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Egyptian Military cracks down on the Muslim Brotherhood; Kerry warns Netanyahu of delegitimization campaign ‘on steroids’ if talks fail

by Phantom Ace ( 61 Comments › )
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It sems another Mideast country is about to go up in flames. The Egyptian military has stomred camps set up by Pro-Moris protestors. As of this writing 95 people were killed.

CAIRO – Egypt’s capital descended into a chaotic bloodbath Wednesday after security forces moved in on protest camps set up by supporters of ousted president Mohammed Morsi, sparking deadly violence.

A month-long nationwide state of emergency was declared, and a nighttime curfew imposed in some areas, as the interim government tried to restore order.

At least 95 people were killed and 874 injured, the country’s health ministry said, but the toll looked certain to rise as unrest spread from Cairo to other parts of the country.

Witness reports and pro-Morsi volunteers put the death toll much higher, but the none of their figures could be immediately confirmed by NBC News.


Turkey’s prime minister called on the United Nations Security Council to help, describing Wednesday’s events as a “massacre.”

“The international community, especially the U.N. Security Council and Arab League, must act immediately to stop this massacre,” Tayyip Erdogan’s office said in a statement.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham must be weeping that their beloved Muslim Brotherhood being taught a lesson. Odds are that al-Qaeda and Hamas will get more involved in terror acts on Egypt. The only people I have sympathy for are the Coptic Christians. They should get out of dodge asap!

Update by Sepranza

John Lurch Kerry is nothing more than a black mailer.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in recent weeks that Israel may be confronted with an international deligitimization campaign “on steroids” if renewed peace talks with the Palestinians fail to bear fruit, journalist Jeffery Goldberg reported on Tuesday in his Bloomberg View column.

Goldberg quoted anonymous officials as saying Kerry believes that Netanyahu fears deligitimization to the same degree that he fears Iran’s nuclear program.

Netanyahu is not only concerned that the delegitimization campaign could hurt Israel’s economy through boycotts, “he is said to be even more worried that this campaign will erode Israel’s ability to defend itself,” according to Goldberg.

Speaking on Monday ahead of peace talks set to take place in Jerusalem this week, Kerry said that Israel’s announcement of new settlement units in the West Bank and east Jerusalem “were to some degree expected,” and urged Israelis and Palestinians to move head with peace talks due to resume this week.

“What this underscores is the importance of getting to the table, getting to the table quickly” and resolving disputes over settlements and other issues, said Kerry. He added that he had spoken on Monday with Israeli negotiator Tzipi Livni and had called Netanyahu.


Read the rest –  Report: Kerry warns Netanyahu of delegitimization campaign ‘on steroids’ if talks fail


Syrian Army and Hezbollah take Qusayr and claim its a message to Israel?

by Phantom Ace Comments Off on Syrian Army and Hezbollah take Qusayr and claim its a message to Israel?
Filed under Al Qaeda, Headlines, Hezballah, Israel, Syria at June 5th, 2013 - 11:11 am

After 3 weeks of attacking outnumbered and outginned FSA and Nusra Front fighters, The Syrian Army and Hezbollah have tkane control of most of Qusayr. The rebels ran out of ammo and evacuated the civilians in their retreat. Despite cliaming it would be an easy victory, the rebels bloodied Assad’s forces and Hezbollah. Yet despite the tough time they had, The Assad Regime claims the taking of Qusayr is a message to Israel.

The victory achieved by the Syrian army in Qusair sends a clear message to Israel against any aggression against Syria, a statement from the General Command of the Syrian army said on Wednesday, Syrian state news agency SANA reported.”The victory that was achieved at the hands of our brave soldiers sends a clear message to all those who are involved in the aggression against Syria, on top being the Zionist enemy and its agents in the region and tools on the ground,” the statement said.

If Assad and Hezbollah can barely defeat The Free Syrian Army and Al Nusra Front in a minor border town, how the hell do they think they can fight Israel?


Hizb’Allah’s struggles in the battle of Al Qusasyr

by Phantom Ace ( 5 Comments › )
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Hizb’Allah continues to suffer losses in their battle with al-Qaeda and Free Syrian Army on the border town of al Qusasyr. They have sent their elite soldiers in with artillery and armor support from the Syrian Army. The town still has not fallen and rebel reinforcements have arrived.

A source close to Hezbollah confirmed to A.F.P. on Thursday that more than 75 Hezbollah fighters were killed in Syria while fighting alongside the Syrian regime forces with armed opposition groups.      

The same source reported that 57 Hezbollah fighters were killed in the battles, noting that the other 18 succumbed to their wounds after being involved in clashes taking place mainly in the border region of al-Qusayr.

The Syrian rebels and al-Qaeda probably have suffered higher losses, but they have  a higher pool of people to work with. Hizb’Allah funerals are now becoming a common occurrence in their strongholds.

Hezbollah is throwing its men into battle in the Syrian city of Qusayr, and many are returning to Lebanon in coffins. Through their funerals and commemorations posted on pro-Hezbollah Facebook pages, we are now getting a sense of the casualties that the self-proclaimed “Party of God” is suffering as it joins the Syrian conflict on the side of President Bashar al-Assad.

It’s no secret why Qusayr is a vital piece of real estate for both the Syrian regime and the Lebanese paramilitary group. The city is a strategic link in the Syrian communications chain, connecting the capital of Damascus, Syria’s Alawite-dominated coastal highlands, and Hezbollah’s heartland in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley. The Lebanese border is only a few miles to the city’s west, and the Damascus-Aleppo highway lies to its east.


Despite Hezbollah’s obscuring of facts surrounding their dead, it is clear their supporters know these men met their end in Syria. Chants of “Labayka ya Zaynab” (“We are here for you, O Zaynab”) are ubiquitous at funerals for Hezbollah’s martyrs. The highly sectarian and mantra-like chant references the Zaynab mosque in Damascus, an important Shia shrine near Damascus and a gathering point for pro-Iranian foreign fighters in Syria.

Qusayr isn’t Hezbollah’s first battle in Syria — for months, its militiamen have also taken part in fighting around the Zaynab shrine. While in Damascus, Hezbollah members tend to operate under the moniker of a group called Liwa Abu Fadl al-Abbas (LAFA). The group is comprised of fighters from throughout the Shia world, the vast majority coming from Iranian proxy parties in Iraq and from Hezbollah. The group takes its name from a legendary Shiite fighter who was martyred during the Battle of Karbala, a central event in Shiism. Hezbollah’s dead are often also claimed by LAFA on their wide network of Facebook pages.


Another narrative, primarily one emerging from pro-rebel sources, was that Hezbollah was mainly losing young men. This too appears to be incorrect: While ages of those killed are very rarely posted by any Hezbollah-affiliated source, a number of older members have been killed in Syria. Ahmed Kamal Khurees, a Hezbollah fighter from the southern Lebanese town of Khiam, sports a white beard in his martyrdom photo. Fadi Muhammed Jazar, a Hezbollah member — and possible commander — who served time in Israeli prisons and was released during a 2004 Hezbollah-Israel prisoner exchange, was no youngster. Ibrahim Husayn, reportedly a Hezbollah commander, was also an older fighter. The presence of veteran fighters in Syria underlines the importance of this campaign for Hezbollah.

The conflict also shatters the myth of Hizb’Allah’s alleged “victory” over Israel in 2006. The organization lost 500-600 fighters against a half hearted Israeli campaign. Now it appears that the losses suffered at the hands of Israel has robbed it of experience veterans and as a result, they are struggling in the Qusasyr campaign.

It’s been five days since Hezbollah and Assad regime forces launched their joint offensive on the town of al-Qusayr in the Homs countryside. Hezbollah and regime media were quick to claim major advances, confidently predicting that the town would fall swiftly. These pronouncements have proven premature.

 The attack on al-Qusayr has been long in the making. Assad’s forces, limited in manpower, are now acting more in concert with irregular sectarian militias trained by Iran. But the string of tactical gains in the Homs countryside, starting in April and leading to the current battle in al-Qusayr, is tied directly to Hezbollah’s lead role in spearheading ground operations.

 As it became clear that the Syrian opposition was putting up fierce resistance, Hezbollah began adjusting its story about the battle for al-Qusayr. The group was now making it known that it was sending in reinforcements from its elite units, and that the fighting might last at least another week. More troublesome for Hezbollah, however, was the news about the severe losses its units were sustaining, with casualty numbers ranging from 30 to 40 dead after the first day of fighting alone. By Tuesday, Syrian activists in al-Qusayr were claiming another 25 dead Hezbollah fighters. This, of course, is not counting those who had been killed prior to the latest assault, going back to last year. The number and make-up of the casualties raise some interesting questions about Hezbollah’s fighting force post-2006.


As more of the group’s elite units are called up from Lebanon to reinforce their comrades in Syria, Iran has to be concerned about more than just seeing its strategic weapons caches blown up by Israel. It also has to be worried about how Hezbollah’s vulnerabilities are being exposed not by the IDF, but by Syrian rebels that the Party of God was supposed to dispatch easily. If the Iranians have overestimated Hezbollah’s capabilities against an adversary like the Free Syrian Army, one wonders what else about their power they’ve misjudged.

The Israelis you can bet are watching Hizb’Allah’s performance in Syria and now they will face a weakened opponent in a rematch.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq attempts to move into al-Nusra turf causes a split

by Phantom Ace ( 10 Comments › )
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The most effective fighting force in Syria is al-Nusra Front. Led by members of al-Qaeda in Iraq, other foreign Jihadists, defectors from the Syrian Army and Eastern Syrian tribes, they have defeated Assad’s forces, Hizb’Allah and Iranian Basij in many battles. The leaders of AQI began to get jealous over the success of their creation and did not like the ideological direction of al-Nusra. Although the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda shared the same militant ideology as its parents, al-Nusra was more pragmatic and was for the time being tolerant of Christians and allowed freedom for women nor did it ban alcohol.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq now calls itself the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant (al-Sham). They began to take over from al-Nusra in recent weeks, thus causing a split in the organization. The original foreign Jihadi element is now taking orders from AQI, while the Syrian element is staying loyal to al-Nusra. This is causing a huge splinter in what was the most effective arm of the rebels.

BEIRUT – The most feared and effective rebel group battling President Bashar Assad, the Islamist Nusra Front, is being eclipsed by a more radical jihadi force whose aims go far beyond overthrowing the Syrian leader.

Al-Qaida’s Iraq-based wing, which nurtured Nusra in the early stages of the rebellion against Assad, has moved in and sidelined the organization, Nusra sources and other rebels say.


“Nusra is now two Nusras. One that is pursuing al-Qaida’s agenda of a greater Islamic nation, and another that is Syrian with a national agenda to help us fight Assad,” said a senior rebel commander in Syria who has close ties to the Nusra Front.

“It is disintegrating from within.”

Others said that Nusra’s Syrian contingent has already effectively collapsed, with its leader Abu Mohammad al-Golani keeping a low profile and his fighters drifting off to join other rebel groups.

Nusra fighters have claimed responsibility for the deadliest bombings of the two-year-old Syrian conflict and their brigades have led some of the most successful rebel offensives against Assad’s forces.


One Nusra fighter said he believed Baghdadi held a personal grudge against Golani because of his standing in Syria.

Golani, a radical Sunni Muslim, won popularity in Syria even among some Christians, according to the Nusra fighter. “Baghdadi did not like this,” the fighter said.

“Baghdadi and the (al-Qaida) leadership consider the Muslim Brotherhood, the Free Syrian Army and other factions including Christians as infidels and when they saw Golani was on good terms with them they were not happy.”

“That is why he announced the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant without any consultation with Golani, and he is in charge to operate in his old failed way.”

This is case of a teacher jealous at the success of his pupil. Al-Nusra saw the errors al-Qaeda in Iraq committed and refused to go down that path. Its main goal is the establishment of a greater Syrian (Bilal al-Sham) emirate, while al-Qaeda has a more transnational agenda. This new development makes the Syrian War even more complicated. You now have 2 al-Qaeda factions operating in Syria. Hopefully the war continues to drag on and all the savages kill each other.