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Mitt Romney Is Corrupt

by 1389AD ( 74 Comments › )
Filed under Elections 2010, Elections 2012, Mitt Romney, Tea Parties at January 25th, 2012 - 12:00 pm

Pay To Play

Mitt Romney’s organization contributed to GOP candidates in 2010 to buy their endorsements in 2012. That means everyone who ran in 2010 as a Tea Party candidate and then endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012 is a sellout, a political prostitute, a turncoat, and a fraud.

And that’s just the beginning.

Not Romney

(h/t: no2liberals)

Uploaded by on Jan 17, 2012


If you still support Mitt after watching this, you should be stripped of your right to vote.

Conservatives will not vote for this FRAUD. Anyone who thinks that the FRAUD that is Willard “Mitt” Romney is a Conservative, is ignorant. TEA Partiers who ever supported this FRAUD should be embarrassed by their support of him. You are not a TEA Partier if you vote for Mitt.

Mitt should not be president. Ever. No matter how bad he wants to be.

Ann Barnhardt is the gal in the video. She was the driving force behind the making of this video.
Here’s the link to her original video: Barnhardt – Romney Go Home
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBXe3Kvg-qU (41,175 views as of right now.)
Ann Barnhardt’s YouTube Channel:
Ann’s Blog:
About Ann:
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Why Barack Obama Could Easily Defeat Mitt Romney

by 1389AD ( 5 Comments › )
Filed under Barack Obama, Elections 2012, Headlines, Mitt Romney at January 21st, 2012 - 12:06 pm

Obama’s Dream Debate | Part 1

Uploaded by WinningOurFuture on Jan 17, 2012

Romney is Obama’s dream nominee. This short video is the first in a series that will give the GOP a flavor of how a debate might play out. Part 2 will be released soon.

Flip-flops belong on feet, not in the White House.


GOP: Reject Mitt Romney or Lose Everything

by 1389AD ( 44 Comments › )
Filed under Economy, Health Care, Mitt Romney, Republican Party at October 23rd, 2011 - 11:30 am

We, the voters, rejected him last time around for good reason.

NO Mitt Romney!

No, it is not Mitt Romney’s turn to get the GOP nomination. If you expect there to be a Republican Party or even a United States in the future, it had better NEVER be Mitt Romney’s turn.

Stop trying to foist him on us. We don’t care whether Democrats and a few rich New England and Beltway RINOs think he’s electable. It is pointless to “defeat” Obama by replacing him with an Obama that has an (R) after his name!

We can’t stand Mitt Romney. No, not because he professes to be a Mormon, but because he’s a bad man and a bad candidate whose only interest is in promoting himself. No matter what he says, Mitt Romney’s only real object of worship is himself.

How We REALLY Feel

Some of us merely despise Mitt Romney, while the rest of us hate him with the white-hot thermonuclear fury of a thousand suns. Don’t even ask where I fit on that spectrum; suffice it to say that, if Mitt Romney gets the nomination, we will emigrate and make a new start on some foreign shore.

Just for starters, we hate Obamneycare and all its pomps and all its works. We hate what Mitt Romney did at Bain Capital, which he used as a vehicle for gutting US companies and shipping vast numbers of US jobs overseas. We will not let him do any more of that to us.

We Know a Sinking Ship…

…when we see one, and the US is hemorrhaging fuel and taking on water. We know which people are hacking huge holes in the hull, while we of the Tea Party are desperately striving to patch it up and bail out the water. We are getting very tired and more angry than you are capable of imagining.


And no, not all of the saboteurs of the ship of state are Democrats, Occubaggers, SEIU goons, Soros operatives, or self-proclaimed Communists.

The very worst are the “establishment Republicans,” a/k/a RINOs, such as Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Chris Christie, and Mitt Romney.
RINOs implement the leftist/ecofreak/big-government/pro-jihadi agenda just slowly enough that most people won’t notice it. They have no respect for the US Constitution or for your life, liberty, and property, but they know how to mouth the right phrases so that you won’t notice what they are doing to you.

We all know about the boiling frog analogy. But THIS frog knows what’s up. This frog is getting ready to jump to pleasanter quarters if any RINO wins the nomination. This frog is also warning YOU that the temperature is rising and that you have only a little time left to do something about it.

Mitt Romney, the RINO


The Manifesto of an Evil Totalitarian Political System

by 1389AD ( 4 Comments › )
Filed under Free Speech, Headlines, Islam, Koran, Leftist-Islamic Alliance, Political Correctness, Republican Party at April 6th, 2011 - 11:34 pm

Originally posted on Gates of Vienna

by Baron Bodissey at 4/04/2011 09:32:00 PM
Reprinted with permission.

A young woman in Colorado named Ann Barnhardt watched Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) holding forth on television yesterday about the necessity for rolling back the First Amendment in order not to anger Muslims. This did not sit well with her, and she made a two-part video for YouTube expressing her outrage, and vigorously affirming her right to patriotic dissent.

She declares herself strongly at the beginning of the first video:

Hello, my name is Ann Barnhardt, and I am apparently one of the very, very last people left in Western Civilization who possesses any quantity of brains and balls simultaneously.

And it gets even better after that. The second video shows her tearing out pages — bookmarked with strips of bacon — from the Koran, and burning them one by one.

I don’t always regard Koran-burning as an effective tactic, although I fully support anyone who decides to do it. However, in this case I heartily approve of Ms. Barnhardt’s actions, because she does the job properly: she reads a relevant verse from the page before tearing it out and consigning it to hellfire. The verses she recites include 4:34 (beating your wife), the Sword Surah, some of the “smite their necks” ayats, and all those promises of sweet young boys like clear pearls for the believers who make it to paradise.

This is great stuff.



After watching this delightful young woman in action and listening to her excellent commentary, I was reminded of an old Robert Hunter lyric (from “Wild Bill”):

She was not just the girl of his dreams.
He was not only fond of her charms:
She could knock down a man at ninety paces
While he rolled her around in his arms.

Hat tip: Fausta.

More counterjihad material on Ann Barnhardt’s site.