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Obama’s Birth Juche!

by Phantom Ace ( 71 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Cult of Obama, Humor, JUCHE!, Satire at February 1st, 2012 - 8:30 am

Barack Hussein Obama has a cult of personality that rivals the Kim family of North Korea. In honor of his cult, I dedicate the following Juche on his birth.

Our national savior, Barack Hussein Obama, was born a hot day on August 4th, 1961. Already, the power of Juche was with him in a manner unprecedented in human history! His knowledge and wisdom was present at his birth.

A white tern was seen flying over his birth site and singing praises of joy at this miraculous and historical event!

Dolphins were seen jumping for joy and feeling the spiritual essence of the birth of Obama.

Lambs were spotted near the birth site, basking in awe under the light and magnificence of Obama!

The power of Obama’s birth caused Hawaiian volcanoes to erupt in tribute.

Sea Turtles were seen coming ashore to partake in the overwhelming spiritual essence of Obama’s birth.

Hawaiian Sea monks were spotted singing hymns in tribute to wisdom and knowledge of America’s savior.

These miraculous events on August 1961 in Hawaii, show the favor Juche has bestowed on the glorious Barack Hussein Obama! The divine forces sent the glorious one to rescue America from her evil imperialist and racist ways. The land has been reborn under the unprecedented guidance of Barack Hussein Obama. The spirit of nuche is strong with him!


Appendix: One event is not mentioned in the official Juche record of Obama’s birth.

A Mongoose was seen licking his lips and peering around curiously near where Obama Birth Certificate was placed!

No wonder his real birth certificate was never shown! That Mongoose ate it!