The Top Prom Trends for 2017

January 12, 2017

One of the special events that high school students look forward to is the prom. This is a special time when students can get dressed up, rent a limo, take pictures and spend an evening together while dancing and eating. There are a few trends to look for in 2017 that might be a bit different than in the past.

Floral prints will be the talk of the town when it comes to prom dresses. Everything from larger flowers at the top of a dress to small flowers that are seen all over the dress, you won’t have to worry about a certain pattern as long as you look like you’ve just left a florist. Pink flowers on a cream, white or black background will be at the top of the list of designs. Larger prints in white or lighter colors can also be seen on darker backgrounds, such as wine or royal blue.

A high neckline is a trend to look for in 2017 as well. This trend is easy to wear and will be seen with everything from two-piece outfits to ball gowns with a full skirt. You’ll want to think about a high neckline with a two-piece ensemble as you can pull off the look with the top in a solid color and the skirt in a floral print, a solid color or one of the many other patterns that will be striking this year.

The most flattering details of the prom season will be illusions and cutout designs. You’ll likely see illusions that are darker on a light background along with cutouts of silver or gold on a background of a matching color. Cutouts at the waist will also be the talk of the town.

When it comes to colors, think wine, red and other dark shades. Some of the lighter colors will stick around, but you want to look more at the reds instead of the traditional pinks, yellows and greens. Some of the brighter colors that you might see include orange and teal, but pastels really won’t be on the table for the season. Shimmering designs will also be popular. When you look for the shimmering details, it’s best to stick with gold, silver and other neutral tones. However, if you want to add more color, then go with blue or black as the shimmering details will stand out against the dark background, especially silver on blue.

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