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Wash Me

by Bunk X ( 103 Comments › )
Filed under Art, Brazil, Environmentalism, Free Speech, Humor, OOT, Open thread, World at October 5th, 2011 - 11:00 pm

Graffiti is illegal because it’s vandalism of private property. Reverse graffiti is selective cleaning, and everyone who ever wrote “WASH ME” on a dirty car has done it. Some folks have taken it a step further.

Alexandre Orion – Skulls in Sao Paolo
Hailing from Brazil, Alexandre sees his art work as a way of getting an environmental message across to those who ordinarily wouldn’t listen.

From the Utoobage description:

“Eventually, the authorities showed up and tried to determine what course of action they should take. They realized that they couldnt charge Orion with a crime, since he technically wasnt doing anything illegal. They subsequently made the decision to erase his masterpiece of a mural and clean that side of the tunnel. When Orion continued on the opposing side, city officials cleaned the entire tunnel, and every other tunnel in São Paulo. I think Orion got his point across.”

Sure, he’s got an environmentalist mindset, but you gotta admire the way he does something about it. He creates non-permanent public art that stands on its own until the city maintenance department does the job they’re paid to do.

And now it’s time for some washable internest graffiti on
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