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I respectfully disagree: It wasn’t God who made liberals.

by 1389AD ( 19 Comments › )
Filed under Open thread, Progressives, Satire at February 15th, 2013 - 6:00 pm

So God Made a Liberal

Published on Feb 7, 2013 by soopermexican

A Tribute to Paul Harvey, a parody of the Superbowl “God Made A Farmer” commercial.

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Caturday: Kitty doesn’t like…

by 1389AD ( 135 Comments › )
Filed under Caturday, Music, Open thread at February 25th, 2012 - 4:30 pm

From YouTube:

(Warning: Sylvester likes to swear)

Uploaded by stevecash83 on Feb 18, 2011

Sylvester the talking kitty cat doesn’t like anything. When his owner asks him what he does like, constant “NO”s spark a little song, that of course, the kitty doesn’t like. By Stevecash83 flaggle claggle

(h/t: Johanna)

It only hurts when we laugh

by 1389AD ( 57 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Humor, Open thread at February 22nd, 2012 - 4:00 pm

Pilgrims vs. Obama
From Pookie’s Toons – click for more

Obama Zombies
From Motivationals.org

Obamacare Shovel Ready
From Zazzle

Jihad Awareness Month (Hat Tip: Barack Obama)

by 1389AD ( 45 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Dhimmitude, Islam, Muslim Brotherhood at December 10th, 2011 - 6:25 pm

This is both informative and FUNNY!

From YouTube:

Uploaded by on Dec 7, 2011

After complaints from Muslim organizations, the Obama Administration is eliminating all counter-Jihad training in the U.S. government.

In a Yugo…

by 1389AD ( 91 Comments › )
Filed under Cars & Trucks, Open thread, Serbia at November 1st, 2011 - 5:00 pm

Basement Cat made me post this!

Top Gear dubs the Yugo 45 “the second worst car ever built.” More about Zastava Automobiles here.

Top Gear Yugo 45

Uploaded by MasterZeeeee on Aug 17, 2009

Kako su englezi opisali cuveni Yugo45. Auto je testirao Jeremy Clarkson, voditelj emisije TopGear. Ovo je njegov utisak o jedinom srpskom automobilu koji su ikada testirali.

The Yugo Sana a/k/a “Yugo Florida” got a much better review. The US/NATO wars against Serbia made it impossible to continue making and selling the car. The original Zastava factory was totally destroyed in the 1999 bombing of Serbia.

Old Top Gear 1990 – Yugo Sana

Uploaded by celticmadliam on Aug 11, 2010

Tiff Needell tests the new Yugo Sana. Taken from season 13 episode 2.

The Peugeot Concept BB1 is a mix between the Peugeot scooter and car. More at Topspeed.

Peugeot BB1 Promo Clip

Uploaded by worldcarfans on Sep 15, 2009

Peugeot has unveiled the BB1 Concept car which is not really a car. Dubbed “a totally new solution to the current and future needs of urban mobility”, the BB1 combines the utility of a car and the flexibility of a quad bike.

Jeremy Clarkson – “stupidest cars ever”

Uploaded by x4mmm on Aug 22, 2009

In a Yugo – A liberal guy n gal buy a Yugo (In the Ghetto)

Uploaded by tacoma5050 on Sep 22, 2006

A liberal guy and a liberal gal buy a Yugo. “In a Yugo” Lyrics:
As the snow flies

At a used car lot on the edge of town
A liberal guy and a liberal gal
Buy a Yugo

And they drive with pride

Cause if there’s one thing that this world needs
It’s environmental friends who’ll take the lead
In a Yugo

They say, “people don’t you understand
Those suburbans are ruining the land”
But they’ll wish they had a full size van one day
They point fingers at you and me
They say we’re too blind to see
But do we simply use our heads
And choose another way?

As those small wheels turn
Fifty miles to the gallon
And their knees on their chest
They’re gonna save enough gas
For all of the rest
In a Yugo

Then one day on the interstate
They suddenly lose control
They swerve to miss a baby duck
They’re squashed beneath a produce truck

But they drove with pride…

And as the crowds drive past a little flat car
You know they saved a lot of gas
But they didnt get far
In a Yugo

And as they’re trapped inside
At a used car lot on the other side of town
A liberal guy and a liberal gal
Buy a Yugo….

And they drive with pride…

Many viewers have posted comments stating that the car used in the video is not a Yugo. Unfortunately after several weeks of searching for a Yugo, one could not be located for filming. It was decided that instead of re-writing the song, to just go ahead and use another small car as the main idea behind the parody is not really about a Yugo. Apologies to all Yugo enthusiasts.

Malaise Redux

by 1389AD ( 68 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Economy, Energy, Environmentalism, Misery Index, Open thread at October 12th, 2011 - 5:00 pm

Jimmy O’Bama


Uploaded by captianusa on Jul 17, 2011
32nd anniv of Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” speech – Obama remix

Protest Sign Funnies

by 1389AD ( 30 Comments › )
Filed under Humor, Open thread at October 10th, 2011 - 11:30 am

Click on each thumbnail to access the original photo.

Protest sign: My arms are tired

Protest sign: I'm so angry I made a sign

Protest sign: Down with this sort of thing

Protest sign: It doesn't matter what this sign says. You'll call it racism anyway.

Protest sign: I'm only 11 - I can't pay for this crap!

Protest sign: I hate crowds

Protest sign (satire): If just one more person tells me to 'Get a Job'...

Protest signs: He's an idiot

Protest sign: Constitution found in a Dumpster behind the Capitol

Note: These are NOT from the recent “occupy everything” mob events. Not all of the signs are real – just funny.


Caturday Sunday Evening Edition: Cats in Motion

by 1389AD ( 64 Comments › )
Filed under Caturday, Open thread, Russia at August 28th, 2011 - 7:30 pm

Caturday: cat under blanketIt’s that day again…

The 1389 Blog team, myself included, has been putting up some grim fare on the blog lately, on the topic of man’s inhumanity to man. Some of it is too over-the-top horrifying to re-post on Blogmocracy. It has to be fully documented with photos, videos and eyewitness narratives, because nobody would believe it otherwise.

The dog ate my homeworkSuffice it to say that this effort has not put me into much of a mindset to do the usual Caturday post. I know what kind of nightmares I can expect to have tonight. I was tempted to claim that the dog ate my homework, and just let Caturday go for the week, but thought better of it on the grounds that we really need to lighten things up a bit.

This cat must have heard the can opener

At least I did tear myself away from the computer long enough to feed El Gato and La Gata. No, unlike the white cat gracefully rolling off the table, they don’t come running at the sound of an electric can opener, mainly because we live in a motorhome and have no room for such things. There’s no point in spending money on bulky motorized tools for tasks I can perform just as easily by hand. And nearly all cat food cans these days have pull-tab tops anyway.

How to put your cat in reverseThis animated .gif shows flagrant misuse of office supplies to torment an unfortunate kitty. This kitty may start looking for ways to make the human’s office supplies disappear.

Just sayin’.

Dog pounces on cat, cat chases dog
In this B&W .gif, the dog pounces on the cat, and the cat chases him down the road. It’s just some harmless play-fighting; good exercise for feline and canine friends. This is a mother dog who is feeding a nest of puppies somewhere; maybe she needs a break!
Orange cat runs on hind legs
From a Russian site:

Watch this fluffy orange cat run on his hind legs!
Cat runs between sheet and mattress

Have you ever changed your bed linens, only to find that your cat has gotten between your mattress and your fitted sheet? This is how it looks like from the cat’s perspective!


by savage ( 195 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Open thread at July 31st, 2011 - 4:45 pm

219 Kenyan Shillings will buy a lot of Cheetos, I think.

Caturday: TrollCats

by 1389AD ( 48 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Caturday, Open thread, Special Report, unemployment at June 25th, 2011 - 1:19 pm

The TrollCats photoblog is a dark and edgy satire of more innocent cat photo comedy sites, including the world-famous I Can Has Cheezburger? Lolcats site. Much of TrollCats is definitely NSFW (not safe for work) on account of raw language and at least one instance of hardcore human nudity; hence their tagline “Definitely Offensive. Possibly Funny.”

As everybody knows by now, I LIKE material that is offensive in the sense of politically incorrect. So here we go:

Time to make the Democrats squirm trollcat

Black cat: Affimative Action: I can haz Nobel Prize?

Every cloud has a…

Two cats in cardboard carton: UNEMPLOYMENT can bring families closer together

Nonetheless, I omitted what were perhaps the funniest items on TrollCats from this post. Why? Simply because this post will appear on 1389 Blog and I feel obligated to uphold our own policy against swear words and explicit sex. Not that I’m a prude, but I don’t want to risk having 1389 Blog automatically blacklisted by content-filtering or “censorware” services on account of raw language and photos. So if you want to see the rude (but funny) stuff, you’ll have to visit TrollCats and find it on your own.

Hang on just let me wash my paws and check the locks one more time

I have CDO - it's like OCD - but all the letters are in alphabetical order - AS THEY SHOULD BE

Doesn’t really qualify as a worthwhile contribution to our dialog

Cat with a newspaper hat on his head, labeled 'CAT' - captioned 'Thank you...Captain Obvious.'

Full-body tiger paint

Courtesy of Zombie, we have the World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco. The version at the link is “censored” in a hilarious manner, but contains a link to the raw, uncensored version. Featured are Weiners, wieners, and a nekkid guy in full-body tiger paint, who apparently is one of the event’s organizers.