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There is a 3rd Option

by Phantom Ace ( 332 Comments › )
Filed under Censorship, Democratic Party, Elections 2016, Fascism, Hillary Clinton, Marxism, Politics, Progressives, Republican Party, Socialism, Tranzis at March 29th, 2016 - 11:35 am

With the assistance of charlatans of the the alleged conservative media, America’s version of Hugo Chavez is set to win the nomination of the Reactionary-Socialist Republican party. On the other side, The femail version of Mao Zedong is set to win the nomination of the Neo-Marxist Democrat party. This is a terrible choice for those who believe in economic liberty, personal liberty and social tolerance.

Both parties with assistance from their respective media have been hijacked by radicals and reactionaries who envision a Fascist Socialist police state. The Democrats have been taken over social justice warriors who blame whites and Christians for everything wrong in the world. They sympathize with our Islamic adversaries and view Western Civilization as a blot on humanity. On the other side, the Republicans have been taken over by reactionary losers who rather than adapt to modern times pine for the 1950’s. They blame all of America’s ills on racial/ethnic minorities and  urban upscale whites. Both parties preach division and hatred of the “other.” A tactic totalitarian movements have used throughout history use to gain power, starting withe the Jacobins of revolutionary France..

Missing in this victimology mindset present in both parties is personal responsibility. It’s all about blaming others for your personal failings in life. Both parties preach a utopia where the victims will be in charge and those who are viewed as the cause of their ills will be treated as 2nd class citizens at best or even worse. Rather than address real issues, both parties use Soviet/Nazi style propaganda to keep their respective voters in state of anger. This sad state of affairs leaves Americans in both parties of good will with nowhere to go. Many feel they have to choose the lesser of 2 Totalitarian Progressive evils. New polling data reveals a new choice is emerging for those of us that just want to live our lives and do not have animosity with others.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is now polling at 11%. Republicans disgusted by the American Chavez and Democrats repulsed by the female Mao are seriously looking at the Libertarian party as an alternative.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson would still be well behind the two major party candidates, but if a poll showed the Libertarian Party hopeful would be in the double digits against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

That’s according to a Monmouth University poll of registered voters released last week.

The poll shows that Clinton would get 42 percent, Trump 34 percent and Johnson 11 percent. Clinton is the current frontrunner for the Democratic nomination and Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Johnson is one of 16 candidates—so far—seeking the Libertarian Party nomination.


“A vigorous third party campaign is a very real possibility this year, but it is not yet clear what the impact could be. Including Johnson’s name in our polling seems to be more of a placeholder for voters who are not particularly thrilled with either major party choice right now,” Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray said when releasing the numbers.

Most new outlets focused on the head-to-head race between Clinton and Trump, which Clinton led in the poll 48 percent to 38 percent. Clinton also led U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas 45 percent to 40 percent though trailed John Kasich 45 percent to 39 percent according to the poll.

Many will argue voting for the Libertarians is a wasted vote. This is a totalitarian tactic used to force people from exercising their right to vote for who best represents them. With the 2016 election rapidly coming down to Hugo Chavez vs. a female Mao, Pro-liberty Americans have a right to vote for their beliefs. I know this is a pro-Trump blog and the cool thing is to support him, and if you don’t you are considered a traitor.

I also know there are those who are not on the Trump train and I am informing them they do have a choice. Consider Gov. Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party. He believes in freedom and economic opportunities for all Americans regardless of race or class. It is still for the moment despite what the Democrat and Republican parties would like, free country. Thus, voters should have an option that is not the lesser of Progressive evils.

Let the bashing and ridicule of my thread, commence! :-)

Conservatives/Libertarians Should apply Mao’s People’s War tactics to Politics; Note: I am Not praising Mao!

by Phantom Ace ( 116 Comments › )
Filed under Anarcho-Capitalism, Communism, Conservatism, Democratic Party, Progressives, Republican Party, Socialism, Tea Parties, The Political Right, Tranzis at May 10th, 2012 - 2:00 pm

Going back to 1952, the Republican Party has won more elections than the Democrats. The GOP is 9-6 in Presidential elections. Yet its the Progressives whose agenda has moved fo0ward. One could argue that Eisenhower, Nixon, Bush I and Bush II were not Conservatives. But none the less, they were not Leftists, but still the country moved Leftward. This Leftist shift culminated in the election of America’s first 3rd World Liberation Marxist in Barack Hussein Obama. How did this happen? Well it come sdown to the fact both the Left and Right have different views in politics.

The Right is always looking for a Cannae/Austerlitz style decisive victory. Conservatives think they are one big electoral landslide away from saving the country. In 1972, Richard Nixon won a 49 state landslide. Yet in just 2 years in the 74 Midterms, the Democrats made a massive 49 seat gain in the House to get 2/3 majority and 4 seats to get 60 votes in the Senate. This pattern repeated itself after every big Republican win.  Reagan had a 49 State landslide in 84, only to lose the Senate in 86. The GOP won Control of the House in 94, for the first time in 40 years and recaptured the Senate, only to lose to Bill Clinton in 96. In 2004, Bush won re-election then in 06, the GOP lost the House and Senate. It seems after every Austerlitz, the GOP suffers a Waterloo/Stalingrad style defeat. This is due to the fact, they rest on their laurels after a victory.

The Democrats on the other hand are willing to accept defeat to achieve long term victory. The Left follows Mao Zedong’s people’s war theory. They are willing to make tactical retreats and then inflict small defeats on an enemy that results in a  big loss. Hence why after a massive defeat, the Democrats come back. If you look at the goals of the Democratic Party, they have practically achieved them, despite Republicans dominating the Presidency or Congress in recent times. That is because The Left has infiltrated Academia, the Culture and the Media. From these stronghold they launch guerrilla political war when the Right lets oits guard down. They then shape public opinion, which then results in their coming back to political power.

2012 will be a decisive battle, but not the end of the war. Conservative/Libertarians should seek to win control of local school boards, take over State Colleges, get involved in culture and create an alternative media, like what Britbart was doing. The Right must adopt Mao’s people’s awar strategy and aim for a long term victory. The Right also needs to define the enemy. The enemy is the Progressive-Islamic Axis. If Conservatives/Libertarians can do this and be patient, they will see the nation move Rightward. If after 2012, they assume they won a total victory, the next Stalingrad could come in 2014 or 2016 or 2018.

The Right must wage a political counter guerrilla war against the Left,as the AUC did in Colombia against the FARC. That was the most succesful Rightwing counter insurgency ever seen. The heirs of the AUC control the Colombian government, media, academia and culture. This is what the Right should aim for here in America.

Note:  I am not praising Mao, who was a genocidal madman. I am pointing out the Left uses his people’s war tactics in politics. They take a long term view of politics and treat it as war.




This calls fore my silk ping pong mao

Mao Ornament on White House Christmas Tree

by Phantom Ace ( 169 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Liberal Fascism, Progressives at December 22nd, 2009 - 5:00 pm

The Obama Administration has open supporters of Mao Zedong working for them. This genocidal dictator is admired by the Third World Liberation Movement and Progressives in America. Well low and behold, there is an ornament of Mao on the White House Christmas Tree!


These photos of ornaments on the White House Christmas tree in the Blue Room were taken just days ago. Of course, Mao has his place in the White House.

Read the rest.

This is despicable. Mao was a genocidal madman. He was responsible for the deaths of millions and fought us in the Korean War. The fact that many people who surround Obama support this speaks volumes about our so called President. The truth of the matter is Barack Hussein Obama is a 3rd Worldist. He admires anti-Western causes, so his defacto support of Maoists is no shock. I am embarrassed over this and this shows the Totalitarian nature of the Progressive Movement.