What to Know About Antenna Alignment

July 22, 2019

When you have a TV, you need to know something about how to align an antenna, in order to get the free TV channels always available wherever you may live. It is possible not to need to have cable at all. The first item is to point your antenna in the right direction makes it necessary to accurately align it, in order to provide the best reception.

Antenna directivity means to point the antenna towards your television transmitter. Antennas have a directional pattern, and a general rule is the longer the antenna, the higher the gain, while making the directional pattern narrower still.

Different Types of Antenna Alignment

The first type of antenna alignment is visual alignment, which means you point the antenna in the direction of the television transmitter mast. This means the TV transmitter mast has to be visible while it may be often possible to align the antenna in the same direction as other local antennas. A smartphone app could be useful to you using both Android and Apple iOS, which have a list of television transmitting antennas with their locations through using position location as well as orientation abilities.

Electronics Notes

However, with this method, the television transmitter mast may not be immediately visible as the signal could bounce off buildings or hills, and perhaps most of the landscape in general. The signal strength meter could be used because it is antenna alignment signal strength needs to be used when pointed to the cable used to connect to the meter. A signal strength meter is used to measure the strength of the signal across the whole TV band. LED lights help measure the strength of this signal, with an LED being an acronym standing for light emitting diode. LEDs have been integrated into electronics applications for many years now.

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The Signal Strength Meter and the Antenna

You need to decide whether or not a signal strength meter is for satellite television antenna alignment or terrestrial television antenna alignment. Antennas have something called the direction of maximum gain. In order to align antenna properly, you have to make sure not to rely on the TV meter to measure signal strength, but instead, you should rely an external signal strength meter for more accurate antenna alignment. Ultimately where you put the antenna is a huge decision that may still leave the signal with one weakness, which is physical obstructions such as trees, hills, or even the house itself. While adjusting the antenna, it is important to step away from it because the close proximity of a person could make it difficult to get a signal. Always adjust the antenna until you can get a clear signal.

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