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General Seti exposes Black Muslims as Lackies of the Pan Islamic agenda

by Phantom Ace ( 147 Comments › )
Filed under Humor, Islam, Islamists, OOT, Satire at December 28th, 2012 - 8:38 pm

The world’s only 7 star General Seti comes back to drop some knowledge. Unlike other threads where I do it because he’s hysterical and ignorantly funny, this is different. As much as I hate Seti’s racism, he is right about one thing. Islam is an evil that destroyed many Black African societies. Unlike Black American Muslims who clam that Arabs, Turks and even Bosnians are “Black” , Seti doesn’t share that view.

In this video Seti exposes The Moorish Science Temple which is a NOI/5 Percenter splinter group as a front for Islamic Imperialism. He also attacks European apologists of Islam.


The key is at at 7:00 minutes in. Seti starts exposing Islamic agents pushing Islamic propaganda and calls out the Arabs.

When it comes to Islamic Imperialism, General Seti gets it. On other subjects, he’s just good for laughs! Treat this as an open thread!

General Seti in Brooklyn OOT; Update: General Seti now has 7 Stars!

by Phantom Ace ( 54 Comments › )
Filed under Humor, OOT, Open thread at July 5th, 2012 - 9:27 pm

America’s only living 5 star general; Sara Suten Seti returns to “drop knowledge” on people. He rants about how non African religions have corrupted Blacks. His speech was filmed in Brooklyn, NY.


Seti is a deranged loon who is good only for comedy gold. Anyone who takes this man serious has issues.

Here’s another rant by General Seti talking about his upcoming trip to Cincinnati.


This is the OOT!

Update: General Sara Suten Seti has promoted to 7 Star status!


A truly historic moment!

(Hat Tip: Poteen)

General Seti in Greenville SC, MAY 26TH and discusses the consequences of an Obama defeat

by Phantom Ace ( 372 Comments › )
Filed under Hate Speech, Humor, Open thread at May 20th, 2012 - 3:00 pm

The only living 5 Star general, Sara Suten Seti is set to appear May 26th in Greenville, South Carolina. He will discuss how to establish African Global Supremacy.


In a rant that would make Charles Johnson proud, the good general discusses the consequences of Obama being defeated in November. General Seti is no fan of Obama and says Blacks have put too much faith in him. Seti then claims that once Obama is defeated, The “racist Tea Party” will begin a campaign of genocide against Blacks.Seti claims that 100,000 Us Soldiers are being brought back to the states for a genocide operation. He even claims MMA is secret program to train White militias. Seti also explains how this coming genocide will give Blacks the opportunity to mobilize for African Global Supremacy.



General Seti is really a riot and good for hysterical laughs!

Imhotep Charter School defeats Beaver Falls

by Phantom Ace ( 47 Comments › )
Filed under Uncategorized at March 26th, 2012 - 8:00 pm

Coldwarrior brought to my attention this article involving local high school in his area, Beaver Falls HS.

UNIVERSITY PARK — Drew Cook’s 8-foot shot at the buzzer fell just short of the basket, as did Beaver Falls’ quest to win a PIAA title.

Philadelphia’s Imhotep Charter rallied to tie it in regulation, then pulled out a 56-54 overtime victory over Beaver Falls to win its second consecutive PIAA Class AA title this afternoon at Penn State’s Bryce Jordan Center.

Imhotep Charter (22-8), which beat Greensburg Central Catholic by 33 points in the state final last year, also won the 2009 Class AA title. The Panthers were led by Khyree Wooten’s 15 points, and also got 13 points and 13 rebounds from 6-foot-6 junior Brandon Austin, a Penn State recruit.

Beaver Falls (28-23) was playing in its fifth PIAA final, having won state championships in 1970, 1994 and 2005. The Tigers were led by 6-8 senior swingman Sheldon Jeter’s game-high 22 points, but it came on 10-of-32 shooting from the field, including 0-for-10 from 3-point range.

Now most of you will ask, why is this post worthy? Well the name of the HS that defeated Beaver Falls HS rings a bell.  The competing school is called Imhotep Institute Charter High School. The real life Imhoptep, Was an ancient Egyptian Architect and Engineer from 27th Century B.C. So one would assume this is some Coptic Christian Charter school. It’s not. This school is an Afrocentric/Kemetic mysteries Charter School.

On the surface, other than their made up history claiming Ancient Egypt as a Black African civilization and their Afrocentrism, I though OK these guys are not that bad. They are trying to educate young kids. I then discovered this gem.

Cooperative Economics is Marxism. They are teaching kids to be Afro-Marxists. Now I do favor Charter Schools for inner city youth, but I am against any ethnic/racial separatist identity. America needs national unity, not division. What’s worse is they are teaching these young kids lies about Ancient Egypt. The only7 people who have any claim to that heritage or the name Imhotep are the Coptic Christians. They are the true heirs of that civilization. Not Black Americans who are descended from West Africans.

. Here is General Seti explaining the Kemetic Mysteries.


Although I find Seti hysterical and agree with him on Islam, this is just very hateful thinking. Teaching kids historical lies is criminal in my opinion. Charles Johnson is supportive of this ideology. He enables these type of people to spread their lies.