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I raise a toast to President Barack Obama – OOT

by Daedalus ( 33 Comments › )
Filed under Blogmocracy, Blogwars, Diary of Daedalus, LGF at August 27th, 2012 - 11:00 pm

The washed up musician and unnatural looking freak, Charles Johnson, once again shows his love of Obama. He raises a toast to his beloved god-king!

Yes, this overweight freak toasts this failed President.

This is the OOT

Charles Johnson calls Louis Farrakhan a positive force

by Daedalus ( 393 Comments › )
Filed under Blogwars, Diary of Daedalus, Humor, LGF, Open thread at March 11th, 2012 - 3:00 pm

If someone said they did not like Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic policies but admired his love of dogs that individual would be attacked, mocked and shunned. The neo-marxist website, Little Green Footballs, lead by the increasingly mentally unstable Charles Johnson, would be among the first condemning that person praising Hitler’s love of dogs. Well, “The Race Detective” defended someone with an ideology similar to Hitler’s. He just did a post defending Derrick Bell’s praise of the anti-Semite and Black Supremacist, Louis Farrakhan. During that thread, he said although he doesn’t agree with Farrakhan’s racism but he praises what he calls the positive aspect of his message.

Wow, so Louis Farrakhan’s bigotry is given a pass because he has a positive message otherwise? If someone said that besides Pat Buchanan’s bigoted views the rest of his message is positive would Charles Johnson cut that person some slack?

The Race Detective then says that many black people he knew in the Jazz industry admired Louis Farrakhan. So because some black people like him he should be given a pass for his racist worldview. Also, odds are that blacks that like Farrakhan are racists as well (yes Killgore there are black racists). Why was Charles Johnson hanging out with black racists?

Louis Farrakhan, who preaches that some UFO led by Nation of Islam founder, Elijah Mohamed, will be manned by Black Aliens that will exterminate non Blacks on Earth is somehow a positive force?

Does Charles Johnson not realize that Louis Farrakhan is allied with his biggest boogeyman, the Neo-Nazis? Charles Johnson clearly has an identity problem. The Race Detective thinks that years of playing in mostly black jazz bands makes him an honorary black man. He rails against old white men (conveniently forgetting that he is one) while defending black racists.

This is what Charles Johnson actually sees in the mirror.

Charles Johnson, an aging, pasty faced white man who grew up in Hawaii, wishes he was black, so he defends black racists to appear cool and hip but in reality he is defending racism and bigotry. Next time the Race Detective accuses anyone of having ties to Nazis or White Supremacists, all one needs to do is point out he defended and praised Louis Farrakhan.

Does Charles have a soft spot for Farrakhan because the Nation of Islam hates Glenn Beck? No mainstream Liberal defends Louis Farrakhan, only far left Marxists like Charles Johnson do. Chuck has no shame!

Can you imagine him saying “Ron Paul, yes he can be a bit of a loon and an isolationist nut but I do like what he says about the Federal Reserve and our reckless spending habits”?

(Hat Tip: MrPaulRevere)

Boiler Room Crew Note: There once was a time Charles Johnson didn’t see anything positive in Louis Farrakhan’s message.

The 2007 version of Charles Johnson would denounce the 2012 deranged version!


More to come at Diary of Daedalus about Chuck’s old views of Louis Farrakhan.

Instances of Chuck mentioning Farrakhan in comments: Watch the progression…


Here’s everything CJ said about Farrakhan through October 2011, stitched together in one bigass .png, courtesy of the BRC.

Addendum from savage…
As I have said for years and years, and Rodan can attest to this fact, Charles Johnson is a hardcore Stalinist that worked very hard over the years to hide that fact from his readership and outside audience. As time went by, the majority of people started waking up to that fact when Charles went on his purges in 2008. Tis a shame that he had a cash cow that could have translated into a fat paycheck.

One good thing that has come out of this whole little drama is this website, and of course the great and powerful Diary of Daedalus, where anyone can sit in the comfort of his or her home and marvel at the gift that keeps on giving. Ah, good times, good times indeed!

Charles, I have to tip my hat off to you for not unplugging your site, you give hundreds if not thousands of people a place to go to laugh their asses off. Not many places you can go to view a textbook case of insanity.

CJ quotes and most images courtesy of The Boiler Room Crew at Diary of Daedalus!

Update from The Mongoose

Paging Mr Deedilus! Special delivery for Mr Deedilus!


Louis Farrakhan, the racist loudmouth infamous for calling Judaism a “gutter religion”


The latest stop on Screwy Louie Farrakhan’s tour of the world’s dictatorships is Zimbabwe


louis mouths off again

Screwy Louie Farrakhan told reporters that a US attack against Saddam Hussein would be an “attack against God Himself.”


Speaking of Screwy Louie, David Horowitz has some, uh, interesting letters from Farrakhan supporters on his weblog


Screwy Louie Farrakhan is going to stage a rally in Georgia to support Arab boot-licker Cynthia bin McKinney.


Farrakhan Mouths Off Again

Fresh from his whirlwind tour of the world’s totalitarian hellholes, during which he smooched the powerful butts of Saddam Hussein and Robert Mugabe, Screwy Louie is in Atlanta, ostensibly to support Cynthia bin McKinney.
[… …]
He “condemned all violence,” BUT Palestinian suicide bombers are “a sign of Israeli oppression.” See, that’s not really violence. Anything that kills Jews is fine by Lewis “Judaism is a Gutter Religion” Farrakhan.


And there’s more; in the libraries, students can find adulatory biographies of victocrat role models like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan
(note: THE BRC had to look up “victocrat” We is stupid)


celebration at the Lincoln Memorial was packed with representatives of Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, CAIR, the Wahhabi-backed Muslim American Society, and many other radical Islamic, anti-American, and pro-Palestinian groups


On Al Jazeera TV, March 18, 2007, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan openly supports Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons and says, “The time for the chastisement of Allah is here.”


Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is still alive, and still preaching separatist hatred in Atlanta, Georgia


Barack Obama has publicly repudiated Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, but Debbie Schlussel says she’s spoken with an Obama insider, who told her that Obama continues to employ several Farrakhan followers in his campaign.


There’s really no doubt that Louis Farrakhan is a preacher of hatred; his antisemitic statements are legendary, he’s a notorious supporter of Saddam Hussein and Robert Mugabe and countless other thuggish dictators, and he toured the Middle East in 2002 giving vicious speeches against Israel and the United States in the capitals of the Arab world.


Obama Marched with Farrakhan

Lots of readers emailed about this one, an article from 1995 in the Chicago Reader that confirms Barack Obama did take part in Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March


Barack Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, gave a eulogy yesterday and reiterated his crazy, hateful views, and his support for Louis Farrakhan, to thundering applause


AP’s Puff Piece on Louis Farrakhan

Here’s a very sympathetic article from the Associated Press about one of the most hateful figures on the American scene
[… …]
Here’s how AP writer Sophia Tareen describes Farrakhan’s notoriously virulent antisemitism

The other Charles Johnson didn’t like Mr Screwy Louie Farrakhan much.


Update: Charles Johnson Responds!

Charles Johnson called them a positive force. Jut see the screenshots below. Chuck really is deranged.


McCain’s Libyan Heroes out of control

by Phantom Ace ( 74 Comments › )
Filed under Al Qaeda, Barack Obama, Blogwars, Islamists, Jihad, Leftist-Islamic Alliance, LGF, Libya, Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia (Islamic Law) at February 17th, 2012 - 8:30 am

The darlings of the Progressive Democrats and Wilsonian Republicans are out of control. This assessment was done by the Tranzi Progressive organization, Amnesty International. After being lauded as heroes by John McCain and his girlfriend, Lindsey Graham, their ugly nature comes out. These are the same thugs with links to Al-Qaeda and one of the groups the False Messiah wants to give 800 Million to.

(CNN) — Armed militias in Libya are committing human rights abuses with impunity, threatening to destabilize the country and hindering its efforts to rebuild, Amnesty International said Thursday.

Militias have tortured detainees, targeted migrants and displaced entire communities in revenge attacks, according to a report the organization released a year after the start of popular uprisings that eventually ended Moammar Gadhafi’s 42-year rule.

“Hundreds of armed militias, widely hailed in Libya as heroes for their role in toppling the former regime, are largely out of control,” the report says.

Detainees at 10 facilities used by militia in central and western Libya told representatives from Amnesty International this year that they had been tortured or abused. Several detainees said they confessed to crimes they had not committed in order to stop the torture, Amnesty International said.

If Amnesty International, which is usually Pro-Islamic, is condemning the Libyan Islamists that should ring alarm bells. The media no longer reports on Libya. In fact, the Regime of the False Messiah claims this is a victory. Well they are not lying. It’s a victory for the unborn Caliphate done at the behest of their Pasha: Barack Hussein Obama.

Libyan rebel cheerleaders ProLifeLIberal, Dark Falcon and Charles Johnson are unavailable for comment.

(Update: Link added.)

Killgore Trout laments LGF’s move to the Radical Left

by Daedalus ( 141 Comments › )
Filed under Blogwars, Communism, Diary of Daedalus, Fascism, Leftist-Islamic Alliance, LGF, Liberal Fascism, Progressives, Socialism, Tranzis at November 16th, 2011 - 8:00 pm

Killgore Trout is one of the central figures in the down fall of the now Neo-Marxist blog Little Green Footballs. From 2007 until the great purge of 2009, Killgore baited Conservative members with Progressive talking points. When he would get hammered, washed up Jazz Guitarist and failed blogger Charles Johnson would ban the opponents of his lackey. Killgore smeared the Tea Parties or any Conservative person. He would plant racist comments on Conservative blogs or the comment section on Fox News’ website and discover them and give ammo to Chuck. Well those days are over.

In recent weeks Killgore has been critical of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. He has pointed out its anti-semitism, connection to Islamic imperialists and the lawlessness associated with it. This has made him a target of contempt from Neo-Marxists like Gus 802 and others. Once the darling of LGF and the apple of Charles Johnson’s eye, he is now hated and despised.

Killgore now laments that LGF is farther Left than he thought.

This brought down the hammer from Charles Johnson on his once favorite poster.

Killgore gets the hint and doesn’t even call Chuck out on his hypocrisy.

Poor Killgore. He wants sympathy and gets nothing but ridicule. He deserves everything he’s getting. He helped LGF go Leftwing and now he realizes it’s even more to the Left of where he is. This is what usually happens with Progressives. The hardcore Leftists use the Soft Leftists to get power. Killgore was just a useful idiot who is no longer needed.

Hey Killgore, you helped kill a good blog. You made your bed, now sleep!