anticipated rehabilitation of Serbia, the opposite is already in full swing — just like last time. But he will not be deterred:

Arrest of Bosnian Serb former general expected to unblock Serbia’s bid to join EU.

…Tadić said that the arrest has “opened” all doors to EU membership. “Today we cleared our name and the name of all Serbs,” he said.

Tadić said that Serbia would now do everything in its power to arrest Goran Hadžić, a former leader of Croatia’s Serbs who now is the last remaining indictee wanted by the ICTY.

The arrest came just days after Serge Brammertz, the ICTY’s chief prosecutor, filed a negative report about Serbia’s co-operation with the ICTY with the UN Security Council. Brammertz’ report made it less likely that the EU member states would have given the green light to Serbia’s candidacy this year, threatening Tadić’s chances of re-election next year.

So we’re ALL GO for EU membership, right? But wait a second — this just in:

EU Wants Progress in Kosovo Talks for Serbian 2011 Candidacy

The European Union wants Serbia [to] show evidence it is making progress in regional cooperation, including with the breakaway province of Kosovo, to boost the chance of becoming an entry candidate by year’s end.

[EU high representative for foreign affairs and security policy Catherine] Ashton…said in the statement that talks between Belgrade and Kosovo are “fundamental for removing obstacles on the road towards the EU.”

Serbia and Kosovo launched a series of talks under the EU auspices in March, trying to resolve non-political issues such as customs procedures, communications and land registries.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso last week told Serbia that time was running out and it had to do more by the end of June to convince the EU it is ready to become a candidate.

So there will be no ‘unblocking’ for Serbia anytime soon, as the bar keeps getting reset higher. Whatever Serbs do — including during the Balkan wars when they repeatedly laid down their weapons at Western behest and got slaughtered — is not enough.

To wit: Is this the first time you’re hearing the name Goran Hadzic? We were always used to seeing the names Mladic and Karadzic as the pair of most-wanted fugitives. But once Karadzic was caught, all of a sudden we needed to also get this guy Hadzic. So it became “Mladic and Hadzic.” Because you simply can’t arrest enough Serbs. (Headline: “Ratko Mladic arrested: Goran Hadzic last remaining major figure at large“) As Nebojsa Malic put it to me recently:

Goran Hadzic is the last remaining official of the Republic of Serb Krajina, destroyed by Croatia in 1995. All the other Serb officials, whether from Serbia or from Bosnia and “Croatia” are either dead, or have been convicted of BWS (Breathing While Serb). They need him to complete the set, so to speak.

[In February], they convicted the head of Serbia’s police in 1999 for “joint criminal enterprise” to murder and expel poor “Kosovars”. The verdict stated that Milosevic was the mastermind of the conspiracy, and all the coverage noted that he “died while on trial for genocide.” (As in, it was proven and all). Sickening.

Dr. Trifkovic reminds us that the Hague’s tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia “is a highly politicized institution that has been used over the years to provide retroactive quasi-judicial [justification] of the political position of the Western powers that the Serbs are indeed the main culprits for all that came to pass in the former Yugoslavia.” He adds that the Serbian press today is more government-controlled than it ever was under Slobodan Milosevic, and is consistently pushing EU membership as a panacea for all that ails the country — much like Communism had been, he points out. “If Serbia does join the EU,” he says, “it will be the first time in history that a rat has jumped onto a sinking ship.”

It seems that the EU will not rest until every Serb leader has been discredited, all Serb lands are occupied by foreigners, and the entire heritage of the Serbian people has been obliterated. This is much like what the tranzi-progressive/jihadi axis is currently doing to Israel and the Jews.

AL-Qaeda targets Russia

by Husky Lover ( 14 Comments › )
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Many on this blog dislike Russia. However, they have a common for with us, it’s AL-Qaeda. Russia fought AL-Qaeda before we ever did in Afghanistan and the Caucasus. NOw after Bin Laden’s death, AL-Qaeda has decided to target the Caucasus once again.

After Osama bin Laden’s death, it is clear that the war on terrorism is not over.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the former al-Qaeda’s number two, may take over as bin Laden’s heir, unless the interim operations leader Saif al-Adel, the former Egyptian commando with Iranian ties, gets the job. In the meantime, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the most active and dangerous of al-Qaeda affiliate terrorist organizations, has embarked upon expanding the global reach of its supporters. AQAP recently translated al-Qaeda’s online journal Inspire into Russian in an effort to attract the jihadis from the embattled North Caucasus and other Muslim-populated parts of Russia.

America and Russia should put their differences aside and unite against Islamic aggression. Both should throw under the bus, their Islamic proxies and back non Islamic forces. Together, Russia and America can crush Islamic Imperialism. We just our leaders to get over their cold war bitterness. Islam is the enemy of both our nations!

Iran 9/11 connection

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Personally, I’ve always suspected Iran had a hand in 9/11. Some of the hijackers made their way through Iran and stayed in Germany in a Hizb’Allah safe house. Let’s not forget that AL-Qaeda, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hizb’Allah fought side by side against Serbia. Despite evidence of the AL-Qaeda/Iran ties, many experts still deny any alliance.

The 9/11 Commission did uncover evidence that Iran and Hizb’Allah were aware and even possible involved in the 9/11 plot. For whatever reasons, the US government has downplayed this finding. The reasons are unknown, but Iran is never held to account for any of it’s actions, until now. A federal lawsuit brought by families of 9/11 victims has evidence showing Iran’s complicity in 9/11.

A new lawsuit raises the possibility of Tehran’s complicity in al Qaeda’s infamous attacks. Philip Shenon reports fresh details on who will testify—and the mysteries they could unlock.

With the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks looming, a federal lawsuit in Manhattan offers the possibility of resolving a central mystery about the attacks: Was Iran involved?


The suit, brought in the United States District Court in Manhattan on behalf of the families of dozens of 9/11 victims, is promising testimony from three Iranian defectors, all of them identified as former members of Iran’s central spy agency, who will implicate Iran and its terrorist proxies in Lebanon in the Sept. 11 attacks.


The report said the commission had uncovered evidence that as many as 10 of the 14 Saudi terrorists who were aboard the hijacked planes had traveled in and out of Iran between October 2000 and February 2001 and that Iranian border agent had been told not to place “telltale stamps” in the terrorists’ passports, easing their travels.

There was also circumstantial evidence to show that senior officials of Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terrorist organization in Lebanon, were “closely tracking the travel” of a number of the hijackers in and out of Iran in 2000, the report said.

Read the rest: The Iran-9/11 Connection

To be honest, I always had a gut feeling Iran and Hizb’Allah was involved in 9/11. In 1996, AL-Qaeda and Hizb’Allah with assistance of Iran carried out the Khobar Tower bombings. There was already a working relationship between these organizations, why would it not extend to 9/11?

What I want to know is, why didn’t the US government follow up the commission’s finding? Iran was already by then assisting in killing American troops in Iraq. As always with Iran, we did nothing. Had we followed up on these links and prove Iran was involved in 9/11, we would be justified in a retaliatory military action. The Bush administration dropped the ball on this one, for reasons not know, but I have my suspicions. The regime of Barack Hussein Obama will do nothing since they view Ayatollah Iran as a 3rd World Liberation regime. If true and confirmed, Iran has gotten away with murder yet again.

One day, America will get its vengeance on Iran. Maybe not in the near future, but I am convinced that one day, we will have a government that understands the true nature of Islam, and will end this little dog and pony show. Until then, the Ayatollahs and Iranian Revolutionary Guards commanders can sleep good at night knowing there will be no consequences for their actions.

Target-Rich Environment, Big Time

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By Zenster, in response to YouTube: Mustards around the world mourn OBL (h/t: Gates of Vienna):

In the news report below you can watch a tiny minority of extremists pack the streets and public squares of cities all over the world to mourn the death of a madman who was not a Muslim, and promise to exact vengeance on his behalf.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

Gregory: I don’t get it. How come people are saying that osama wasn’t a muslim?

Zenster: That is because, if the West has any brains, bin Laden essentially sounded the death knell for Islam. His premature and impetuous attacks upon the Western world unnecessarily risked awakening the sleeping giant long before the global Muslim community had summoned a fraction of the military might it actually needs to win the World War it has declared.

Far better to have stayed beneath radar and continued the massive infiltration and colonization program known as hijra than to have been dragged into an open war that Islam has no hope of winning.

The 9-11 atrocity came close to killing as many Americans as the soldiers who died during the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was the single worst loss of life in an act of war upon the continental United States and it is long overdue for Americans to recognize this atrocity for the declaration of Total War that it clearly was.

If the West wakes up in time and takes the 9-11, London and Madrid atrocities seriously; once this war is fought and over in earnest, the entire Muslim world, or at least what is left of it, will have learned to forever curse the name of Osama bin Laden.

Originally posted on 1389 Blog.

AL-Qaeda militants seize weapons factory in Yemen

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Thanks to the support of the Obam regime, AL-Qaeda is now on the offensive. Militants associated with AL-Qaeda have seized a weapons factory in Yemen.

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Islamic militants seized control of a weapons factory, a strategic mountain and a nearby town in the southern Yemen province of Abyan Sunday, said a witness and security officials, as a political stalemate in the capital causes security to unravel around the country.

The fragile nation has been rocked by weeks of mass protests against the long-serving president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who refuses to step down.


Al-Qaida has seized control of towns in southern Yemen before, but in the past was vigorously confronted by security forces loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Will Obama order air strikes to help AL-Qaeda? This situation in Yemen needs watching. It’s across from Somalia, where AL-Qaeda affiliates AL-Shabaab are active. With Yemen and Somali under there grasps, one of the world’s vital shipping lanes is under threat. Obama’s Pro Islamic policies are enabling what Bin Laden can only dream of.

Crucifying Christians on Christmas; and Iraq’s Christian ‘religicide’

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This will most likely not surprise anyone, but Christians and Jews are being persecuted- mainly in muslim countries. It’s amazing that wherever these muzz parasites show up, they demand, and usually get, their hosts to give them special rights that NO other religion gets.

Yet in countries where the followers of this cancerous disease called islam are the majority, not only do other religions not any special rights, they usually get none whatsoever, and are lucky if they aren’t murdered by the ever-tolerant members of the “Religion of Peace™” for daring not to convert to that gutter religion that worships a child-molester as its prophet and prays to a “God” that can only be described as what the Old and New Testament calls Satan.

Turkey is usually portrayed by the libturds in the media as an example of “tolerant” muzz country willing to allow those of other religions to live peacefully among its mostly muzz population. Don’t you believe that for a second!

While the Turkish government might claim to be more “tolerant” of Christians and Jews, its citizens don’t seem to be very tolerant. The following video is a speech from Austrian Parliament member Ewald Stadler to the Turkish Ambassador stating that “People are Sick and Tired of the One-Way Street Tolerance Babble Which You (muslims) Feed On”, and goes on to describe the stabbing and beheading of a Roman-Catholic Archbishop named Luigi Padovese, who was stabbed eight times and then beheaded by one of those tolerant followers of the ROP™ screaming allahu akbar as he cut off the man’s head.


But of course, when it comes to the muzz swine persecuting Christians and Jews, we’ve got more.

In the Vatican’s annual statement of peace delivered right before Christmas, Pope Benedict XVI said:

“Christians are the religious group which suffers most from persecution on account of its faith,” Pope Benedict XVI wrote in the Vatican’s annual Peace Day message. The pontiff chose not to single out the most notable perpetrators of this persecution, but previous Vatican statements and numerous human rights surveys point the finger at Muslim-majority countries. In most of them, Islam is the official state religion and source of law. In those places, there is no appreciation for the Western practice of freedom of worship. Indeed, free exercise is the very thing that can lead to violence.

The case of Asia Bibi – a 45-year-old Pakistani Christian mother of five sentenced to death in November for allegedly blaspheming against Muhammad – has gained wide press attention. Less noticed is the case of the Rev. Wilson Augustine, a 25-year-old Pakistani Christian evangelist who was beaten with clubs and belts and set on fire for preaching the Gospel in villages near the town of Sargodha. In Egypt, there is rising violence against members of the ancient Coptic Christian community, which existed in the country centuries before Islam was founded. In January, six Christians were killed when three Muslim gunmen opened fire on worshippers attending a Coptic Christmas Mass. In another case, a Christian named Farouk Attallah was killed by four Muslim men who were outraged that his son was romantically involved with a Muslim girl. They were arrested, but the case was thrown out for “lack of evidence.”

In many Muslim countries, Christians face institutional discrimination regarding marriage and inheritance laws, taxes, government employment, and time, place and manner of permitted worship. Conversion to Christianity is frequently a capital offense, and in Saudi Arabia, Christian worship of any kind is banned. Those carrying Bibles or other religious materials are subjected to police harassment and confiscation of the dangerous devotional items. Dissenters from these Shariah-based violations of religious freedom face charges of blasphemy and stringent punishments. According to an October study by Freedom House, such blasphemy laws reach well beyond their purported purpose of protecting religious dogma and are used to stifle all manner of expression and political dissent.
Click here to read the rest

Then there’s this:

ADLERSTEIN & MOELLER: Iraq’s Christian ‘religicide’
Christmas is time of fear, flight for ancient faith community

Religious tolerance is under attack. The targeting of Christians in Iraq threatens not only a historic community of hundreds of thousands of souls, but the very heart of Western democracy.

Tolerance to all religious groups was one of the founding ideas of the American way. We can take pride in having exported it to large areas of the globe. All people have benefited from this, not just minorities and people of faith. Generally, governments that refuse to extend full protection to religious identification and expression are governments that take personal liberties lightly. Experience has shown that those governments cannot be trusted to keep to agreements, making our efforts on their behalf worthless. The health of religious liberty is therefore a good test of where to commit our resources. It should be intolerable to us to have spilled the blood of thousands of American troops to stabilize a government in Iraq that cannot protect a Christian community that is almost 2,000 years old, allowing its members to be slaughtered.

The al Qaeda-linked Oct. 31 attack on Our Lady of Salvation church in Baghdad killed more than 60 people, including two priests. In 2004, this cathedral was among six churches attacked across Baghdad and Mosul. In recent years, Iraq’s Christians have been targeted for kidnapping, extortion, killing, bombing and assassination. Al Qaeda has declared that all Christians are its legitimate targets.

While we enjoy our holidays, Iraq’s Christians can look to a future of even greater danger. On the eve of the 2003 American-led invasion, its Christian population was nearly 1 million. Today, that number has plummeted to an estimated 350,000. More flee daily.

This “religicide” of Christians holds disturbing parallels to a previous systematic, intentional effort to eliminate another religious community from Iraq. In 1941, Haj Muhammad Amin al-Husseini, grand mufti of Jerusalem and Adolf Hitler’s ally, used radio broadcasts to incite the population against their Jewish neighbors. For 48 hours, Jews were murdered in the streets, raped, tortured and mutilated. Iraq’s Jewish population was subjected to systematic persecution for parts of the next decade; by 1951, 100,000 were forced to leave for Israel. Staged trials led to the public hanging of Jews in the aftermath of Israel’s Six-Day War. Today, virtually nothing remains of Iraq’s once-vibrant Jewish community. Unless the world takes action, this is the fate that awaits Iraq’s Christians.
Click here to read the rest

And the muzz scum wonder why so many normal people despise them and their gutter religion of murder and mayhem.

The only wonder I have is why so many seemingly normal people want to tolerate and celebrate these mostly uneducated, illiterate, parasitic leeches coming to their countries.

But then every time I see that America-hating POS living in the White House, and realize that over 60 million people actually voted for the scumbag, I know why.

Thanks to Obama and Holder’s liberalism, al Qaeda terrorist convicted on only 1 of 285 charges

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This is why we don’t and never will trust these ignorant, incompetent libs with keeping America safe. By insisting on trying these muzz pieces of crap in civilian courts, rather than in military tribunals, as the Bush administration was going to do, they’re proving that they’re obviously more interested in having 70 year-old Nuns or little kids groped by overpaid TSA loafers, and calling it terrorism deterrence, than they are in actually convicting and deterring terrorists.

The way things are now under the Obama regime, “TSA” should stand for “Transacting Sexual Assaults” and the gropers’ motto should be “If we don’t get off, you don’t get on”.

Were you aware that these scanners would not actually detect or “see” any type of explosives like the Christmas day “underwear bomber” attempted to detonate?

Look at these sample images from TSA tests. As you can see they, they used people stashing guns and knives, which is a joke, since these items are easily seen or detected with current technology which does not invade one’s privacy, but not any type of chemical, like the “underwear bomber” had sewn into his underwear, or other types of incendiary devices, such as plastic explosives, because those wouldn’t be seen unless the would-be terrorist was carrying a large amount.

And did you hear about this $30 million gift from the Obama administration to union bosses via TSA unionization? Probably not.

TSA was set-up to be non-union “in light of their critical national security responsibilities, and shall not, as a term or condition of their employment, be entitled to engage in collective bargaining or be represented for the purpose of engaging in such bargaining by any representative or organization.”

A few facts about the TSA you might find interesting:

* Number of TSA employees eligible for unionization: 50,000
* TSA budget for FY 2010: $7.8 billion
* Estimated Union dues TSA union will provide union bosses at $50 per month: $2,500,000 per month or $30,000,000 per year.
* Number of Americans whose Fourth Amendment rights have allegedly been violated: Thousands and still counting.

But liberals, being liberals, are more interested in paying off the union goons (that spend hundreds of millions of dollars on trying to elect them) than they are in the security of the American people.

Ahmed Ghailani, who was detained at GITMO, was charged with 285 counts, including 224 murder charges (including the murders of 24 Americans), for the bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. He would have faced the death penalty if he would have been convicted of the murder charges. Now, the 36 year old POS will get as little as 20 years in prison.

Gitmo detainee convicted of 1 charge
First to face civilian trial

The Obama administration’s plan to prosecute suspected terrorists in civilian courts was dealt a serious blow Wednesday when a jury acquitted a former Guantanamo detainee of all but one of the hundreds of charges he faced.

Ahmed Ghailani, 36, still faces at least 20 years in prison and could receive a life sentence after he was convicted of one count of conspiracy to destroy U.S. property in connection with the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

But Ghailani was acquitted of 224 counts of murder for each of the people killed in the bombings as well as other 60 other charges. He could have faced the death penalty if convicted of murder.

The trial at a Lower Manhattan courthouse had been viewed as a test for the Obama administration’s aim of putting other terrorist suspects, including self-professed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four others held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on trial on U.S. soil.

The verdict also gave fuel to persistent administration critics who argue that suspected terrorists should be prosecuted by military tribunals at Guantanamo not in U.S. civilian courts.

Rep. Peter T. King, a New York Republican who is the ranking member of the Committee on Homeland Security, called on the administration to abandon plans to prosecute terrorists in civilian courts, saying the “tragic verdict demonstrates the absolute insanity of the Obama administration’s decision to try al Qaeda terrorists in civilian courts.”

“I am disgusted at the total miscarriage of justice today in Manhattan’s federal civilian court,” Mr. King said in a statement. “In a case where Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani was facing 285 criminal counts, including hundreds of murder charges, and where Attorney General Eric Holder assured us that ‘failure is not an option,’ the jury found him guilty on only one count and acquitted him of all other counts including every murder charge.”

Click here to read the rest of the disgusting story

Update: GOP vows to block more transfers from and closing of GITMO; Trial result means GITMO will most likely not close by the time Obama’s first and only term expires

WASHINGTON – The first court conviction of a Guantanamo Bay detainee did little to push President Barack Obama closer to shuttering the island prison, making it increasingly likely his campaign promise will remain unmet by the time his current term expires.

Jurors in New York City on Wednesday convicted Ahmed Ghailani of conspiracy to blow up government buildings in the al-Qaida attacks on two U.S. embassies in 1998, but they acquitted him on more than 280 other charges. He is the only person transferred from Guantanamo Bay for trial since the U.S. began filling the military prison in Cuba eight years ago.
Read the rest here

Chavez: Obama’s Travesty of Justice

Not since the infamous acquittal of O.J. Simpson has the American jury system so utterly failed as it did this week in acquitting on all but one charge former Guantanamo detainee Ahmed Ghailani, an al-Qaida terrorist responsible for the deaths of 224 people. A New York City jury managed to convict Ghailani on only one charge — conspiracy to destroy U.S. government property — in the attack on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

But the failure is not just that of one criminal jury but of the Obama administration, which decided to try enemy combatants in American criminal courts. Instead of admitting their serious error in judgment, administration officials said they were “pleased” with the outcome because Ghailani would serve a minimum of 20 years in prison for his crimes. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, a Clinton-appointed federal judge who presided over the case, was even more reprehensible in his remarks after the trial. Kaplan complimented the jury on its verdict, suggesting that “American justice can be rendered calmly, deliberately and fairly by ordinary people, people who are not beholden to any government, not even ours.”

The jury heard hard evidence that Ghailani purchased the truck used in the bombing in Tanzania; obtained some of the oxygen and acetylene gas tanks used in the bombing; stored the electronic detonators used in the attack, one of which the FBI recovered in Ghailani’s house along with TNT traces; and gave the actual suicide bomber the cell phone used in plotting the attack. The jury did not hear evidence from a witness who sold Ghailani the TNT used in the attack because the judge barred it, claiming that Ghailani led federal prosecutors to the witness only after Ghailani was subject to coercive interrogation methods at Guantanamo. But even without this direct testimony, there was more than enough evidence to convict on the more serious charges.

Click headline above to read the rest

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