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Pure Awesome.

by Bunk X ( 116 Comments › )
Filed under Art, Blogwars, Diary of Daedalus, Food and Drink, Humor, LGF, Links, OOT, Open thread at November 16th, 2011 - 11:00 pm

It’s also purely coincidental that we found that image of a WereSlug last night and scheduled it to follow a story about LGF’s Killgore Trout.

The connection might not be obvious to those who don’t know/don’t care about LGF or KT, but for those who are curious, here’s a linky; more on Killgore’s nasty chicanery here. As for slugs, there’s an amazing video here.

But back to the WereSlug. Kid’s got this guy beat by a mile, and I hope he gets all he can eat from KT’s kale patch during The Overnight Open Thread.

Award for Best Costume

by Bunk X ( 563 Comments › )
Filed under Economy, Elections 2010, Humor, Open thread at November 5th, 2010 - 11:00 pm


At least I hope that’s a costume. Or maybe it’s a metaphor for what most people hope the new Republican majority will do to Obama’s Rat Patrol.

According to statistics provided by Morgan Stanley, historically the economy rebounds by 200% within two years once the recovery starts. Unfortunately, this is the deepest recession we’ve had since the Great Depression, and I’m not entirely convinced that recovery has begun.

The dim light at the end of the tunnel is the recent election (excepting Kaliforkyou) so maybe there’s some hope after all, even though it’s a long tunnel.

On a lighter note, we don’t need no stinkin’ tunnels to see the light of an Overnight Open Thread.