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The First Amendment at Work!

by Macker ( 47 Comments › )
Filed under CAIR, Censorship, Free Speech, Islamic hypocrisy, Islamic Invasion, Leftist-Islamic Alliance, Sharia (Islamic Law) at May 14th, 2011 - 11:46 am

In all of its glory…and there’s not a damn thing the Mohammedans can do about it!

The message outraged many residents of Amherst, a Buffalo suburb where Heick is upset by the Jaffarya Center’s proximity to his property and its bright lights.
The sign is more a poke at town officials than a political statement, he insisted. And local authorities can’t order him to take it down, because the message is protected by the First Amendment.

Of course, the Mohammedans will rage and seethe about it all the while. So what else is new!

HAT TIP: Debbie Schlussel