What You Need to Know Before Shipping Your Car

November 27, 2019

After searching for a new home cross-country, it’s time to pack up everything and hit the road. However, as you pack, you realized that your new home isn’t accessible by car, but you don’t want to part with it. You may be wondering “What do I do now?”. The answer is simple; you have your car shipped.

Read on to learn what you need to know about shipping your car.


Before giving your precious vehicle to a shipping company, it’s important that you research the company first. You don’t want to trust your car with a company with a bad reputation. Check to see if they’re certified, read up on the reviews that previous customers have left and call them yourself.

Don’t Forget to Ask Questions

Once you’ve chosen a car shipping company, give them a call. Calling them directly is a great way to get a good first impression. When you call, don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is your car you’re entrusting them with after all. As you ask your questions, it’s important to remember that you want to hire a company that’s selling based on price alone. Their reputation plays a vital role in this, so be sure to take that into consideration.

Try to Book in Advance

No matter where you’re headed, moving is a strenuous task. So, you want to keep things problem free and booking for when your car is shipped as early as possible can certainly help make things easier. However, keep in mind that how long you have to wait for your car depends on where you’re moving to.

Get The Vehicle Ready

After you’ve finalized when the car will be shipped, it’s time to start preparing it. Prepping the vehicle is simple. All you’ll need to do is perform maintenance. If you don’t know how to do car maintenance, have a mechanic look at it. You need to make sure that the engine is running smoothly and the gas tank is at least a quarter full. Once that’s done, be sure to remove all personal belongings from the vehicle before its shipped.

With these tips in mind, you’re now ready to have your car shipped safely and enjoy life in your new home overseas.

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