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ISIS continues its march

by Husky Lover ( 267 Comments › )
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ISIS continues to expand its reach in the Middle East. In Iraq they seized a major dam and several villages from Kurdish forces. In Lebanon ISIS along with their rival Nusra Font have combined to seize territory in Lebanon centered around the town of Arsal. They are now clashing with the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah.

ISLAMIC State (Isis) fighters have seized control of Iraq’s biggest dam, an oilfield and three more towns after inflicting their first major defeat on Kurdish forces since sweeping through the region in June.

Capture of the Mosul Dam after an offensive of barely 24 hours could give the Sunni militants the ability to flood major Iraqi cities, sharply raising the stakes in their bid to topple Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki’s Shi’ite-led government.


sis fighters have also been involved in violent exchanges with Lebanese armed forces around a border town in a push to dislodge the biggest incursion by militants into Lebanon since Syria’s civil war began.

At least ten Lebanese soldiers have died in the fighting, which erupted after Islamist gunmen seized a local police station on Saturday in response to the arrest of their commander, security officials said.

An unknown number of militants and civilians have also been killed, and security sources say at least 16 members of Lebanon’s security forces have been taken captive.

The gunmen in Arsal include fighters linked to the Islamic State (Isis), the al Qaeda offshoot that has seized territory in Syria and Iraq, as well as Syria’s al Qaeda branch, the Nusra Front.

ISIS and its allies are now battling on multiple fronts Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Nigeria where Boko Harram has pledges allegiance and Libya. The self describe Caliphate has shattered the Iranian led Shiite crescent and are threatening Jordan. This organization is a cancer that is spreading. ISIS believes it is reliving the 7th Century Jihad.

How Does The Hashtag Compare With The Big Stick?

by Flyovercountry ( 132 Comments › )
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Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

On May 18, 1904, The American diplomat to Morocco, Ion Perdicaris was kidnapped by a flamboyant Berber chieftain who called himself The Raisuni. Few people knew this at the time, including by the way President Roosevelt, the American Ambassador to Morocco had renounced his American Citizenship almost 40 years prior to being kidnapped. In the movie based on this event, so expertly acted out by Sean Connery and Candice Bergen, it was believed that a 64 year old balding fat pampered man would not be a compelling enough story to exact full fare from movie goers to see the 1970’s version of an action adventure flick. So Ion Perdicaris was changed to Eden Pedecaris, the Raisuni was changed to the Raisuli, and the rescue suddenly became a love story of sorts, complete with making it all about Roosevelt’s reelection.

It is true that at the Nominating Convention in which Teddy secured his first GOP nod to be our President, (his first term in office resulted from the death of William McKinley on September 14, 1901, and not the result of winning in a general election,) that this campaign slogan was unveiled, “Perdicaris alive or the Raisuni dead.” Unlike the movie however, it was not Roosevelt who had initially used this slogan in a political context. During the convention his Secretary of State, John Hay, read the communication that Roosevelt had secretly sent to the Sultan of Morocco as his keynote address to the Convention. The telegram was a means to explain exactly what those 7 war ships Roosevelt had dispatched to Morocco meant, and what their intended business would be upon their arrival. Roosevelt’s doctrine on foreign policy you see was somewhat different than what we see today from the current State Department. Teddy’s philosophy was, “speak softly and carry a big stick.” He didn’t deliver well articulated speeches, he didn’t pontificate about all peoples coming together to live in peaceful coexistence, and he didn’t offer up theories about nations never seeking to dominate other sovereign nations. He merely sent the full capability of our fighting force to inflict his will upon people who he felt were purposefully provoking the American People with clear acts of war.

Two things happened prior to the arrival of those 7 warships. First, the Sultan of Morocco, probably interpreting Roosevelt’s telegram as a personal threat against himself, paid the Raisuni’s $70,000 ransom demand. Second, Ambassador Perdicaris was returned, unharmed along with his stepson who had also been kidnapped. Years later, while living in Britain, Perdicaris admitted to forming a friendship with the Raisuni, in what has to be the earliest case of Stockholm syndrome ever recorded.

In the years following this earlier-than-Israel’s-existence act of Islamic Terrorism, many theories about Roosevelt’s motivation as to how he handled the crisis have emerged. Many feel that the whole thing was nothing more than a slick campaign ploy, and that he was more interested in using the debacle to ride to reelection. Many people have postulated that he was embarrassed by the fact that Perdicaris was not a U.S. citizen, and that Roosevelt himself paid the ransom to the Raisuni once this was learned, so that the whole thing could be resolved prior to anyone in America finding out. One thing is obvious however, and that is that even one century later, nobody doubts the American Strength that was projected by Theodore Roosevelt, and that it also marked for quite some time, the end of our troubles with the crazy membership of that Cult known as Islam.

I am not suggesting that in today’s world, simply dispatching America’s military capability about the globe every time our President feels provoked should be our new foreign policy doctrine, but there are other ways in which our President can project American strength, rather than weakness. Maybe we should discuss some of pieces of low hanging fruit that already exist for this endeavor. Not announcing to the world that we will be slashing our military defense budget to levels not experienced since prior to WWII would help immensely. Many of our enemies, which still exist around the globe, can in fact read, and often do. They are also equipped with the skills necessary to perform basic math. When you slash the military’s budget while at the same time demand that they retrofit and fuel many of the vehicles used to run on bio-diesels, which are 600% more expensive than those based on crude oil, you are ill equipped to project any kind of strength within your own borders, let alone abroad. Many from the political left labeled Ronald Reagan as crazy or stupid for his, “Star Wars,” missile defense shield. Not a single one of them apologized to the 40th President when he was proven correct. It was a deterrent to further hostility, and in fact did more to contribute to the collapse of the Soviet Union than any other single factor. It projected American strength around the globe in a way that can only be described as defensive in nature. The missile shield does not have an aggressive capability, but can only be used to prevent unwarranted attacks against us or our allies. Removing that shield from Eastern Europe and preventing its inclusion amongst other allies around the globe can only be described as the worst sort of idiotic naivete. Yet, here we are, and that is exactly the unilateral action taken by our President. If your goal were to purposefully destroy the United States and hang all of her allies out to dry, there would be no greater course of action than these two things alone.

Now, compare all of the above with this:

This is weaker tea even than economic sanctions, which couldn’t even convince the world to stop trading with Iran while she threatened and nearly achieved the capability to build her very own nuclear bomb. (I’m guessing that Iran hasn’t achieved this yet, since there’s not been errant detonations anywhere. We, all of us, know that Iran will use one as soon as she has sufficient quantities to perform evil.) Nothing says toothless former giant more than a First Lady begging as a part of a photo op. Clearly, the Kumbayah school of diplomacy has reached its only possible end, which is a disastrous level of failure not seen since Neville Chamberlain announced, “peace in our time.” I don’t know if it our place as Americans to do anything at all about Nigerians kidnapping Nigerians, or conducting their acts of evil anywhere else in the world against anyone but those people with whom we are interested. I do know however that they have been emboldened to these new heights of hubris by a suddenly ineffective and toothless United States of America. The progenitors of evil around the globe have taken the measure of our President and found him to be lacking resolve, ability, maturation, and a desire to oppose them in any fashion. To say that they are singularly unimpressed with hashtags is itself one of the great understatements of the century. They see a man who, while speaking to our enemies, used that time to vainly plead for a cessation in provocative action until after his reelection bid. The sheer shallowness of this man alone must have seemed like candy to Vladimir Putin, who is clearly not in the slightest bit concerned with winning elections.

During the days between our election of the least qualified man in any room that he enters and his inauguration to become our nation’s chief executive, President George W. Bush authorized, against the protestations of Barack Obama by the way, the launch of one of our missiles from a Submarine stationed in the Pacific Ocean to bring down an obsolete satellite in lower Earth orbit. We not only hit the satellite with the missile, but hit the specific part of the satellite that we intended to hit. The message to the world at large was plain, (and judging by the week long temper tantrum thrown by Chinese diplomats and high ministerial officials, was also plainly received,) you may have Barack Obama and his desire to weaken America for a President now, but his effects upon our capabilities will be temporary. We will still have our toys and we will still know how to use them once his regime has been replaced. Thank goodness for George W. Bush, if for no other reason than that action alone. We’d certainly all be speaking Arabic or Chinese now were it not for that.

Cross Posted from Musings of a Mad Conservative.

Juche: Meet Kim Jong-Il’s propaganda poet; and stop making excuses for Islamist monsters

by Speranza ( 247 Comments › )
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I find the stories that North Korean defectors have to tell to be fascinating and terrifying.

by Larry Getlen

Jang Jin-sung, a North Korean poet laureate and a employee of the country’s United Front Department, the government agency responsible for “inter-Korean espionage, policy making and diplomacy,” was walking through Dongdaewon, the poorest area of Pyongyang. It was 1999, five years into the country’s harsh descent into famine and poverty.

As he entered a packed outdoor market, he was stopped by a gathering crowd. In the center stood an adult woman and a girl of about seven. A piece of paper hung from the girl’s neck. It read, “I sell my daughter for 100 won.”

At the time, 100 won equalled about 10 cents in US dollars.

Onlookers cursed the mother. The daughter cried to the crowd that her father had died of starvation. Finally, an army lieutenant — who, given his position, was still receiving food rations — agreed to take the girl, and paid the mother.

The mom broke down in violent sobs, screaming “Forgive me! Forgive me!” to the girl as she jammed pieces of bread in her mouth, the last thing she would ever be able to give her daughter.

“Looking at the mother and daughter in that place,” Jang writes, “I felt sure that we were living in the end days of the world.”

‘The Corpse Division’

Jang’s new memoir, “Dear Leader,” is a remarkable story of struggle and survival, the tale of his desperate flight from North Korea in 2004.

Given Jang’s unusual position of privilege, the book also presents a rare look inside the lives of the North Korean people and its leaders.

The average North Korean citizen received monthly, pre-measured food rations from the state until 1994, when the collapsed economy left people to fend for themselves. (Those in high levels of government and the military still received rations.)

Death from starvation grew so common that it led to the founding of the ominously but accurately named Corpse Division.

Jang first saw them when, in a park, he noticed “a swarm of homeless people who looked to be either dead or dying. There were also men hovering over the bodies like flies, at times poking the inert figures with sticks.”

When he asked who they were, a friend replied, “They’re from the Corpse Division. They get rid of the corpses. All the other provinces [except Pyongyang] dispatch them to the main park near the station. All sorts of people move through the station, so they come here to beg, until they die.”


“The Corpse Division had a loaded rickshaw, on top of which some empty sacks were laid,” he writes. “Six bare and skeletal feet poked out from beneath these in oddly assorted directions. For the first split second, I did not understand what I was seeing, but as soon as I realized these empty sacks were human bodies, I grew nauseous.”

Water was scarce as well. The lower and middle classes “frequented the boiler rooms at foreign embassies, restaurants, or central state institutions. If you paid a bribe, the staff would allow you to have some of the hot water from the overflow pipe.”

Despite the desperation, woe to the North Korean who stole food.

As Jang spoke to his friend at their hometown marketplace, a siren went off. People around him began swearing. His friend “looked exasperated” and said, “F – – – ing hell.”

“There’s going to be a People’s Trial,” said a nearby vendor. “No one can leave the market until it’s over.”

These executions, Jang learned, took place weekly.

“Sure enough, soldiers rushed in from all directions to surround the square, herding us into the center with the butts of their rifles,” writes Jang. The prisoner, who had stolen a bag of rice, was brought in wearing everyday clothes, which Jang took as a message to the townspeople that “any of them could be in this position.”

The man, “eyes full of terror” and “blood around his lips,” was brought into the center as “a military officer read out his judgment,” and a judge declared, “Death by firing squad!”

After this less-than-five-minute “trial,” a soldier shoved “a V-shaped spring” into the man’s mouth to “prevent him from speaking intelligibly,” so that he “could not utter rebellious sentiments” just before he was shot dead in front of the day’s shoppers.

Meeting the dictator

Already a member of the UFD, Jang was declared one of the “Admitted” — a special status proclaiming one a Kim Jong-il insider, with privileges including immunity from investigation and prosecution (except for treason) — in 1999 after writing a poem called “Spring Rests on the Gun Barrel of the Lord.”

The 28-year-old was brought to meet the Dear Leader after being summoned by the Guards Command, the unit “responsible for the protection of Kim’s household. It comprises one hundred thousand infantry, seamen and pilots.”

When Jang first saw Dear Leader, he felt “let down,” as Kim was “an old man who looks nothing like the familiar image of the People’s Leader.”

The shock continued when he noticed that Kim had removed his shoes.

“Even the General suffers the curse of sore feet!” he writes. “I had always thought him divine, not even needing to use the toilet. That’s what we were taught in school.”

“You, boy! Are you the one who wrote that poem about the gun barrel?” Kim said.

“Yes, General!” Jang yelled in his carefully prepared response. “I am honored to be in your presence!”

“He smirks as he approaches me,” writes Jang.

“Someone wrote it for you, isn’t that right?” Kim says. “Don’t even think about lying to me. I’ll have you killed.”

“As I begin to panic,” writes Jang, “the Dear Leader bursts into hearty laughter and punches me on the shoulder. ‘It’s a compliment, you silly fool. You’ve set the standard for the whole Songun era.’” (Songun is North Korea’s “military first” policy.)


Jang notes, though, that the “wine” Kim drinks is not wine as we know it, but rather an 80-proof liquor “developed by the Foundational Sciences Institute, the academic body devoted to the study of the Dear Leader’s health. Three thousand researchers work there, planning and preparing medicines and dishes specifically designed to extend Kim Jong-il’s longevity.”

Forbidden knowledge

Working in the UFD, part of Jang’s job was to write poetry praising Kim, which was then ascribed to prominent South Korean poets. These were then presented to North Koreans via state-run media, to show them how beloved the Kims were to the outside world.

To pull this off, Jang was allowed access to South Korean newspapers, to help him affect a South Korean writing voice.

Reading these papers, though, along with other privileged communications, alerted him to the breadth of Kim Jong-il’s lies, including about how he came to power.

While the world believed that Kim Jong-il was anointed his father’s successor, internal documents showed that the younger Kim had wrestled power from his dad, the country’s godhead and Supreme Leader, Kim Il-sung.

Kim Jong-il, as the eldest son, should have inherited the leadership position. But factions created after Kim il-sung’s second marriage led to his younger son, Kim Pyong-il, being regarded as his successor by the nation’s elite. After college, Kim Jong-il was given a job in the Propaganda and Agitation Department, a low-level position that would not have been given to the next in line.

But Kim Jong-il rose up through, and consolidated his power within, the nation’s ruling Workers’ Party. He brought the government’s many factions under the control of the party’s Organization and Guidance Department (OGD), by then his base of power. In time, “the party had replaced all the functions of government, which had become no more than a hollow shell.”

As Kim Jong-il quietly substituted all of his father’s men with his own, Kim Il-sung didn’t even notice, as “he saw only the cultification of himself, as did the outside world.”


The escape

Jung’s time in the UFD also gave him a glimpse of how Kim Jong-il viewed other countries, including ours.

“The United States negotiates as a matter of diplomacy, to seek common ground on an issue; but when North Korea comes to the table, it’s a counterintelligence operation,” Jung explains. “North Korea uses dialogue as a tool of deception rather than of negotiation, with the objective being the maintenance of misplaced trust in the other party.”

Kim Jong-il “formally set these three principles as a basis for diplomatic engagement. ‘The United States will buy any lie, as long as it is logically presented’; ‘Japan is susceptible to emotional manipulation’; and ‘South Korea can be ignored or blackmailed’.”

By 2004, Jang had grown disillusioned with the Kim regime. At one point, he removed a South Korean newspaper from work — a crime punishable by death — and lent it to a friend with similar feelings.

When the friend lost it after falling asleep on a train, the two became marked men and knew immediately they had to flee the country.

After a harrowing, 35-day journey through China, Jang defected to South Korea, working for several years in the country’s intelligence service before returning to writing full-time. He currently lives there with his South Korean wife and new baby boy, noting that his son is “a unified Korean child.”

He lives surrounded by bodyguards, as the North Korean government regularly threatens his life, even publicly declaring last year that it would “remove my existence from this universe.” (Jang Jin-sung is a pen name.)


“Like many others, I had years of nightmares after settling in South Korea,” he writes. “At night, our fears take hold of us, as we are returned to the oppressive surveillance, or find ourselves arrested by secret police and hauled away to a prison camp. . . . We say amongst ourselves that only when our nightly dreams are set in the safety of our new country, have we truly made it out of North Korea.”

Read the rest - ‘The end days of the world': Meet: Kim Jong-Il’s propaganda poet

The popular culture will never tell the truth about Islam yet they have no problems trashing Christianity, Mormonism, and Judaism.  It is not that they are pro Islamic but they are terrified of the consequences of angering Muslims.

by Ralph Peters

When it comes to fanatical Islam, we’re entranced by the symptoms but refuse to name the disease.

The extremes to which Western elites will go to avoid blaming radical Islam for terrorism cripples our efforts to protect innocent Muslims. Terrified of offending butchers, we insist that we’re the bigots, not them. We make excuses for monsters.

Boko Haram, whose name means “Western learning is forbidden,” kidnaps 200 schoolgirls, and the world rightly takes notice.
On February 20th, members of Boko Haram killed dozens when they attacked a high school in the Nigerian town of Bama.Photo: Reuters

But what about the thousands of peaceful civilians, both Christian and Muslim, Boko Haram has killed, purportedly to install an Islamist state? What about the medical workers, pious volunteers, who are murdered in a faith’s name?
Red cross officials search for victims after at least 35 people were killed when Boko Haram bombed a crowded neighborhood in Nigeria’s northern city of Maiduguri on March 1st.Photo: Getty Images

Hollywood suddenly woke up to Islamic fundamentalism last week in the strangest possible way, boycotting the Beverly Hills Hotel because it’s owned by the Sultan of Brunei, who plans to impose the cruelest provisions of Sharia law on his fiefdom’s women.

Hey, I’m all for the boycott (can’t afford the joint, anyway), but this is a combination fashion-statement and NIMBYism par excellence. On vacation, those same stars will stay happily at the Four Seasons, even though a Saudi prince has owned nearly half of its shares. How are women’s rights going in Saudi Arabia?

Would Hollywood make the same noise if the sultan just owned the local Motel 6?

Liberals refuse to accept that such problems aren’t aberrations, but norms: chronic symptoms of the illness of Middle-Eastern Islam.

Those same stars, directors and producers who are switching hotels in Beverly Hills wouldn’t dream about making films about the vast misery imposed on women (and plenty of boys and men, for that matter) by Islam’s violent regression in our time.

In Hollywood, attacking Christianity or Judaism is cool. But all those “brave” filmmakers are terrified of offending Islamist activists. Instead of films about al Qaeda’s atrocities, we get movies that trash our military for “crimes” against the terrorists.


People protest outside the Beverly Hills Hotel May 5th.Photo: ReutersIslam is in the midst of a great civil war between those who wish to modernize their faith, and those who want to return Islam to an age of barbarism. Through our silence, we strengthen the fanatics.

Our elites even do their best to stifle the voices of inconvenient victims. Who in Hollywood stuck up for Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a victim of Islamists, when she was prevented from telling her story on-campus? That was an intellectual honor killing.

An entire civilization is failing before our eyes. Cultures whose values just don’t work in the 21st century are damning themselves to stagnation by oppressing the female half of their populations (and repressing the males, too). From Morocco to Pakistan, no state other than Israel is competitive in any significant field of human endeavor. In 2014, the Muslim Middle East not only cannot build a competitive automobile, but can’t produce a competitive bicycle.


I’m sorry for those kidnapped schoolgirls. But I’m sorrier for the hundreds of millions of women in the Middle East who are invisible to us. Our silence puts us in the same class as the Germans and others who carefully closed their shutters as the local Jews were herded off to the railyards.

But you can’t hear the screams in Malibu. Or Manhattan.

Read the rest - Stop making excuses for Islamist extremist monsters

Nigeria accepts Israeli help against Boko Haram

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Obama, Hillary, Hagel and Kerry badly hurt!

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has accepted an Israeli offer to assist in the efforts to find hundreds of schoolgirls who were kidnapped by the extremist Islamist group Boko Haram, AFP reported.

The offer was made on Sunday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who spoke with Jonathan by phone. “Israel expresses deep shock at the crime against the girls,” Netanyahu told the Nigerian president, according to the prime minister’s bureau. “We are ready to help in finding the girls and fighting the cruel terrorism inflicted on you.”

A statement from the Nigerian president’s office in Lagos later on Sunday said that Jonathan had “briefed Mr Netanyahu on actions already being taken by Nigeria’s armed forces and security agencies to locate and rescue the girls, saying that Nigeria would be pleased to have Israel’s globally acknowledged anti-terrorism expertise deployed to support its ongoing operations.”


Hillary Clinton blames the victim again

by Husky Lover ( 7 Comments › )
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During Bill Clinton’s numerous sex scandal, Hillary always blamed the other woman and gave her husband a pass. Blaming the victim was Hillary’s Clinton’s way to squash the sex scandals. Now in the realm of foreign affairs, Hillary Clinton blames the victim.

In a despicable and classless act, Hillary Clinton blames the Nigerian government for the rise of Boko Haram. She goes through the typical leftist poverty causes terrorism canard. This Islamist group arose becasue of al-Qaeda cells setting up in Northern Nigeria.

WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Nigeria on Tuesday for corruption and poor living standards that she said encourage the sort of extremism typified by the attempted bombing of an American airliner.Speaking at a town hall meeting of State Department employees, Clinton said the Nigerian government has failed for years to address the legitimate needs of its people. She said that has contributed to a growing sense of alienation, particularly among the young who are then more susceptible to extremist ideologies.
“The failure of the Nigerian leadership over many years to respond to the legitimate needs of their own young people, to have a government that promoted a meritocracy, that really understood that democracy can’t just be given lip service, it has to be delivering services to the people, has meant there is a lot of alienation in that country and others,” she said.

“There has to be a recognition that in the last 10 years a lot of the indicators about quality of life in Nigeria have gone in the wrong direction,” Clinton said. She said illiteracy was growing, health standards were falling and described corruption in the country as “unbelievable.”

Hillary’s words are straight out of Huma’s mouth. Let us not forget it was Hillary’s refusal to designate Hoko Baram as a terror organization that has ham-stringed any serious action against this group.

Female members of CBC call for action against Boko Haram

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I normally oppose the Congressional Black Caucus, but when they are right I have no qualms supporting them. Female members of the CBC are condemning the kidnapping of 200 Nigerian girls by the al-Qaeda linked Boko Haram terror militia. They also call for the US to give military assistance to Nigeria in their fight with Boko Haram.

A group of American congresswomen have called on the US to do more to help Nigeria capture the “terrorist thugs” behind last month’s kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls.

During a visit to the Nigerian embassy in Washington, the five politicians recommended the US fund Nigerian military efforts to track down Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Islamist group Boko Haram.

But the lawmakers said they were not advocating American boots on the ground.

They spoke as Pentagon officials confirmed they would send fewer than 10 military personnel to Nigeria as part of US efforts to help rescue the girls.

I fully support the CBC’s US military giving any aid to Nigeria against this Islamic organization. To assist Nigeria resist Islamic aggression is noble cause and one that is in America’s interest. Boko Haram is an evil organization that should be crushed. If US assistance can help achieve this goal, then let it be.


Muslims Attack Unbelievers On Our Holy Days

by 1389AD ( 64 Comments › )
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These attacks took place on or around the date of Easter celebrated by Western Christians. Orthodox Pascha will be celebrated on April 15, 2012.

50 people killed in Easter Sunday bombings

Easter car bombing in Nigeria 2012

Abuja: At least 50 people were killed when explosives concealed in two cars went off near a church during Easter Sunday services in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna, eye-witnesses said.

Shehu Sani, the President of Civil Rights Congress based in Kaduna, said two explosions took place at the Assemblies of God’s Church near the centre of the city with a large Christian population and known as a major cultural and economic centre in Nigeria’s north.

“There were two explosions and the casualty figure may go up because some injuries were really critical,” he said on phone.

Another resident of the city, Miss Blessing Audu said that the explosion has caused panic among Christians celebrating Easter.

She said some parts of the church were damaged even as the vibration caused by the explosives were heard in several parts of the city.

An emergency worker on condition of anonymity explained that the bombs were planted in two cars near the church.

At least 50 people were killed amid fears that the casualties may rise from the blasts.

He said his agency has been able to recover 20 bodies from the site.

Police spokesman Aminu Lawal confirmed the incident but sought more time before making a formal statement.

Ahead of Easter celebrations, the US and the UK had warned of possible bomb attacks, advising its citizens against travelling to certain parts of the country.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the bombings, but the BBC reported that Boko Haram recently said it would carry out attacks in the area over the Easter holiday.

The radical group has carried out a series of attacks on churches and other locations on Christmas Day, including outside the church in capital Abuja, where 44 people died.

It is waging a bloody war against the government to seek the enforcement of strict Shariah law and the release of all its detained members.

The group has bombed churches and attacked mosques in the 150-million nation that has both Muslim and Christian population, with Muslims predominant in the north while Christians mostly living in the South.

Coordinated multiple bombings and gun attacks in the northern city of Kano by Boko Haram cadres killed 185 people, including an Indian from Gujarat on January 20. A suicide bomb attack by the group at the United Nations headquarters in Abuja in July last year killed 26 persons.


Sheik has the story on many more Easter attacks:

Un-Islamic Easter Bombs (2012)

Follow his links to news stories from Somalia, Nigeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Syria, and the Philippines.

Attacking unbelievers on their holy days is a cherished Mohammedan tradition. Nothing to do with Islam, as always…

Not only Christians were attacked:

Hindu Muslim riot in Hyderabad. Desecration of Hanuman Temple with alleged Beef throwing created communal tension.

Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) | 9th April, 2012: An indefinite curfew was today imposed in the sensitive Madannapet and Saidabad areas of the walled city. A Hanuman temple at Kurmaguda, (in Saidabad) was found desecrated on the Sunday morning which was followed by incidents of stabbing and heavy stone-pelting, hence curfew has been imposed, police said.

A day after the Hanuman Jayanti (6th April, 20-12), in the early hours of Sunday, 8th April 2012, the devotees of the Hanuman temple at Kurmaguda, in Saidabad, were in for a shock to find green colour had been splashed on the walls of the temple and pieces of cow meat were thrown inside the temple from the grills.

The naturally agitated Hindu youth protested against this sacrilegious act. The Muslims who are a majority in that area launched an offensive on the Hindus and both sides engaged in a duel of stone fight. Sensing trouble, the police indulged in lathi charge and also fired tear gas hurting many of the protesters. At the same time, the Muslims grouped themselves into a larger group and more or less occupied the main road of Saidabad armed with stones and swords, eye witnesses told NewsBharati…

Much more here.

Sword-wielding Muslim mobs? This is 2012!

Here’s another instance of that, in Egypt.

Nearly fourteen centuries ago, mobs of jihadis armed with primitive weapons took advantage of the weakness of their more civilized foes and brought about the Dark Ages. Why are we letting that happen all over again?

Hinglaj Hindu Temple committee chairman kidnapped in Balochistan by suspected Islamists in the eve of Yearly Pilgrimage.

Islamabad, Apr 9,2012, (PTI)

The chairman of the committee that manages the famous Hinglaj Mata temple in Balochistan province of southwest Pakistan has been kidnapped just two days before the beginning of the shrine’s annual pilgrimage, according to a media report today.

Maharaj Ganga Ram Motiyani was abducted at Lasbela in Balochistan by two men in police uniform.
His followers organised a protest outside the Karachi Press Club yesterday and demanded that the government take steps for his recovery.

“Motiyani’s kidnapping appears to be a conspiracy against Hindus since he was kidnapped two days before the gathering.

“He has not been kidnapped for ransom because he is a poor man,” Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, patron of the Pakistan Hindu Council and a former member of the Sindh Assembly, was quoted as saying by The Express Tribune daily.

Thousands of Hindus, including yatris from India, travel to the cave temple of Hinglaj Mata for a pilgrimage in April…

More here.